Sunday, May 2, 2010

Endless Love

When I went to my senior prom it was 1981 and the song to dance to was Endless Love sung by Diana Ross and Lionel Richie!

Saturday night was my son's senior prom, and although I have no clue as to what the "it" slow song of the night may have been, I do know that very little has changed since my prom so many years ago. 

Girls still look beautiful in their flowing gowns, guys still wear tuxes and look ever so handsome, and the night is still a magical one that marks the end of one phase of your life and signals the beginning of another.

Mr. Tide and I made dinner for my son and his lovely date, and three more of his friends for a total of 5 teenagers at our house before the dance.  It was fun seeing these 3 young men dressed to the nines in their elegant tuxedos looking so grown up! I'm so used to seeing them in casual clothes or board shorts ready to head out on the water, hang out and play video games, or watch a movie. 

And both of the girls were visions of loveliness in satin and tulle, hair and make-up perfectly done without being overdone, and looking like models instead of high schoolers!

As the mother of a son, you often don't get to even see the girls since your son normally picks them up at their house, heads to dinner and the dance, and then drops their date off without ever heading back home, so I was really happy when my son agreed to let me fix dinner for everyone!  I had made dinner for my daughter for both her junior and senior proms, and I loved doing it!

So I thought I would share a few pictures of the table, the flowers, and even the corsage.  I decided not to include any of the kid's pictures, because I'm not really sure how comfortable I would be if someone else put my son's face up on the internet without asking first, so I'll just stick with pictures without people in them!

I used my Wedgwood china, I still love this pattern after all of these years!  And of course you can't use china without also using silver!

Crystal always makes any drink taste nicer, and I bought sparkling cider to serve in the wine glasses!

Since their high school colors are blue and white, I went with white table linens.

And then used a simple arrangement of blue delphinium with white fuji mums to complete the blue and white theme!

They had a yummy meal of filet mignon, petite yukon gold potatoes, fresh string beans, and dinner rolls.  And for dessert we had a choice of homemade brownies topped with vanilla ice cream and fresh strawberries then drizzled with my mother's yummy homemade fudge sauce, a parfait of sherbet, or delicious Hershey pie which three of the kids brought as a gift.  I don't think anyone went away hungry!

And I just had to show you the corsage my dear friend Mrs. M made for my son's date.  Even the box for the corsage was pretty!

His date wore a gorgeous yellow and lavender gown and so Mrs. M ordered roses in the perfect shade of lavender for the corsage!

I can still remember both of my proms, and I have fond memories of those evenings spent dining, dancing, and laughing with my friends.  I hope that in almost 30 years my son and his friends will have those same wonderful memories about their senior prom!

What do you remember about your prom?!


  1. Kat, you are such a wonderful Mum! What a fabulous table setting you created for such a special dinner. The guests must have been thrilled! The lavender roses for your son's date's corsage are stunning!! Hope that a wonderful night was enjoyed by all! ~ Tina x

  2. What a special dinner you hosted, Kat! Everything is lovely down to the flowers in the school colors! You have made a great memory for all of them!(And I just love your light fixture!) I went to three proms- 40 years ago now- my biggest memories were of my dresses and getting my hair done and of all the silly things that happened. My senior prom I attended with my boyfriend, who became my husband the following November!

  3. Your china is beautiful! As a somewhat newlywed I haven't had many opportunities to use mine yet! But I can't wait! Mine's Wedgewood too, but a different pattern. For my senior prom a couple of our parents did the same thing, and it was the best! Much nicer than going out someplace! And like Linda, I too married my senior prom date :-) 8 years later.

  4. Sarita and Linda, I love that you both married your prom dates...very cool!

    Kat :)

  5. AWwwn Prom season! I love it

    Youre kids are so lucky to have you as a mom. That is awesome that you cooked for them. sounds like a fantastic dinner, definitely better than anything they would have gotten at a restaurant. And your table settings were immaculate.


  6. What a beautiful gesture... preparing a special dinner... I bet they remember the dinner just as much as the prom. Love the table setting. A-M xx

  7. How perfect! I know they had a wonderful dinner in the perfect setting.

    Prom memories ... I'm an Army brat, and we lived in Germany when I was in high school ... our proms were held in the ballroom of the Heidelberg castle. Talk about feeling like a princess!!

  8. It all looks wonderful and how nice that you could host the kids before. I remember my prom, it was a disater! Me in peach polyester, my date cancelled, a subsitute date (awful).....the list could go on, but this is your blog. Anyway, another wonderful chapter in your kids lives......

  9. Kat, that was a beautiful table and so sweet of you to do that for them. Menu sounds wonderful. I remember thinking I wasn't even going to get asked to the prom. Only went to the senior one after a junior finally asked me!

  10. A sweet hello from Frog Hollow Farm. What a wonderful memory you created for everyone! I'm impressed that your son was willing to do this, he sounds like a very mature young man. Congratulations to you for being such a great model for him and for his friends. Your table was perfectly elegant for everyone - and I'm sure made them very special. Ciao, bella.

  11. My eyes began to tear up the moment I started reading this post. Everything is so very sweet and the table is perfectly beautiful. I can only hope that our boys will agree to having dinner here when the time comes. What a wonderful idea.

  12. I didn't go to my senior prom. My bf at the time needed to buy a part for the car he was restoring and couldn't afford to take me. How romantic. I dumped him afterwards.
    Love that you made them dinner, Kat. Our school colors are blue & white as well!

  13. What a wonderful memory you've made for your son and his friends. The thing I remember most about senior prom was driving through the night so that we could watch the sunrise over the Michigan Dunes. And several of us girls being silly enough to dip our toes in that frigid water :) Kathy

  14. I didn't go to my prom either; surprise commitments kept me away. I love your table and the idea of cooking for them.

    I'd love that much natural light in my dining room. LOVELY!

    :) Laura

  15. Lucky children, yours! You thought of all the details....and more importantly, you remember what it was like to be their age. My prom was in your era....I wore a robin's egg blue Gunny Sack brand dress {sewn from a pattern by my mom} and my date had a coordinating blue tux! Fun times and I DO thank you for taking me down memory lane. My daughter is almost of the age and I'd love to do a dinner like this one.

    xx P&H

  16. Your table setting looks lovely and the meal sounds delicious. I'm sure the kids felt very special, and it will be sure to be part of their memories.

  17. Pretty...Pretty!!! What a nice mom you are:)

  18. This table setting was so pretty! That was very nice of you! I love the song Endless Love, Luther Vandross and Mariah Carey's version though.. and we may plan to dance our first dance to that at our wedding next April!

    p.s. I remember my Sr. Prom like it was yesterday... was only 8 years ago but my fiance and I just started dating then and we had such a memorable time at that dance.

  19. Hi Kat! What a lovely table setting and how kind of you to invite your son's date and some of their friends. Your menu was just perfect and that corsage so very pretty. The box was beautiful too. Now your son has wonderful memories and you do too!!

    Susan and Bentley

  20. Kat, What a wonderful memory you created for all your guest. How wonderful for you to host this amazing dinner. Beautiful table and the food sounds delicious.

  21. Your table is beautiful. I love the blue and white flowers. What a perfect setting for a perfect night.

  22. Ooohh how lovely, perfectly lovely.

  23. Hi Kat-what gorgeous pictures!!! I love the blue delphinium, but it was all beautiful! The corsage your friend made for yours sons date was just stunning! Thanks for sharing!!

    I think it was very nice of you to not include other peoples children in the pictures. Some people are not as respectful of things like that!

  24. It all just looks so beautiful...the table setting, flowers, corsage (amazing color)...and the menu sounds delicious...especially the brownie dessert. How thoughtful for you to have gone to all of this effort and to have so graciously shown these young people the art of fine dining at home...a dying art I am afraid. I am sure this fabulous dinner party was one of the highlights of their evening.


  25. Perfection Kat, right down to the exquisitely photographed images of this lovely event. How lucky your son and his date are to have you do this for them! (I never went to my prom, or even my graduation for that matter...I was SUCH a hippie!) ~Lili

  26. The lavender roses are absolutely gorgeous. And what a wonderful thing for y'all to do for the kids to prepare such a special (and lovely) dinner.

  27. Hi Kat,
    You and Mr. Tide really made Prom night special with that gorgeous and elegant table setting. I did that when the kids were in high school too. It was so much fun and a great way to be a part of their special night. I would love to see pictures! That corsage is beautiful!

  28. Wow, you get the best parents award! They must have felt so special. Beautiful table, love your china, and the meal sounds delicious. Nicely done!!!

  29. Join my voice to others who are applauding not just your parenting...but the obvious love and caring you have for your son, and how that extends to those he's friends with...I truly hope that the dinner table/party is something he recalls and works with his wife to duplicate for his own children.

    On a completely different note - I love the light fixture over the table.


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