Tuesday, January 25, 2011


When you close your eyes and dream of what you could do, what you want to do, what you might do, how big is that dream?  Is it big enough to fill up the room you're sitting in, or do you let that little voice in your head convince you that your dream is silly, so you back it down a notch and try and create realistic goals and dreams?

Realism can be good, all you have to do is watch an episode of the American Idol auditions to figure that out. But how often do you substitute realism for excuses?  How often do all of us convince ourselves that we've failed even before we've entered the race?

My hat is off to those who stand up there on American Idol and truly believe with all their heart that they could be a finalist.  I don't even watch the show, and I'm clearly not talking about the folks that are looking to have their 15 minutes of fame and those who make for good TV.  I'm talking about the others who never make it onto the show, because clearly you know there are hundreds if not thousands who are told no besides those who have a temper tantrum or act so ridiculous that they make it into the final cut of the audition shows.

You see, the shear fact that those people went, with hope in their hearts, and still don't make it makes them far superior to someone sitting on their couch critiquing the ones who do, or worse yet, laughing at those who don't...at least in my mind.  Those people who went had the courage to try, and the strength to fail...both traits I admire.

These are traits I could use more of in myself.  When I dream I will often convince myself, or let others convince me that my dream may be a little too big.  Mostly it comes from within, that nagging little voice saying "who do you think you are to dream such a big dream?!"  And so I go on, knowing that by not trying I've already failed miserably, and then I'm left to console myself by reminding the boastful 'me' that I shouldn't have dared to dream something so big in the first place.

Fortunately for me, Mr. Tide doesn't see those same limitations.  When he listens to my dreams, or chooses to dream for me, there is no fear of failure and there are no such things as limits.  He is a cheerleader of sorts and a very good one at that, which is why I love him so.  I'm learning to dream big, and to take those chances and even fail from time to time.  But to never try seems a far worse fate than to have to brush yourself off and keep climbing the hill I think.  

I hope that from now on you'll all join me.  That you'll let go of insecurities, fears, and negative thoughts and dare to Dream BIG!


  1. Thank you Kat for the reminder that realism is not the same as excuses. I needed to see that today. :)I do have big dreams, ones that could be more then a dream if I didn't hold myself back so much!

  2. I really needed this today, too. My dream has been to make this nursery of mine a real success, and my excuses are holding me back. My dear Husband tells me frequently that I AM MY OWN BEST ASSET, and I must find a way to make myself believe it. I have to stand tall, put myself out there, and stop standing in the way of my own dreams. Wow, now I feel so much better!

  3. You make some good points Kat. I think self doubt is what sets those that realise their dreams from those that don't.

  4. Oh, boy, did I see myself in your words! I am the queen of squashing dreams before they have an opportunity to blossom. Thanks for the gentle nudge to step through and strive forward.

  5. I'm with you Kat! 2011 and I'm pushing aside the Eeyore in me and embracing my inner Tigger. Dare to Dream Big! ;)Sharyne

  6. You go girl-
    and I'll go too.
    It's sort of like holding hands to jump into the deep end.

    I am grateful to say that it is the simple things that really make me happy.

    Love to you and yours Kat!


  7. So thankful that our hubbys often are the ones that cheer the loudest for us, even though we may continue to harbor self doubt. This was a great reminder to push past the doubts and dream big! Thanks Kat! ~Lili

  8. I have a supportive husband too and I love what you said about yours being a cheerleader for you. I have always felt supported in whatever project or goal that I set for myself. The problem I'm having right now...is finding the dream, the project, the goal for this time in my life.

  9. I am a dreamer...both big and small dreams occupy my thoughts! And at night I always dream...and I always remember my dreams! I am encouraged by your post! ♥

  10. Very inspiring post, Kat! I'm trying hard to be open to opportunity!

  11. It is so amazing at how quickly I can talk myself out of something. I feel not good enough or there is always someone better or not enough money, etc. I dream but not really sure of what, you see, I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. I have always been "good" at things that I try but never great at them. I struggle with this the most, I am the only one holding me back. Thank you for you words of encouragement and a great reminder that in order to succeed we must fail.

  12. Dreaming big is so scary, but so life-changing and important. I don't watch American Idol, but I so love that people who wouldn't ordinarily be noticed get a chance to follow their dreams. Some of them have made it big in music and not always the winners either.

    I love the textures you used on these two photos, especially the second one.

  13. I'm a dreamer, and my hubby has helped me realize some of my dreams that I thought were impossible! It's good and it's healthy to dream! Sleep tight & have a wonderful dream!


  14. Hi Kat, I just love reading your posts! My dream is to live in Florence Italy for a year. Florence is such a beautiful city and it's hard to really soak it all in during a short stay. So, is it a big dream - yes - but not unattainable when you begin thinking it through. We only have one time around to fit everything in - not being able to turn dreams, no matter what size, into reality sounds like a very sad way to live life. Ciao, bella!

  15. Kat, thanks so much for this lovely post! I love the tulip pictures too! HUGS!

  16. So glad to find you! Thanks for the encouragement! I hope all your dreams come true...mine too!

  17. What a thoughtful post and a pleasant reminder Kat. Mr. Tide sounds an awful lot like Mr. - very supportive and only sees the positive.

    Your photos are gorgeous as always.


  18. You always know just how to pick me up as I struggle to find the confidence I need for a project I'm working on. You probably don't even realize how much you inspire me, of course you don't, but you do and I thank you for that.

    You're one of my own little silent cheerleaders — need a boost? Go visit Kat, works every time!

  19. Oh Kat, can I please climb right into those pictures? They are beyond gorgeous. Truly beautiful.
    I'm in the midst of dreaming a dream of my own right now. Scary (very) and exciting at the same time. But, boy is it wild times inside my head....I can't keep up with the mental roller coaster I've put myself on!

  20. Hi there...Just came across your by blog & saw your flowers. You should visit my blog & link up to Cottage Flora Thursdays....? I've been looking for other gardeners to join in my garden party! xoox

  21. Hi Kat-
    Where would we be if we did not have our dreams- I always dream big- my hubby's is my cheerleader also- love my guy! Beautiful photos- gosh you take lovely pictures~~

  22. What a fabulous post! Just what I needed on this Friday morning! And your photography is just gorgeous:)

  23. Mr. Privet and I
    fast-fowarded through
    an Amer. Idol last
    night... I am really
    liking this show, again,
    as the judges treat
    the contestants, and
    themselves, much more
    kindly. AND, we have
    heard some amazing stories
    that reflect just what
    you are saying....They
    BELIEVED and they showed
    up; and often, started
    out in less than advantageous
    situations. Thank you
    for this inspiring message,
    xx Suzanne

  24. I admire how those people on American Idol put themselves out there with their dreams on their sleeves..., I guess I watch to show, because I need more of that too!!


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