Sunday, May 23, 2010

10 Things I Love

Thank you everyone for all of your well wishes!  I'm healing up, slowly but surely!  And I've tried to be a good girl and take it slow, but that's not easy for me these days.  There are so many things I want and "need" to get done, but I'm trying to listen to my body and not do too much.

While I was taking a little break from being on the computer, my dear friend Connie, from Hartwood Roses, sent me a blog award, thank you my friend!  Now you all know I'm not big on blog awards, because I can never decide who to pass them along to, and I never like to leave anyone out!  But I am big on my friend Connie, she's one of the dearest people I know and always thinking of others, so I decided to play along! 

I'm supposed to tell you about 10 things I love.  Now this would be an easy assignment if I could list 10,000 things I love, but to narrow it down to just 10 is nearly impossible.  So I've picked 10 things that popped in to my head right off the bat.  I'm sure I'll think of 10 million other things that I wish I had included once I hit the publish button, but for now these will have to do!

Of course first and foremost, and it goes without saying, I love my family more than life itself, they are everything to me!  And my puppies are part of my family!

I love walking barefooted through grass!

I love my friends, even those that are miles and miles away from me.  My friends make me happy and I love and treasure each of you!  Oh how I wish some of you weren't so far away!  (Sorry I don't have pictures of each and every one of you my dear friends!)

I love watching my dogs play!  They are so joyful and full of life when they are chasing each other and chewing on sticks!

I love fresh blueberries straight from the bush, and I can eat whole bowl fulls of them when they are in season!

I love when the sun sparkles on the water...

And I love the sound of crashing waves, it soothes the savage beast in me!

I love to travel!  I love to visit little towns and see the countryside, meet new people in foreign lands, and enjoy the wonderful differences unique to all of us!

I love the lemony scent of magnolia blossoms on a warm summer's night!  Or the smell of honeysuckle wafting through the air!

I love where I live, and being surrounded by the beauty of nature each and every day!

I love a beautiful sunset after a glorious day!

And last but not least, I love homemade brownies...all warm and gooey, with fresh strawberries and ice cream!

Thank you Connie for showing me some bloggy love!  Please be sure to visit her blog and see some of the beautiful roses that she loves by clicking HERE!

And to the rest of you, please feel free to join in and post 10 things that you love, or you can just leave a comment here letting me know a few of your favorite things!


  1. A quick off the top of my head list....

    1) Sid - my sweetie!
    2) soft, fresh sheets
    3) iced tea
    4) a lazy afternoon with a book
    5) a game with the kids
    6) Tex-Mex
    7) the beach
    8) the mountains
    9) teaching
    10)family time with all the brothers and sisters

    Happy thoughts!!!

    :) Laura

  2. Thank you for sharing your list of ten things. I enjoyed reading them and learning more about you! Have a great Monday. xx

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  4. Fun reading your list, Kat! Hope your back is doing better!

  5. Kat, what a wonderful list of ten things (and fabulous pictures to go with it!!). It is always so lovely to learn more about you and I am so happy to hear that your are feeling somewhat better! Take care my friend ~ Tina xx

  6. Hi Kat
    I loved reading your answers! I think I love pretty much the same things as you do :-)
    Oh.. not to forget.. I loved your pictures too!

  7. Blog awards are tough, aren't they. It's always a struggle to decide which to accept and play along with, and which to privately thank the sender for bestowing. I loved this one, because it gave me (and my dear victims) a chance to reflect on favorite things. Limiting the items to 10 made me think on it a bit harder.

    This award was also an opportunity to publicly acknowledge some blogs and bloggers that I appreciate and enjoy. Yours, my dear Kat, is right at the top of the list. (and the icon is really cool, too.)

    I'm glad you're feeling better, and I hope you don't take this as a sign that you should resume your formerly frantic level of activity. Slow and steady, my friend. I hope it's raining at your place, so you're forced to stay inside and take it a bit easier. :)

  8. Well, congrats Kat, even though you don't love awards, and I'm with you BTW. It's good to hear that you are feeling better. Hopefully soon things will be back to normal.
    I love all of the things you mentioned and the smell of coffee in the morning, a fire in the fall, fresh sheets, and homemade ice cream.
    Have a great day!

  9. What great things to love!! I love the photos with them~

  10. Hi Kat,
    Glad to hear you are mending...and you are being a good girl!

  11. Glad that you are feeling better.

  12. Is it terrible to say I love being alone? Of course this is because I seldom am alone, but: to drive alone in the car with the window down, to walk alone as fast as I like, to shop alone, quickly... To read alone. To work at my table alone, with my own choice of music.
    I LOVE company to garden, cook, eat, do housework and watch movies.

    I realise this is not a direct answer to your 10 things Kat, but maybe it will help distract you!

  13. Hello Kat,

    I am glad to hear you are getting better albeit a bit slowly. I am like you when it comes to blueberries! Cannot get enough!

    ~ Tracy

  14. I'm glad you are better, Kat!! Just read your previous post. It's always a beautiful thing to focus and cherish what we love..., I could do that more often!

  15. Hi Kat......what a fun blog....I love all the things YOU love! Happy Spring from Houston, Texas!

  16. Loved reading these things about you and getting to know you a little bit more, Kat.

    Wishing you a happy Tuesday! xx

  17. I would want to copy and paste your list! Love the ocean and spending time outdoors! And right now....I would love a chocolate brownie! heehee! ♥

  18. You love so many of the same things I do. Sun sparkling on water, blueberries, those gorgeous dogs . . . and of course brownies. My all-time favorite dessert.

  19. Mmmmm blueberries!! My list would be similar. Glad you're being good and resting! ~Lili

  20. What a wonderful list - and fab photos. Many of those things are on my list of top 10 things that make me happy as well.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your back. Here I go away for the weekend without internet accesss and what happens - there's a bloggy friend in need. I'm sending you warm wishes for a speedy recovery.


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