Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Neverending Vacation

Wednesday was another day filled with scouting shots for magazines, with more to come this afternoon.  I love taking scouting shots, seeing beautiful homes is a definite perk of my job, but not being able to show you all those gorgeous homes until after they get picked up by someone and published is a complete bummer!!!

It's all I can do not to show you these homes that make me giddy when I walk around them!  Both of today's homes were breathtaking, one I had visited before, the other was brand new to me and was as delightful as my friend Susan had described it!

They are both in such amazing settings, right along the water, with views to die for.  And as I snapped away at both the interiors and exteriors of these two homes I had to wonder to myself...if you live in such a beautiful home with heavenly you ever really feel the need to go on vacation?!  Isn't just waking up to those views like being on vacation every day of the year?!

I know that when you live in homes like the ones I photographed today that there are plenty of places besides the beach where you can vacation, but I'll let you judge for yourselves! 

What if your home was a charming, rambling cottage nestled in the woods with a beautiful patio and outdoor shower?

And you could sit on your patio and take in that view?  Or gaze upon the water while taking a bubble bath, or from any room in the house for that matter?

And when you tired of that view you could meander to your front yard and sit on this bench and watch the birds and the deer?

What if you lived in a 4 story house, nearly surrounded by water, and when you woke up each morning you were able to look out at this?

And you could come out here in your PJs and drink a cup of coffee or tea?

Or when you went up to your cupola you were able to stare out at this lovely view?

And when you wanted a change of scenery, you could go to yet another deck and look at this view?

As the sun was setting, maybe you would come out here and sit with a glass of wine and a good book or the latest issue of your favorite magazine?

And then end your day here, with a meal overlooking the water?

So, if those were your views each and every day of the year...would you ever go on vacation?!  I'm not sure I would!!!


  1. I agree...the views are gorgeous! ~ Rebecca

  2. Nope, never! I'd just move from room to room, admiring my beautiful home. If these pics are anything to go by, you must really love your job! K xx

  3. This IS my dream.... to live on water, someday. Our neighbors on the other side of our street live on the lake, so during the winter....while the trees and shrubbery are bare.... we have a teeny-tiny view. But I'm a GLUTTON and I want more than that....SOMEDAY. You have absolutely put my dream into pictures, here. I'm hoping that if I keep putting that energy out there, someday it will be. In the meantime, I try to be a content land-lubber! How fun that you have a job that allows you to observe how other's live! Thanks for taking us along for a look.
    xx P&H

  4. I would never want to leave the house! Since we live by the water, we've been vacationing at home..., we don't even want to go out for dinner anymore because, we want to eat out on the porch watching the sunset! We're saving lots of money, haha!

    Maya @ Completely Coastal

  5. So when are you coming to California? We can do that!

  6. You bring up an interesting point and I'm sure you too can relate to living in a place with water views as well that make it feel like waking up while on vacation each day. But I always maintain that we all need a destination place to visit away from where we live. It makes us appreciate it even more! And I agree with Maya, it's a great way to save money! Thanks for bringing us even more coveted views, you do have a dream job while you are away from your gorgeous nest! ~Lili

  7. I don't have a house on acres of land, or even a very big one. But my yard is my vacation. I was thinking to myself last night, standing out there: If only I couldn't hear the constant traffic from one block away, this would be so heavenly. But then, I have made it as peaceful as possible with the waterfall and high fence, so that I can walk outside in nightgown and cup of coffee. So I suppose it's "make the most of what you have." Love the photos!

  8. When you have such a lovely view, it is hard to leave.

  9. While both places are lovely and serene, I believe that a change of perspective can make you appreciate what you have all the more. Sometimes you just have to "step away from the canvas" for a bit.

    Susan and Bentley

  10. Idyllic. Heavenly. What more can I say?!

  11. Kat, you do have a wonderful job. I do wish you could show your recent photo jobs, but we will be patient. Those photos are so pretty and make me want to go where there is water with a view.

  12. What an amazing job you have. The pictures are gorgeous!! I am lucky enough to have a home in the city and one in the country on a lake...but remember, it is double the work {but definitely worth it}. One thing I never do is take it for granted. And vacations...yes, I love to sightsee and swim in the ocean and I hope to go to Europe one day. But in the meantime I have my own little slice of heaven.

    Fabulous post. I came from Brenda's blog where you are featured this week. I hope to come back and read a bit more! Great blog!


  13. Kat, What a great job you have and such pretty pictures you take. I love to go on vacation but it is always so wonderful to get home!

  14. Its dream come true for me..lovely post. Hope you get a chance to visit my blog at

  15. What a beautiful view to wake up to every morining. The smell of the pines must be nice also. Reminds me when we drove through Georgia to South Carolina. Thanks for sharing...Julian

  16. Our home is by the water (although nothing like as beautiful as these pictures!) and I must confess, the last couple of times we went on vacation, we came home, sat on our own back deck, and wondered if the money had been worth it. Of course we enjoyed exploring other places, but it was also lovely to be quite so thrilled to be home, and to be reminded of how lucky we are every day.

  17. You must have days when you have to pinch yourself to realize that you're still in the real world. What lovely settings! (you know I love the red building with the patio the best, don't you?)

  18. Hi Kat,
    What beautiful photos and lovely places to be.
    I probably would never go on vacation if I had views like that on my back porch.


  19. What great pics of such beautiful places! There is something about looking out at the water! I think I would be pretty satisfied to stay put if I had those views!

  20. I can honestly say 'No'. I don;t think i would ever need to go on a vacation again if I lived there!! Gorgeous:) Hope you have a wonderful weekend Kat ~ Tina xx

  21. I would LOVE to live on the water:)


  22. Come take pics for me, I could do with a new perspective.

  23. beautiful pictures! I have a young family and we live in a subdivision full of kids. The upside to my home is that we back onto a pond probably the size of 5 football fields that houses a pair of swans and blue herons. Although it's not the beach, I can tune out the neighbourhood and enjoy the serenity : ) water is good!



  24. Gorgeous, Kat. Ideally, I would want several homes in different locations! I should have been born (like you said) a Vanderbilt.


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