Sunday, March 14, 2010

Flower Power and a Giveaway!

Well you all did it, you've supported me from day one, have given me encouragement, helped me with answers to silly questions, and now you've taken me over the 200 Follower mark, and for that I can't thank you enough!  It really has been fun sharing some of my wackiness with such wonderful and inspiring people from all over the globe.  And I've been so inspired by your creativeness and wonderful blogs!

And for all of your wonderful support and friendship, I want to host yet another great giveaway.  What?!  Two giveaways at once...has she lost her mind?!  Hey can you ever have too much of a good thing, well maybe, but once you see the darling flower pin you could win you'll be thinking the more the merrier!

You might remember my friend Sheryl from my post about her wonderful slipcovers, you can read about her beautiful slipcovers HERE.  Ok, that was back in the days when, as my kids put it, I did a lot of unnecessary and annoying bolding and enlarging, but hey it still has lots of great pics of Sheryl's masterful sewing on it!

And you might also remember that Sheryl is one of the wonderful women from one of my very favorite stores, The Vintage Source.  So when she contacted me recently to tell me she had begun making fabric pins I knew without even seeing one that I would love them! 

So a few days ago I stopped by Sheryl's house to take a peek at her latest creations, and just as I suspected, I fell in love with her beautiful fabric flower pins!  And while I was there she took me on a tour of her home again, and I can't wait to show it to's to die for, but that will be in a later post!

Along with the tour, she offered to give one of my lucky readers a sweet flower pin, just in time for Easter!  So be sure to enter the giveaway at the bottom of the post for a chance to win one of her wonderful pins!

Sheryl just recently began making these wonderful pins from leftover fabrics from her slipcover business called Slipcover Cottage.

Some are made from felt like these sweet pink ones!

Aren't they perfect for spring and summer?!

Even the way Sheryl has her pins displayed is too cute!

I was like a kid in a candy store looking at all these wonderful and fun pieces of jewelry!

The pins look like a beautiful bouquet of spring flowers hanging off of the clever!

Remember these ravishing red ones I gave you a sneak peek of the other day?!
  That yummy slice of angel food cake is no match for these delicious pins!

I love how Sheryl uses vintage buttons, like these black and white buttons to make each pin even more special!

And I love these nature inspired floral pins.  The rich browns and cool camel colors would go with almost anything.  

See that sweet tan and cream one?  That was made from some scrap upholstery fabric, how clever and beautiful is that?!

I can see any one of these paired with pinks, corals, aqua, lime name it! 

Are you a lover of everything creamy yellow, golden, and peachy?  Then these are the pins for you!

See that sweet little creamy yellow one at the bottom of the ribbon?  That is actually a hairpin!  How cute would that be in a lovely little lady's hair?!

And even the tags Sheryl uses are gorgeous and colorful!  Added to her darling pins they make the perfect presentation for a wonderful gift!

And what is springtime without a little green?  Check out these spring'y' beauties!

I'm in love with this big green one with that gorgeous mother of pearl button! 

Any of these would be perfect for Easter or Mother's Day...hint hint Mr. Tide, Bugs and Angelfish!

Sheryl's wonderful flower pins range from $6 up to $20, quite a bargain for these lovely gems!

Sheryl doesn't have a website, but you can contact her to order some of these wonderful pins by emailing her at either or  Or, by phoning her at 301-904-2801.  And please tell her Kat from Low Tide High Style sent you!

And without further adieu, here is the wonderful, cheerful pin that Sheryl is offering to one lucky winner!  Thank you Sheryl!!!

I'm sorry but this Giveaway is currently closed.  Please check my sidebar for my Current Giveaway.

If you would like to become a Follower, please join in, the more the merrier, but it's not a requirement to enter.
All you have to do is leave a comment telling me what flowers you carried in your wedding bouquet.  Don't worry if you aren't married or if you chose to elope, you can still enter to win, just leave a comment telling me the name of your favorite flower!  I enjoyed reading everyone's favorite beach comments from my last giveaway and can't wait to see what you all tell me this time! 

If you tweet about it or post it on your blog, be sure to come back and leave another comment for an additional chance to win!


  1. Oooh, these are SO fun! I have some left over felt circles from a St. Patty's Day wreath I made, I may have to try to make one to wear Wednesday! At our wedding, I carried Hot Pink Gerbera Daisies! My favorite color & my favorite flower!

  2. I didn't realize they were pins when I saw the red ones. I love them and the way she has them displayed...too darn cute!

    I carried pink poinsettias at my wedding. It was 3 days after Christmas.

  3. Never had a real wedding. Ah, it's a long story. I love so many flowers it's difficult to say which are my favorite. Probably the rose. But don't enter me because I've recently won one of your wonderful contests. These pins are sweet.

  4. PRETTY...luv all the colors that she has used! I carried WHITE ROSES...25 years ago in July:)


  5. My husband always picked bouquets of bachelor buttons for me when we dated in college. So, when we got married, I wanted them in my bouquet. The snooty florist said we couldn't have bachelor buttons, not at a wedding, but she would use cornflower. The same thing.

  6. Oh pretty flowers!!!

    well,I carried a bunch of white roses at my wedding, and now reminds me of our 9th anniversary this coming 24th of March. Oh my, thanks for this post!

  7. You have one clever friend in Sheryl! I carried a bouquet of cream roses with bits of wheat sticking out between them (apparently for fertility... which happened to work... gave birth on my first wedding anniversary). It was hilarious, my bridesmaids kept poking their eyes out on the wheat in their matching bouquets, every time they took a sniff of their bouquets. A-M xx

  8. The flower pins are so lovely, count me in. My favorite flower is the peonie. Smiles, Carol Mae

  9. I love how you grouped the pins by color and the creative photography!.

    I got married at City Hall with just 2 friendsa nd wearing a cocktail dress, but I wanted a bouquet. I ordered a simple bunch of pink camelias, however when I went to the florist, they didn't have my order, so I had to grab a bunch of pink somethings (don't even know what they are called) at the subway station on our way in to Toronto to get married. Don't know where my head was back then!

  10. I am in love with all those beautiful flower pins. I would enjoy one of each color.

    It was 51 years ago last month that I got married. Flowers were all white, really can't remember what they were. I am up in my office and my wedding pictures are in the family room, to far to go and tkae a look at.I love panies, they remind me of faces that are smiling.

  11. Honestly, these are just darling. These would have been a much better choice for me to carry down the aisle. In all fairness, however, the arrangement was made up quickly by a florist I didn't know. I hadn't planned too much ahead for such a small chapel wedding, and decided at the last minute to carry a bouquet, rather than a few flowers. They were fake blue polyester shiny silk, and actually I didn't even realize how awful they were until years later. Today's silks are so much more realistic and beautiful.

  12. We were married in an historic park in Kentucky overlooking the Ohio River and I just wore a wreath of baby's breath in my hair. What can I say...a flower child from the get go. But my fav flowers today are hydrangeas. Sheryl's flowers and displays are absolutely stunning. One image is more beautiful than the next. I love all of them and I wish she had a blog! ~Lili

  13. What a beautiful post, such lovely flowers, I always enjoy visiting your beautiful blog. Thank you for the opportunity to win. Have a wonderful week. Hugs, Terri

  14. In my Sept wedding I had silk daffodils and white roses.

    Those felt flowers are wonderful!! I'm going to have to order some!

  15. Oh, these are fabulous and all of the displays with the cloches definitely had me drooling. So pretty. Great presentations. Hugs, Marty

  16. Oh, those golds and pumpkin colored ones, please! Although the green are lovely, too...hmmm!!

  17. Just tweeted about this great giveaway!

    FiberArt (twitter name)

  18. Thank you for you wonderful comment on the Whippy Cake giveaway! The sea-foam choker would be perfect for your style. It is always inspiring to know that my work is admired by others. Good luck with the giveaway!

  19. Oh, these little flower pins are adorable!! I love the look of them displayed on the branches :-)

    I had orchids in my bouquet. And I think hydrangeas, but I actually can't remember!!

    Thanks for checking out my kitchen makeover :-) It made me groan a lot during the "in progress" part, but it makes me smile now :-)


  20. Those flower pins sure are cute! I had roses and stephanoitis in my bouquet when I married, many moons ago.

  21. I carried a beautiful bouquet of cattleya orchids with purple throats. My mother made it for me.

  22. The flower pins are beautiful!
    I carried white roses in my wedding!

  23. Such pretty little posies! And they way they are displayed in the photos makes them look even prettier and so versatile.

    Lovely post.


  24. Sheryl is so talented!!! She is a treasure to have in our town :) and love her new flower pins!!!

  25. Love Sheryl, I already have a pin, but could always use some more. I carried my favorite flower protea in my wedding. I love them too much. Thanks for sharing.

  26. You know the necklaces so popular in J Crew and Ann Taylor right now? I think you could take a few of these and add them to your own plain necklace and have the same effect. I love them!

  27. Oh my! The flower pins are just gorgeous. I love them all but the red ones are definately my favourite. Thank you for sharing those gorgeous photos! I carried oriental lillies in my bridal boquest and they are also my favourite flower! xx

  28. I had white roses and some type of blue flower in my wedding bouquet. It's so hard to remember because that was almost 22 years ago!

    The flowers Sheryl makes are AWESOME!

    I'm already a follower and love reading your blog.


  29. I love fabric flowers. Isn't it amazing how many different styles there are. I especially like the brown/beige ones.
    I carried white roses and carnations tipped with light blue. I really wanted gardenias but my father refused. He insisted they were funeral flowers. Oh well--I have gardenia bushes in my yard now.

  30. We made our own simple bouquet and corsages. My bouquet had a few pink roses (to match my pink shoes and panty hose), some baby's breath and a cutting of a plant called Boy's Love (Southernwood) from an older neighbor whose garden I always admired. Southernwood has the most beautiful scent and supposed medicinal properties!

    After the wedding, we rooted it. And although it's moved with me 3 times since then, I now proudly have 2 Southernwood bushes -- all from my wedding bouquet.

  31. You're right, she displays them absolutely beautifully! Very talented lady.

  32. The flower pins are gorgeous. There are so many beautiful colors. My bouquet had roses, freesia and my favourite, carnations. Seventeen years later I still remember how beautiful they were.

  33. What a lovely pin! So exciting to find your blog. I have indulged in many beachy blogs today. I can almost feel the sea breeze. Thank you for the inspiration.
    Keep your toes in the sand!

  34. Those flower pins are beautiful. I would sooooooo excited to win one!

    I will be married 52 years in June. I remember vividly my flowers. I carried two white cattleya orchids, white roses and white stephanotis. I can still smell the fragrance of the stephanotis. I am not sure if hubby remembers any flowers. Hugs, Ginger

  35. Hello, I just found your blog via Rubies Place. Those pins are divine.
    For my wedding I carried, berzillia berries, roses, calla lillies and grey eucalyptus.
    A little outside the square, but suited my beachside wedding.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win.
    Di xx


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