Thursday, January 20, 2011

Birthday Girl and A Winner

10 years ago today, a tiny little tri-colored Border Collie came into the world.  She was just one of 3 in her litter, born on a sheep farm in northern Pennsylvania in the dead of winter.  She came from good herding stock, Welsh and Scottish, with champions on both the dam and the sire's side, but she was never meant to be a herding dog.

She didn't have what it takes to make a good herding dog, so she was sold as a pet.  Although I grew up with herding dogs, and we had just recently lost our Aussie, I wasn't sure we could handle the intensity that "is" a Border Collie, so I did lots of research and consulted my vet, and anyone else would would talk to me about Borders.  In the end, we decided this breed was a good fit for us and my parents and I drove the 4 hours to meet the breeder and pick up our new bundle of fur.

Everything you read about Border Collies is true, they are loyal, intense, driven, and very type A.  They live to work and work to live...think Martha Stewart meets Donald Trump!  Miss Kylee may not have been suited to herding sheep, but she needs a job and thrives on knowing that in life she has a purpose.  Sometimes we don't exactly get what that purpose might may be something as simple as herding sticks, yelling at the other dogs when they sneeze, or telling us, by hiding under anything within reach, that the sky is falling anytime she hears thunder...but in her head she knows why it's important to do all of the crazy things she does!

*Soapbox Alert*  In my not so humble opinion, these dogs should never have been allowed to be bred as "Show" dogs!  This is something I feel very strongly about, and I don't mind being politically incorrect in saying so.  It breaks my heart to see people selectively breed out the smarts of these amazing creatures in order to create black and white fluffballs to suit the fancy of a collector!  In the real world of farm dogs, Border Collies come in all shapes and sizes, there is no "look" that a sheep farmer breeds for, just an incredible ability to do a job, and one the dog dearly loves to do.  Even when you take these dogs out of the farm environment, they want and long for that job and they are a thing of beauty to watch when they are giving their heart and soul to their profession!

*Back to our regularly scheduled happy go lucky post*  Even with her recent diagnosis of congestive heart failure, and at an age when most larger dogs are only interested in lounging around all day, Kylee will be the first one standing by the door, ready to go out and play.  

She's not as fast as she once was, she's also not quite as crazy as she once was, but she still loves life and tries to make every moment count!  She keeps her brother, Mr. Quinn in line and tells little Misty Belle a thing or two from time to time as well, she is the matriarch of this doggie family after all!

So Happy Birthday Sweet Miss Kylee, we love you bunches!!!

Now on to the winner of my Springtime Giveaway, it is #51... Rachel Lynn!  Unfortunately, Photoshop ate my screen shot and it's also disappeared from my Clipboard, so you'll have to trust me when I say that Rachel won fair and square! 

And if you love snickerdoodles, be sure and stop by Rachel Lynn's blog where she is featuring a great muffin recipe...yum!!!  Click HERE to get the recipe!

Congrats Rachel Lynn, simply email me your mailing address and I'll send out your package right away!

And just in case you think sheep farmers don't have a sense of humor, watch this!  Really, you gotta love a group of men who call themselves the Baaa-Studs!!!  


  1. That blog touched my heart. She is beyond beautiful. I am sorry to hear about her congestive heart failure. And I really think that no dog should be a show dog. Just let them be what they are. I wouldn't know what to do in a day without my miniature daschund and his loveable playful ways. Dogs are wonderful!

  2. Happy birthday to that sweet sweet puppy! She truly is beautiful!

    Congrats to Rachael on her win also - way to go girl!


  3. Happy Birthday Kylee (or Penblwydd Hapus as her Welsh cousins would say!).
    These dogs are not bred as show dogs in the UK. They are working dogs and that's it.
    Dillon cost £8 when I was 19 and my sister and I drove to the farm where his mother and father both worked and lived to pick him up. He was so adorable. You are right when you say they are on the go all the time. Dillon died 10 years ago when he was 14 and a half. Up until the day he died he behaved like a puppy and people used to constantly question his age. I still miss him - he was the dog 'love of my life' and I feel priveliged to have been his Mummy. I have to say Woody is a very close second but Golden Retrievers, although matching Dillon with character and personality, do not have one fiftieth of the brain of a Border Collie!
    Hope Kylee has a wonderful day xx
    ~Sam xx

  4. Happy Birthday Kylee!

    DH's family had a border collie when he was growing up. MIL tells stories about how she would herd the children. MIL would step into the house to answer the phone and their collie would make sure the children didn't wander off.

    Great pictures! I love the black and white one.

  5. Happy Birthday to your sweet pup! Ours is 14 1/2 and still going strong (a little slower maybe and she can't jump on the bed anymore). I think love keeps them alive!

  6. Wonderful video (reluctant thanks to Samsung...)

  7. Happy Birthday Miss Kylee!! What a wonderful post, she is just beautiful and so full of life! Dogs just want to be dogs...

    Love the video and I couldn't even imagine what they had to do to make all that happen!! :)

  8. Happy Birthday Kylee! Long may you run the whole household!

  9. Happy Birthday, Kylee!!! You're such a sweetie.

  10. Kylee is a beautiful dog! Who cares if she can herd sheep...she herds a family with her love and devotion. Happy birthday, Kylee.

  11. Happy Birthday to Kylee!.. she has such intense eyes -

  12. Happy birthday Miss Kylee and so many breeds have been messed up for show! Just like Bailey's breed are supposed to be ratters (they would hunt and kill rats) and were larger than they are now because they have been bred smaller and smaller on purpose. Good post.

  13. Oh Miss Kylee is just the sweetest and I'm so glad to hear she helps keep everyone in line over there! Happy Birthday to that sweet baby. Congrats to Rachel (I actually met her in real life and was excited to hear she won!) And she lives in Miss Kylee's birth state too. xo ~Lili

  14. Amen to everything you just said! Happy Birthday to the dog with the eyes of an angel!

  15. I am behind you 100% when it comes to show dogs. They remind me of beauty pageants for 6 year old girls.

    Kylee is such a beautiful dog. Happy Birthday, sweetie!!


  16. Happy Birthday beautiful Miss Kylee! I wish you many more!! What great pictures of your lovely BC Kat!! I love BC's, we lost our Miss Abby 3 yrs. ago and we miss her every day!

  17. She is a gorgeous girl, just look at that face! I hope she had a wonderful birthday. That video is a scream! Dogs playing pong with sheep - I'm still laughing. Great post! Kat

  18. I totally agree Kat - they really are an amazing breed and such a joy to see them doing the job they were born to do. We have been fortunate to have shared our lives with 2 BC's. Ralph was Alan's dog before we were married - in fact he was his one and only possession when we did get married! He lived to the grand old age of 17 years and his reputation around the building sites in FNQ reached legendary status. So many of the memories I have of our early married life revolve around Ralphy. So smart and intelligent beyond belief. Then there was Jess, Kendall's dog - the most loyal, faithful and beautiful friend a girl could want. How it broke our hearts to say goodbye.
    So "Happy...happy...birthday to your Miss Kylee." I know her special day will be filled with lots of pats and tummy rubs! Congrats also to Rachael - I am so envious. ;)Sharyne

  19. Happy Birthday to your pretty little girl:)

  20. Happy birthday to your faithful companion! Here's to many more.


  21. Blondie was reading my mind. I think all beauty contests (dogs and little girls) should be outlawed until the day comes that contestants compete just as God created them....naturally.!

  22. Happy Birthday to beautiful Miss Kylee! The video was hilarious!

  23. Happy 10th Birthday Miss Kylee, you beautiful girl!

  24. Happy birthday, puppy! You're only as old as you act.

  25. Happy birthday miss Kylee!
    that video was hilarious and amazing at the same time!

  26. Miss Kylee is a beautiful dog. She sounds like she has a beautiful soul, as well!


  27. Gosh, just read your
    post about "Swan Song"
    and it gave me chills!
    Happy happy to Miss Kylee!
    Your beautiful photos
    truly do the spirit that
    you describe justice...
    She sounds amazing and
    I can see why you love
    the breed so much. Hope
    you are all having a
    wonderful weekend together,
    xx Suzanne

  28. Happy birthday Kylee! How fortunate you are to have found such an amazing addition to your family!

  29. Happy Birthday Miss Kylee. What an amazing clip. I think those Welsh farmers had too much time on their hands. Incredible though.

  30. Looks like I missed the birthday post but better late than never. Happy day to Miss Kylie - beautiful pup that you are.
    I have seen this clip before. It's amazing, isn't it? I so agree about the show breeding. Good grief.

  31. Happy Birthday to Miss Kylee. Congrats to the winner of your great giveaway.

  32. As you can see, I'm horrible about keeping up, and missed sweet Kylee's birthday!! Give her an extra hug and treat for me today. She's the cutest 10 year old dog I know :)


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