Sunday, March 21, 2010

Friendship, Finds, Food and Claw Feet

The title of this post pretty much sums up the amazing day I've had today!  You're heard me talk about Connie from Hartwood Roses.  I even did a post about her gorgeous heirloom roses recently.  But what you didn't know was that after I did my post on my dream bathroom a few weeks ago, I received an email from Connie telling me that she had a clawfoot tub that she wanted to give me.

She said that they had one in the bathroom she and her husband are currently remodeling (which you can read about by clicking HERE) and that they weren't planning on keeping the clawfoot tub.  She went on to say that she wanted it to go to a good home, and if I wanted it, it was mine for the taking!  Now, I had planned to visit Connie anyway to pick up some of her wonderful rose bushes to fill up the huge blank flower bed in front of our house, but the idea of picking up roses and a beautiful clawfoot that was an offer I couldn't refuse!

So the two of us started trying to figure out a time when I could head over and pick up the tub.  Then, as if giving me a gorgeous old clawfoot tub wasn't quite kind and generous enough, she asked me if I wanted her to bring it to me!!!  Ok, are you starting to see what kind of person Connie is folks?!  The kind of person who loves roses so much that she started a whole business around them.  A woman who drove to Ohio just a few weeks ago to help raise awareness and money for canine cancer research.  Someone who owns not one, but two greyhound rescue dogs...and the list goes on an on.

So today, after having a very full weekend already, she drove 2 hours to bring me her wonderful clawfoot tub!  She braved driving her hubby's big 4 x 4 truck, a la tub, over a very tall, very narrow bridge that separates her home state of Virginia from my home state of Maryland, and arrived promptly at 10:00 a.m this morning.

She hopped out of the truck and knocked on the door and we were both pleasantly surprised that neither one of us was an axe murderer...hey it's the internet, you just never know!  Plus, as far out as I live, I'm sure by the time she finally got here, she was wondering if there really was any Earth left since we live at the end of it!

We chatted for a few moments, walked down to the water, and then we were off so that I could take her on a tour of my "hood"!  We left Mr. Tide and our son, Bugs, to figure out a way to get a big, heavy clawfoot tub out of a pick-up and into our very messy garage!

The first place we headed to was The Vintage Source.  Connie scored some bowling pins, an antique set of doorknobs, and this very cool railroad station made by a local artisan.  She plans to put it on top of her pie safe and I can't wait to see it!  Can I just say right now that I'm extremely jealous of the 9 1/2 foot tall ceilings in her beautiful historic home!!  Notice that this one of a kind art piece is all buckled up for the long drive home, safety first!

And here was my big score.  It's a beautiful slipcovered chair I bought from my friend Sheryl.  I'd been eyeing this piece for awhile and today I decided I was ready for the commitment.  I really love how it looks in my living room.

We hit up a few more shops and then headed over to Solomons Island for some lunch at one of my favorite restaurants, CD Cafe.  After a yummy lunch of curry chicken salad it was time to shop some more.  We stopped by a local Gallery and then we jumped back in the car and headed south to Historic St. Mary's City, Maryland.  Connie is giving a presentation to a rose society in the near future about old heirloom roses found in cemeteries and there is a very old cemetery at St. Mary's City that I thought might have some roses in it.

We made one more stop at a small glass shop and nursery before heading back to my house.  Connie picked up a beautiful white African Violet.  When the back of your car looks like mine did, we knew it was time to stop shopping and head home.

I know Connie must have been exhausted from all of the driving and other activities she had done all weekend, so she decided to hit the road.  We gave each other a big hug and I think we both knew that this would be the first of many visits for the two of us.  We had such a wonderful day, chatting about everything from flowers to family.  We have so much in common and she is such a beautiful person in every sense of the word!

After Connie left, and we brought the new wing chair in and got it settled, I ventured out to stare at my gorgeous new tub.  I think she needs a name, and somehow Rose seems quite fitting don't ya think?!

Above you can see how Miss Rose looked when she was at Connie's house.

And here's how she looks, all safe and sound inside my garage.  She laying on her tummy to help protect her insides and because Mr. Tide and Bugs were too tired to turn her right side up.

I love that Connie even brought me the original rubber drain plug, such a detail oriented gal that Connie!

And this is Rose's birth certificate.

And although I love this pretty little tub and know I will treasure Rose and share many wonderful bubbly moments with her, it was the friendship and generosity that made my heart swell today!  Thank you Connie!


  1. What a wonderful story, and start to a friendship! You never know what a day will bring. I'm happy for you. Welcome home "Rose".


  2. What an exciting week you had. I was looking at that beautiful chair pre slipcover, I love it and it looks wonderful in your house. With the tub, you now have a new baby to take care of, what a wonderful story to share.

  3. How fun that must have been! You scored big time!

  4. How great to receive that tub for free and I am so glad you had so much fun today. We were given a tub like that back in the seventies and didn't need it and ended up giving it away. Oh, how I wish I had that tub now.

  5. What a fun day and such a nice friend to pass along such a great tub!!

  6. What a lovely post. I had a claw foot tub in my backyard in Shady Side, MD. It made such a wonderful water feature and I do miss her immensely!!! I could talk about roses forever and a day, total count in Shady Side was 125. I now have 7 but I am working on improving that count.
    Thanks for sharing such a lovely day. I miss all of Maryland so much especially the CB.
    Have a great week.

  7. Hi ro! Connie's husband actually wanted to turn this tub into a water feature! That's so cool that you did that!

    Kat :)

  8. Awesome, awesome score!! I SO MUCH would love to have an old claw foot tub. They are just romantic IMO. And actually, I think the better "score" was the new friendship. You really got two values for the price of one!

    I would say that you had a very blessed day.

  9. Wow, that tub is gorgeous, but Mr. Tide and Bugs poor backs may need a whirlpool after that! Not to mention who got it in the truck to begin with! I like that you named her Rose. Connie sounds as lovely as her roses. I love hearing stories of when us bloggers meet. I've only met one other blogger so far and it was great too! Enjoyed reading this very much! ~Lili

  10. WOW! How generous a gift! And you didn't even take pics of the rose bushes yet!! This will truly be a day you'll never forget. Sounds like y'all had a blast and have made a forever after friendship (priceless!). So glad for you!

  11. What a great story...luv this OLD tub!


  12. Your clawfoot tub is gorgeous, what a lovely gesture by Connie to deliver the tub for you and it sounds like you both had a wonderful day together! xx

  13. What a lovely gesture! Love old clawfoot tubs, we used to live in an old Queenslander with one and they were the best to soak in after a long day.
    Just found your blog - love it!
    Kerri x

  14. If I'm reading tub language correctly, Rose wants her tummy tickled.

  15. Sounds like a fantastic day. It is great that you were able to meet a blog friend, especially one as sweet as Connie.

    Can't wait to see when the tub is in its new home. Rose is such a fitting name

  16. What a gorgeous story Kat! Love the bath, but love that you have found such a sweet and generous friend in Connie, - seems you are both very much alike in that way:) Enjoy your new Rose, she is a beauty ~ Tina xx

  17. I can't believe we were so busy talking that we forgot to take a photo of the tub while it was in my truck. My bathroom is so roomy (relatively speaking) now that the tub is out of there, and I am thrilled that it has such a wonderful new home.

    Everyone should take this as a lesson ... if there's someone you 'know' through blogging or other Internet activities, go with your gut and make a date to meet in person. I know this is the first of many days I will spend with you, my dear Kat. You are DEFINITELY a keeper!
    ... Connie

  18. What a great story and a great tub ! That was very sweet of Connie.

  19. Hi there...I have enjoyed my first visit here today!

    Sounds like you had a great day.

  20. beautiful claw foot tub. I'd love to have one someday. I guess I need the house first though.

    Isn't it wonderful the people you meet in the blog world?

  21. What a great day you had. Lovely tub - and how generous of Connie to not only give you the tub but bring it over.

  22. This is like an Ode to a Tub. Too cool.
    And I love hearing stories of new friendships made through blogging. There are so many good people out there.

  23. Lovely tub! We found one in a pole barn out back when we moved in. I would love to restore it one day. I tried checking it's birth certificate (lol!) but it's too rusty.


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