Friday, March 12, 2010

A Rose by Any Other Name

My friend and fellow blogger, Connie, from Hartwood Roses is who I hope to be when I grow up!  Not only have she and her husband restored a gorgeous historic home, but she also grows the most beautiful roses, and is one of the most kind and generous people I know.

We met when she commented on one of my posts and we realized that we live in the same "hood" so to speak.  She is about an hour and a half away from where I live, but much closer as the crow flies.  If it weren't for water and bridges, we would practically be neighbors!  We hit it off immediately and knew we had to meet up for lunch, shopping, or probably both!

She did a post about herself recently and we realized that we were eerily similar!  We have plans to meet up very soon and I can't wait.  You see, she grows and sells some of the most beautiful heirloom roses, and I'm a sucker for an old fashioned rose bush.  You know, the kind that grew all by itself practically in your grandmother's yard and smelled so heavenly that you can still almost smell those fragrant blossoms?!

So I'm so excited for Connie that she has her brand spankin' new website up and running.  It's full of her wonderful photography and it will have you drooling over these floral delights!  Take a peek at just a few of her offerings!  She has lots of colors to choose from, but I'm in love with the pink and white varieties!

Did I not tell you these were some breathtaking roses?!  Oh my, I can just imagine walking through a garden filled with these beauties and she has lots more to choose from, like these...

Now, Mr. Tide knows that I'm not a long stem red rose kind of gal, but these are not your supermarket roses my friends!  I could have a yard filled with these roses and cut some every day to place in every room of my house so that it would be filled with the sweet fragrance that only old fashioned roses can provide!

Connie is a sort of fairy godmother to these beautiful plants.  She will often stop along the side of the road by  old abandoned homes and take clippings of these lovely roses to rescue them and keep their legacy alive.

The best part about Connie is that not only does she keep these unique roses from disappearing from the landscape, she also wants to share them with others!  Her blog and website are full of wonderful photos and great information about growing and caring for these magnificent plants.  So please stop by Hartwood Roses, her wonderful new website and be prepared to lose yourself among the flowers. And to visit her blog, click HERE.

And P.S. Connie, this is not helping me to get my email replies done...I'm spending way too much time on your wonderful site trying to pick which roses to buy! :-)


  1. I think I just fell in love!

  2. You're right - it is easy to get lost on that blog - lovely flowers and amazing renos she is doing. I think I want to be her when I grow up as well.

  3. I can practically smell them already...going over there now! ~Lili

  4. PRETTY...I LOVE roses and dream of having a rose garden one day! Hope you have a beautiful weekend Kat:)


  5. Just stunning!!! I will be popping over right now to see some more. Janette x

  6. I love my roses and these are just gorgeous Kat:) I can almost smell their perfume through the computer screen!! Thanks for the link and the introduction:) ~ Tina xx

  7. Those roses are just gorgeous and I can just smell their heavenly scent now.

  8. Love looooove Roses for their color and scent and looks! Off to checkout your link. Have a rosy weekend!!

  9. Those roses are just gorgeous, I also planted so many herbs in my garden. Planning to plant mint, lavender, rosemary and the other herbs. This is one of the plant which does 't need so many care, I plant it and takes time to grow.


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