Friday, March 26, 2010

Belles Fleurs and a Winner

Today was cold and rainy, like late March and early April can be in our area.  Yesterday Mr. Tide and I stopped by to visit an old friend of my mother's.  She is in her 80s and is slowly trying to become a retired florist.  The problem is that she does such beautiful arrangements that no one will let her completely retire.  Truth be told, she still enjoys doing flowers for people and it really keeps her young.

After visiting with her for awhile and talking about everything flower, family, and yard related, she insisted that we go downstairs and get some Ranunculus from her big walk in cooler.  She had ordered some for a funeral arrangement she was asked to do this week and then decided not to use them.  I love Ranunculus and think they are one of the most beautiful flowers going so I was more than happy to take them off her hands.

When I got up this morning I transferred the flowers into a large glass vase and didn't really even bother to arrange them.  Sometimes I think that flowers just need to find their own place in a vase and not be told exactly which spot to occupy or how straight to stand.

As always, I played around with the settings on my camera and used different backgrounds to highlight the flowers.  I recently purchased a digital photography book by Scott Kelby and he recommends shooting flowers with a white or black background so I tried both.

It's amazing the variations in colors and textures you get by just using different settings on the camera.

Although the white background pictures are lovely, it's the ones with the black backdrop that I think really highlight how beautiful the Ranunculus are.

Nothing adds color and beauty to a house quite like a fresh bouquet of flowers.  This weekend I will be running around taking our son to look at different colleges and universities so that he can decide where he wants to attend next Fall.

I hope each of you find a little color and beauty for yourselves this weekend.

It's time for Mellow Yellow Monday.

And before I leave you, I wanted to thank everyone who entered to win my latest giveaway and to announce the winner of the napkin holder from Lola Belle Co.
And the winner is...#26 Laura.  Congratulations Laura!!!

Laura said... 26
Hi- My last picnic was eating outside while at a flea market. We had a blast. I love your blog and was a follower before the giveaway- Laura White Spray Paint


  1. Lovely ranunculus pictures. What did you use for your backgrounds? It is interesting how the black and white really show up different elements of the flower and set a different mood.

  2. Congratulations, Laura! And the photos are really lovely!!

  3. Congratulations to Laura:) Your Ranunculi photos are just beautiful Kat and I love how they look placed in your vase, so natural but simply stunning! Enjoy them:) ~ Tina x

  4. Grace, I used my kitchen cabinets as the white backdrop and one of our computer monitors as the black backdrop.

    Kat :)

  5. *Congratulations* to Laura.
    The flower photos are beautiful.

  6. That black background really does make them pop. There's just nothing like fresh flowers inside, a little luxury that is always worth it. And all of your images are a real treat to enjoy as well Kat! ~Lili

  7. I used to think blogging was about the words, but the pictures speak volumes too, Loved seeing the different light and tones as you played with the images. Fun for grown-ups!

  8. These pictures are fantastic. Just awesome. Hope you have a great Saturday. We are headed to Busch Gardens- one of our faves.


  9. Your photographs are lovely, but my favorite is the single flower against the black background. Very dramatic and effective! Kathy

  10. Nice blog and seriously, your photos are stellar ... I really love them. Enjoyed your blog very much.

  11. The flowers are beautiful and your photography is fantastic! Have a great weekend!

    Susan and Bentley

  12. THose yellow flower shots where very inspiring! Not only for Spring, but for the love of photography....very nice! Enjoy the weekend!

  13. Beautiful ranunculus, they are some of my favorites, with all the lovely colors they come in.

  14. In my opinion, there is no better way to add beauty to a home than with fresh flowers! Your ranunculus are beautiful and your photos are spectacular! They are one of my favorite flowers too. Have a great weekend!

  15. I've been trying to paint ranunculas, lately - they don't grow as easily in Georgia. Here is my latest attempt

  16. Those flowers are gorgeous...are they hard to grow, up north I mean?

  17. Beautiful pictures! Your photography is wonderful and very informative too. I like the black background better too! Pretty flowers too!

  18. Your photography skills are amazing and your flower pictures are beautiful. They look so pretty on your kitchen counter.

    Congrats to the winner of your giveaway.


  19. Lovely photos! I like the dark background. It pulls the brightness up on the flowers beautiful delicate blossoms! Wow!

  20. Hi Mrs. Tide,
    I love the flower pics you did a great job with them. I like the light background it just seems more springtime to me, and I'm craving spring right now. BTW congrates to Laura.
    The Swedish Room

  21. Ranunculas are also one of my faves. Thanks so much for the lovely photos. They are so gorgeous as you have them. And appreciate you stopping by to see us. -- Jane F.

  22. i literally just decided ab a week ago that i love ranunculus flowers. i saw some gorgeous white ones, and it was love at first sight. :) great pictures

  23. Thanks again for stopping over:) I am glad you enjoyed my day here in the Carolinas! It was great!

  24. GORGEOUS! ALl these preety flowers brighten my day.

    Thanks for sharing


  25. Beautiful flowers and such beautiful photographs! You've inspired me to fiddle with some of my settings - and to buy that book! Trina

  26. what a fresh yellow flower!
    very inspiring and full of life.

    I grab your badge and posted it on my site. Hope you do too.


  27. Way to go!!! Your mum, she should be encouraged to be a florist as long as shee is abled. It will keep her active and her mind sharp. Just buy her flowers if she can't go and get them herself.

    These are beautiful flowers. Do they come in other colours? My daughter bought me a bunch of purple flowers that look like this. She bought them because she thought was beaautiful didn't ask the name.

  28. I just love, love, love your photos, they are beautifully composed.


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