Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dog Tired

Just when you think everything is running smoothly, life will sometimes remind you not to get too comfortable.

Yesterday, I found a dress for the wedding I'm attending on Saturday.  Then I found the perfect shoes to go with my new perfect dress. 

I was practically giddy having accomplished all of that when I found two of the biggest Boston ferns that I've ever seen (also to be used at the wedding), and the peonies are even cooperating and should be beautiful by Saturday!

After finding the ferns I went on to find the perfect wedding gift, well perfect in my mind anyway, and I even phoned Mr. Tide to tell him how swimmingly everything was going!  He suggested we go out and buy a lottery ticket...but I convinced him to go out to eat instead!

It was at dinner that "life," that crazy thing that can be perfectly perfect one minute where everything is going your way, got turned upside down!

Our son Bugs had met us for dinner and I could tell right away that he just wasn't quite himself.  He wasn't chatting and joking around like he normally does and I asked him several times at dinner if he was ok, to which he replied, "I'm fine Mom," followed by an eye roll.  But we moms know these things, that's why we're moms, right?

As we neared the end of dinner, he had barely touched his food and it was then that he finally admitted that he didn't feel quite right.  So I left Mr. Tide to pay the bill and head to the grocery store, while I drove our son home.  As we got closer to home he started feeling worse, tingling and numbness in his hands, headache, feeling lightheaded, and nauseous, something he had experienced once before just a few weeks ago.

So instead of heading home I took him to the emergency room at our local hospital.  Numbness, tingling and a severe headache are not things to mess around with, especially in an otherwise healthy 18 year old!  They ran some tests, and for now it appears that he may have been dehydrated, which is what we suspected was the problem 2 weeks ago.  He used to get dehydrated easily when he was younger, but we thought that phase of his life was long gone, but apparently not!  And they are also running  several blood tests for Lymes and other tick-borne diseases, just to be sure that it isn't one of those.

So, although it was not the perfect ending to the perfect day, it was not as bad as it could have been.  Hopefully the tests will all come back negative, like the preliminary ones which they already  ran at the ER..  And our not so little boy will just need to drink lots more water and not go for hours worrying about taking care of others while running on the local rescue squad, and forget about taking care of himself in the process!

After spending hours at the emergency room last night, and not sleeping very well because I was worried about my baby boy, I think Mr. Quinn (Miss Kylee prefers to hang out under my desk and not on the bed) and I will be doing a lot of this today!  And we'll be surrounded by a big bunch of freshly cut peonies and roses, because I'm dog tired and puppies and posies make everything better!

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  1. AMEN!
    perfect pick me uppers!
    prayers for everything to be okay..

  2. Just moved to a new house with lots of ticks, and I'm always concerned. (house isn't tick laden, but woods that surround.) I have 2 little boys & a dog that are magnets.
    Anyway, your blog has inspired my husband and self, because we too, plan to find that unlovable house ( or a least the last house we pictured) at the right price and make it our own. I found you on the 'how I met my house'... post., somewhere. :) blessed rest to you-

  3. Thank you Loui, big hugs to you as always!

    And Laura, what a sweet thing to say, thank you! Please let me know as you progress on your journey of turning an unlovable house into your very much loved "home"!

    Kat :)

  4. Sweet Dreams, dear Kat! I hope that your boy only had dehydration and nothing more ~ what a SCARE! I can picture you and your pup all stretched out and cozy with a book, which sounds heavenly to me right about now, too....I wanted to let you know that your giveaway BOOK arrived yesterday and I am SO looking forward to some quiet moments with a cup of tea to take it all in and dream about my own waterside place that I will have, someday {see my positive thinking?} Thank you very very much, again! xx P&H

  5. They look like adults, but sometimes they can still worry the motherings out of a parent! I do hope he's better, and chugging water as if his life depended on it...

    In the UK we could buy rehydration salts to mix with the water, make you feel much better much faster, but I haven't seen them here.

    Dress looks lovely : )

  6. Kat, I hope it is just dehydration. Some people just don't drink enough water. My husband is one of those. Get your rest so you will be bright eyed for the wedding.

  7. Hope your son is feeling better, Kat! It is scary and no fun to sit in an emergency room worrying! Funny how moms just know these things!
    Get some rest- your dog is adorable!!

  8. So glad your son is ok, you must have been so worried for him. It doesn't matter how old they are, they'll always be your babies. But your peony and pooch therapy sounds like just the think to soothe your worries away! K xx

  9. A sweet hello from Frog Hollow Farm. How frightening, glad to hear it wasn't too, too serious, but sounds like something he really needs to keep an eye on. Puppies and peonies, lovely! Have fun at that wedding! Ciao, bella!

  10. Oh Kat, when our children are hurting or in pain, we Mom's hurt right along with them. I do hope that everything is ok with your son. I'll say a little prayer for both of you.

    Doggie looks content and the peonies are breath-taking.


  11. You've taken such amazing pictures of those peonies, it's almost as if I can even smell them. So glad everything is cooperating for the wedding and hope you soon can rest easy about your dear son too! ~Lili

  12. I sure hope he feels better soon and that nothing is wrong.

  13. I hope that he is doing better now, and perhaps will start taking care of himself! He can't help others if he is down ill. What a fright, it doesn't matter how old they are they are still our babies. Now, you need to concentrate on resting up and taking care of YOU for a bit. Kathy

  14. Here's wishing your son a speedy recovery!!

  15. Oh Kat:( I hope Bugs is feeling better and you all got some rest. Big hugs to you my lovely friend ~ Tina XX

  16. Kat, sending a mommy hug to your baby and hoping he will feel better soon, with no repeats of this episode! I have five children, and they are never to big to have Mom worry over them. Even if some of them have there own babies!

  17. Hi Kat, I'm sorry that your perfect day evolved into a not so perfect evening. Dehydration can have some serious side effects. Our governor just spent a couple of days in the hospital suffering from it's effects. I hope that your son will be feeling great soon and be more careful next time.

    Susan and Bentley

  18. Oh Kat, what a scare! So glad your son is ok. Take the day today to just relax with your puppy and peonies! The good news is you have your dress and shoes, so take it easy my friend.

  19. Lifting all of you up and praying that Bug's other test come out okay and that you sleep like a baby!

    I love peonies - they are just beautiful. I love the colors of the dress too. You are going to look mah-ve-lous!

  20. Funny the ebb and flow of life, isn't it. Up one minute and worried the next. I hope both you and your son are doing better soon.

  21. I sometimes wonder where they got the phrase: dog tired. But it seems so apt. And your dog looks so comfy and his eyes so sleepy. I'll be thinking about your boy and sending good thoughts your way!

  22. Sending you and your family good blessings. No matter how old our children get, we never stop being worried and mothers. I hope everything goes well for your son, and it is "just" dehydration. Life is a roller coaster, one minute up the next down. Enjoy your puppies, peonies and rest.

  23. Hi Kat, a bit late reading this I am afraid. i read ahead and see your boy is Ok. Thank goodness. I have a daughter who also gets dehydrated. Its a funny thing to remind grown children of this, but it can make you feel so awful. Have a great wedding.


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