Saturday, March 6, 2010

Shop Til You Drop!

I know I've said it a million and one times, but we really do have some great small shops (and not so small shops) in our area.  I define "area" as something within an hour or two of home.  When you live in a more rural place, your sense of what is close and what is far away becomes somewhat altered.

I can honestly say that although there are some great shops 1, or even 2 hours from my house, some of my favorites don't require me to travel more than 20 or 30 minutes.  That may sound like a long way to some of you, but when you have to drive 8 miles to buy a gallon of milk or a loaf of bread, 20 minutes is like going right around the corner!

So I thought that over the next few weeks I'd take you on a little extended field trip to a few of my favorite places to shop and show you some of the cute things they have right now for Spring!  I won't be doing big wordy posts about the owners or the history of the stores (that will come later when I can show you more of each store).  Right now I thought I'd let you take just a peek at some of the wonderful wares they're selling so that you can get into the spirit of sunshine, flowers, and everything springlike! 

So come along with me as I take you to our first stop, Cecil's Country Store located in Great Mills, Maryland. (Don't forget to click on any of the pictures to see a larger image!)

This caught my eye the moment I walked in the door!  I love this gorgeous buffet and the cute letters that spell NEST...perfect for spring or anytime!

And what doesn't scream spring on this wonderful table?!  Guest towels with chicks singing chirp chirp chirp!   Those darling daisy placemats, and can't you just see one of those sweet little baskets filled with Easter grass and jelly beans?!  Too cute!

This sweet little bunny stopped me dead in my tracks, I love it when I see something that can do that!

Of course I had to take a closer look!  Isn't she adorable?!

And look at this darling little metal basket!

Oh there's still plenty more to look at, like these handsome hares!  And is that Flea Market Style Magazine I spy on the table?!  If you don't already own a copy, run...don't get one!

I love how the "gentleman" hare has a pocket watch and a monocle, while the boy bunny totes a basket full of eggs!

And do you have any spring birthdays in your family?!  Well you've come to the right place to find everything to put the "Happy" in Happy Birthday!

Who wouldn't want a Wishosaurus?!

With all of the bright colors and fun birthday decor, I don't think anyone would mind becoming another year older if it was celebrated with this much fun and panache!

And look a these darling Snowbunnies by Department 56!  The sweet little Easter egg even lights up!

And what should the Easter Bunny bring for baby's first Easter?  A darling toy of course, what else?!  I love these!

These chalkboard signs are the perfect way to welcome guests and point them in the right direction!  And I can just see using the smaller ones to label flowers and veggies in the garden!

I hope you enjoyed tagging along for this visit to Cecil's Country Store.  If you live close by, then head on over and see everything Dawna has in the store right now!  And please tell her that Kat from Low Tide High Style said hello!


  1. Hello Kat,
    CUTE CUTE CUTE...thanks so much for taking me shopping with you today...we will need to do it again! This shop has some really awesome items...I know I could do some damage in there!


  2. I am drooling over that first photo... the buffet table is gorgeous. I'm tempted to drive down there witha pick up!

    And I completely understand what you deem "close by". I, too, have to drive 20 minutes to get a gallon of milk.

  3. Hi Kat,
    Everything was too cute and sooo sweet, I love it. That buffet is absolutely beautiful. I'm lucky I live near an old town center probably like that, with the cutest shops also. So nice to get ideas from. Have a good weekend.
    The Swedish Room

  4. Lovin' everything, especially the buffet!

    Gosh Texas is so much more than a 20 minute drive away, sigh...

    I do so want to shop there! Hmmmm, Maryland, huh?

    I'll be back ... I need to wake Mr. B and plant the seed of an extended "road trip" to Maryland in his ear...Wish me luck!


  5. Gotta get in there like yesterday. Thanks for the pics.

  6. I'm in love with that painted buffet. And the rest of the tour satisfied my need for sweet Easter treasures that this time of year has me looking forward too! Our closest shopping is 12 miles away and a lot of it is closed until tourist season starts back up. But the really good stuff is in the thrift shops anyway, just waiting to be transformed!! Thanks Kat, I don't think 2 hours is far to go for shopping either, like you say, close and faraway becomes a little altered when you live in a rural setting. Thanks for taking us with you, I enjoyed tagging along! ~Lili

  7. Oh, my! Too many things to look at! I would stay in that store forever! You are lucky to have such a "happy" store "close by". I understand about traveling as I live in a rural area too!

  8. That is one cute store. I love the birthday table with the ginormous bouquet of curly ribbons. Inquiring minds want to know what a Wishosaurus is?

  9. everything is so lovly!! love your blog.. I am a new follower.. happy saterday!(:

  10. That was fun! I have Snowbunnies, but I can't find them. They haven't turned up since we moved almost 7 years ago:(

  11. Love that store Kat! We don't have anything like that for about 6 hours in every direction!! I am so in love with that buffet in the second pic - DIVINE!!! ~ Tina x

  12. Kat,
    That is a wonderful looking and inviting store! Ready to jump into blog land for sure. Great post! Fab pictures!!!
    smiles, alice

  13. The little chalkboard signs are my favorite! I keep trying to figure out a spot where I can paint a wall in my house with chalkboard paint just for fun.

    I had to laugh at your description of what is near or far in rural areas. Due to traffic in our area it may take us 20 min. just to go 2 miles. When someone tells me that something is 20 miles away my brain shuts off - that may take 2 hours - haha! On the other hand, in the town of 3000 where I grew up, it was nothing to drive 50 miles just to see a movie!! And it only took about 45 min :)

  14. I wish the shop was nearby because everything looks so wonderful.

    Thanks for showing us.



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