Monday, January 24, 2011

I'm Working...Honest

Thanks everyone for your sweet comments on my earlier post about the beach...warmer weather can't come fast enough for this beach lovin' woman!

Ok, so one of the best things about working from home is the fact that you can find lots of other things to do instead of what you should be work!  It's not like I'm being paid by the hour, so I'm not cheating anyone if I get up and wander around my own home, but when you're trying to avoid work and you're easily distracted, working from home can sometimes be a bit of a challenge.

Today was one of those days, the kind where I had lots to do, but just when I was ready to be productive I looked around and saw my camera sitting there all lonely and well...I had to take a little "break" and recharge my batteries or drain down the camera's battery, I forget which. 

After all, I had managed to go through every single, solitary Christmas bin over the last few weeks and gather up enough donation items to fill another huge bin...can we say 'too much stuff?!'  I was on a roll last night as I finished up the last bin (I refused to put them back in the garage without going through each and every one of them and purging like there was no tomorrow) when my son said, "you don't have to give everything away mom, you can keep some things!"  Oh trust me, I still have plenty!  So I deserved a little R&R right?!  Just nod and smile folks!

One of the best things about putting away Christmas stuff (even if it did take a certain person until the 3rd week of January) is that you get a chance to see your house all naked.  A bare, more stripped down version which allows us to take stock of what we love and don't love about our homes. 

Now, it 'may' or 'may not' have had something to do with the fact that when I turned on the TV to do my make-up yesterday that that crazy/scary show Hoarders - Buried Alive was on.  I've never been a hoarder, and I truly feel for those folks because it clearly is a medical condition.  But I suddenly wondered if I could possibly star in a show called Purging - 'Bare'ly Alive...get it?!...bare-ly...ok, let's move on!

Thankfully for my family, my sudden urge to sell, donate, or burn everything we own and start from scratch had diminished by the time I awoke this morning, plus I had that whole beach daydream thing...see the previous post for an explanation, so instead I picked up my camera and wandered about my house aimlessly snapping photos of little lovelies and pretending I didn't have a care in the world or work to get done!  Denial is a beautiful thing folks!

Much like this disjointed post, I managed to focus on the complete minutia of life and things, this little trick always helps pass the time.

For example, you can photograph the same bowl of jewelry a million different ways and from lots of angles.

Of course you also have to play around with all of the various settings on your camera, that's what they are there for right?!

So there you have it, my handy dandy guide to wasting time while "working!"  Please know that I have researched this extensively over the years, and I assure you that my methods are fool proof!  I would even be willing to offer a 30 day money back guarantee on them, but that would mean I'd have to charge you all for the great advice I offer on here...hah!

So in case you're wondering, or more like, in case you're still reading this post, rest assured that after I snapped this photo of a hat that once belonged to my mother, I did go back to work.  

And to my dear friend Tracey U. who wants to live my me my dear, it really t'ain't that exciting.  We do still need to do lunch though...hmm, yet another way to avoid work! ;-)


  1. Cute post and I love reading your ramblings and looking at your photos that would not have been if you didn't stray away from your work.

  2. Love this post Kat...glad you got off track!


  3. Oh my those pearls in that bowl...very well done!

  4. I don't work at home but I am at home and I know I get easily distracted from my regular schedule many times during the day just to dally around, and I am glad you did today so we could see your shots of the pretty things in your home {was that a run on sentence or what?}.

    My kids are always calling me a hoarder...I suppose it is because I buy what catches my fancy without a place in mind to put it! But it does come to me later. It's just the warehouse effect in my den {that I referred to in my last post} that makes them worried. It is a VERY cluttered den! But I know I will find a use for everything someday! ;-D

    Have a great week, Kat!


  5. Oh Kat what beautiful pictures. Not sure which is my favorite....the dish of pearls or the hat and quilt. Love it all! You're amazing! Wish I was there to paw thru your castoffs! HA! I'll bet they're beautiful too! LOL! Oh thanks for the email! i'm still alive! Been sick, overwhelmed with Holidays etc etc. Life gets crazy! Thank you! Take Care!

  6. I've never seen the Buried Alive version of Hoarders, but I have watched the original version a few times. Every time I watch it, you can count on the fact that a good-sized load of stuff will be taken to Goodwill a few days later. It's amazing how stuff piles up when we're not paying attention.

    The flowers on that adorable hat look like Helebores ... how appropriate for winter.

  7. I think that's the cutest hat I've ever seen Kat. I'm trying to get at least one bag/box of donations out of the house each week. So far I've done pretty well but haven't made a dent in what needs to be done.

    It's winter....we tend to get sidetracked on projects as our mind wanders toward spring.

  8. Hi Kat, OMG - this was so much fun to read! I work from my home as well, and I can tell you that I am distracted by everything - I constantly think of things that 'need' to be done, baskets that don't quite look right, closets that need reaorganizing, rooms that need some sprucing up, menus and recipes that need some organizing and investigation, it goes on and on. I try to write up a schedule for each day and really try to get my 'work' done first and then I have time for my 'fun' stuff. Sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn't! Take care and thank you for a fun post! Ciao, bella!

  9. Your photos have me
    swooning, Kat....All
    so soft, calm and very
    charming....very YOU.
    I'm still trying to
    wrap my brain around
    the basics! It's coming,
    slowly but surely. I
    say, play on, dear friend!
    xx Suzanne

  10. Hey Kim, cute post, and still your photos inspire me. I know the feeling of sorting through; we are remodeling and I have everything out of every closet. It is a mess, but a great way to get things sorted out for donations, and reorganized for what to keep. Now if our hardwood would just come in so I can get this mess in order! Have a great day. carrell

  11. You are too funny! That is why I don't work from home, I would NEVER get anything done! I got my Medical Transcription certificate a while ago thinking that it would be great, yeah, pretty sure that that was a good idea that I didn't start that, although that lesson was a little expensive to learn! Love your photos and your "how to" and so glad that you got to go through your Christmas things finally!! ;)

  12. I love your post and all your photos! Keep doing what you are doing! HUGS!

  13. Love your rambling post! Thank goodness for work distractions so we can look at your amazing pics! :)

    - Lauren

  14. That bowl??? Divine! I love it. Especially with the pearls in it!

  15. Enjoyed all your words there and I used to like watching Hoarders but the animal ones have gotten too intense.

  16. Your pearl photography is equisite Kat! And I adore your "somewhat in need of a break from work" ramblings! Hugs ~Lili

  17. Hi Kat, Your photos are beautiful! Always hold on to your dreams.

  18. I love the photos...they are so soft and everything looks better with pearls and tulips!

  19. Thanks for the lesson from Procrastination 101. I've done some homework for that course too.

  20. Hi Kat, I love your photos! The hat is so adorable.I can smell the tulips from here.Have a great day.


  21. OH these photos feel like your mother's charming hat!

  22. Kat- I could never work at home- I would be doing this kind of stuff - all day long! Love the photos- simply beautiful. I think you should find a job where you can take pictures all day long. This is a fabulous post- love that precious hat!


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