Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tub Thumpin'

Remember the song Tubthumping.  It was a catchy tune by a British band called Chumbawamba back in the 1990's.  It was about drinking and falling down, not bathrooms so it really has nothing to do with this post but I just thought I'd mention it.  Sorry if that song will now be stuck in your head for the next couple of days!

Now, on to bathrooms, tubs to be exact!  Although we already re-did one bathroom in this house (you can see that by clicking HERE), we still need to work on our master bath.

The plan is actually to convert the master bath into a second walk-in closet and then add on a whole new master bathroom.  Sounds like a plan right?  Except that this will require a little thing called Tango, Coin, Moolah, and with a son off to college next fall, it's not really in the picture right now. 

We also have several hoops to jump through with the local planning department.  The new bathroom will be far enough off of the water to not need something called a variance...thank goodness...but it will require more time and effort than if we didn't live on the water.

Even though this project is part of our "future" plans for the property, I've been collecting photos, magazine clippings, and lots of ideas for a long time now.  So long in fact that a lot of my pictures don't have credits, sorry!

This first one is perfectly dreamy!  I love the windows, the tiles (I'm betting Walker Zanger!), and of course that gorgeous tub!

I'm sure I saved this one because it has beautiful white wainscoting and I love those simple hooks for holding fluffy white towels!

And hello?!  Windows on both sides of the tub, this is a dream come true for me!  The window trim even matches the trim we have throughout most of our house (and will one day have everywhere in the house!).

I love the vanity area in this one (it's the same bath as up above, just a different angle) with it's vaulted ceiling, and those wonderful console sinks! 

Can't you just see taking a shower in this bathroom with the windows flung wide open on a breezy Summer's day?!  Heavenly!

And what about the cool black tub in this one and the hardwood floors?! *sigh*

And then there's this beauty.  I'm usually an antique clawfoot tub kinda girl, but this was the tub in my friend Susan's house that I showed you HERE.  It has gorgeous views of the tall pines and the river beyond, it's beautifully appointed, and I just love everything about it!    Plus that tub is big enough for two (minds out of the gutter please!), so both Mr. Tide and I could enjoy the bubbles while I ramble on about everything that's happening in Blogland, perfect!

What does your dream bath look like?


  1. Oh Kat - thanks for putting that song in my head...!!! Love all these gorgeous pics of your inspiration bathrooms. My dream bathroom would look similar to some of these. Sarah Richardson Designs has a gorgeous bathroom that is my favourite ever and I have it on my sidebar just to remind me that one day I will have that dream bathroom. I hope you get yours sooner rather than later. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous inspiration pics and that Chumbawamba song ;) ~ Tina x

  2. I love all those bathrooms,too. I have been wanting a clawfoot or slipper tub in our master bath, but I guess it is not happening. I can't wait to see your new bathroom.

  3. These are beautiful photos, and I enjoyed visiting your bathroom makeover, great job! You'll see my dream bathroom once it's complete at This Old House.

  4. Ok, I must ask...
    for those of you who live in the country, woods, in the middle of nowhere...do you really step into the tub with no window shades? LOL Just one of those weird thoughts that goes through my mind when I see a tub w/a gorgeous view and no one (supposedly) around for miles.

    Oddly enough, I find I am really liking the second image with the taupe-ish colored walls. When I remodeled I made the guest bath my dream bath. How silly was that? Easy maintenance won over for the master bath :/

    Jane T.

  5. Beautiful inspiration photos.
    I grew up in a house that still had it's original clawfoot tub. I hated it as a teenager (because we never had a shower). My parents still live in that house and I have now grown to appreciate the beauty of that tub and that old bathroom.
    Good luck with the bathroom redo.

  6. Those are lovely inspiration photos - I especially like the first one. I'm not sure if you've seen this blog but I think you'll like her bathroom as well. http://heathercameronstylist.blogspot.com/2010/02/my-bathroom.html Like you need more inspiration photos (haha).

  7. I have two favorite bathroom styles. First, I love the vintage style. Like you I love the claw foot tubs, vintage floor tiles, bead board, and subway tile in showers. I also love an organic, earthy feel to a bath. One that you might find in a rustic cabin or one at the beach where nature is the theme.

    Susan and Bentley

  8. Mine looks more like that last one...big garden tub, tile shower etc. My dream bath, not the ones I actually have:)

  9. I love bath image #2 with those simple towel hooks and the taupe against the white wainscoting, except I would have to have a walk in shower somewhere in there too for busy days on the go! All of those designs are gorgeous and I like how you have an idea file, I need to start one of them!! ~Lili


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