Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Don't Worry Bee Happy

Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments and emails about my last post!  I know so many of us are in the same boat, and it's good to know that we are probably harder on ourselves than anyone else ever could be.

Today I thought I would show you some new goodies I picked up since the first of the year.  I can't believe that March is right around the corner and that I bought these items at the beginning of the year...which seems like just yesterday!

I have this obsession with small vases, I love them and whenever I find one I snap it up.  I think it goes back to when I was a child and I used to love to pick little flowers like buttercups and forget-me-nots and bring them in to my mother.  She always had little vases or juice glasses that she would put them in and then keep them by the sink in the kitchen so that she could enjoy them while she cooked or did the dishes.

I came across this little green vase that I knew would be perfect for short stemmed flowers like pansies and violets, and I loved the deep emerald color.  It was a great price too, and at a favorite local store, Lola Belle Co. so I snapped one up because I knew they would likely go pretty quickly.

Then, a few weeks later, I went to Home Goods and found these wonderful embroidered bee towels.  I love bees, and have for a long time, even before they became so popular so there was no question that they were coming home with me.

I also have a bit of a hand towel obsession, and in a big armoire we have there are two full drawers devoted entirely to towels!  I come by this honestly though as my mother loved napkins and pretty guest towels too.

And here is another weird little tidbit about me...I think some weeds are pretty!  Yup, I think that dandelion flowers are kind of pretty, and as much as I hate the fact that they are weeds, I love blowing their little heads when they go to seed.  When you are surrounded by old farm fields like we are, you learn to embrace all of mother nature's beauty...or you go mad trying to control and tame it.

Mr. Tide's theory on having a beautiful lawn is that if it looks green and good from a distance, well then that's good enough for him.  I'm glad he doesn't obsess over the weeds because if he did it would become a full time job, and we would never get to enjoy where we live and jump into the kayaks whenever possible during the summer months.

And I'm glad I'm crazy for hand towels because I love when I visit someone else's home and they have a beautiful towel hanging in their bathroom or kitchen...even if you know they are just for show they still bring a smile to my face.  And I hope that others enjoy the ones I display in my own home.

Today I attended the funeral of a distant relative...a man I didn't really know, but a good man who had touched others during his long life.  I know my mom would have gone, she was good about things like that, so I'm sure she was happy that my sister and I both went.

It's funny how those bits of character that our parents pass along to us shine through in unexpected ways.  I thought I would end this post with an email I received from another family member, my mother in law, regarding my last post.  It was a lovely surprise to find in my inbox and I don't think she will mind if I share it with you all.

I just looked at your current blog; that definitely is a lovely pitcher you featured. I like the shape of it and the color combination. I loved how you accessorized it in your photo's - very lovely, simple but just right.
    As has been mentioned before, you and your mom had the touch in how to use stuff as you did in this blog and all your others. I have learned a lot from you in that regard but not enough yet  :-) 
      love. Mom    XXX OOO

Wasn't that a kind thing to say?  She actually has a lovely home, and a great sense of style, I even joked with her last time we visited that her outfit one evening was very hip and fashion forward...which it was!  I think it's nice when people support one another, whether it is through a comment on a blog post, a nice email, or reaching out to someone to let them know you care.  We all need that in our lives...friends and family who don't just say they love and support you, but show you through their kind actions.


  1. Your green vase with the yellow flowers is dazzling, and your bee towel is so pretty. That is nice your MIL left such a supportive comment for you.

  2. What a sweet post, Kat! I love the note from your MIL...she sounds like a very nice lady! I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks dandelions are pretty...not all over my front yard, mind you, but a field of golden dandelions is spring to me! And the white puffs are a wishing field...

  3. I was always picking dandelions for my mother! She didn't have the heart to tell me they were weeds! The vase is so pretty, I will have to visit the website {although I gave up shopping online for Lent!}.

    When I first got married and became a mother, I was amazed at how much I ran my home the way my mom did hers. Was I taking notes all those years?! She certainly was good at what she did...I am one of seven, and I suppose I am like her in more ways than one.

    I love the bee towels! I love pretty potholders. I never want to use them until they are broken in though!

    Have a good week, Kat!


  4. I'm with you Kat, loving all things bee related! I'm kind of jealous that you already HAVE dandelions where you are. The note from your MIL was so sweet, those kind of things mean so much when they come from our loved ones. xo ~Lili

  5. I love your pretty green vase and really love the bee towel. I will have to check out my Home Goods. I have a thing for pretty hand towels, too. What a sweet comment from your MIL.

  6. I really like pretty kitchen towels and find a lot of good vintage ones to use. I have far too many I fear. Your bee towels are charming and so is the wee green vase. I saw an act of kindness today, by a waitress, who took an elderly lady to the bathroom and I made a point of telling her how kind that was.

  7. Your new little green vase is so sweet!!! I have those same bee towels in my hall bathroom but I got mine at TJ Maxx I think?!!? You MIL sounds like a sweet lady....wish mine were that supportive. LOL

  8. Love the little green vase. I like those little vases too, but my favorite thing in the world to put in them is sweet little violets....which I am sad to say I don't have any in my yard here.

    What a wonderful little note from your mother-in-law. Isn't it nice when you know that you are appreciatd by those that are closest to you? Hugs- Diana

  9. What a lovely relationship you have with your mother-in-law - so supportive. I take it you have dandelions and pansies out. Lucky you! I'm with you on the weed front. I think my favourite bouquets are ones that are an armful of field flowers in all different colours.

  10. Oh, the perky yellow flowers make my heart sing!

  11. I am reading what you wrote at the end and marveling at it. My hubby and I talked about this very thing over dinner tonight! I have felt so much encouragement and support through my blog...when I have been disappointed in the past when I looked for it from family members. Friends have made all the difference in my life! This was such a lovely post! Thank you!♥

  12. I'd say you are very
    very lucky to not only
    have a wonderful hubby,
    but a very dear MIL, as
    well! And the sweet vase
    truly is enchanting and
    will showcase all those
    tiny treasures perfectly!

    xx Suzanne

  13. I love little vases, too. Somewhere in a box out in the garage, I have a small collection of them. These are vases that I found in various glass dumps on farms I've lived over the past 30 years. All the old places had glass dumps, and I was pretty lucky to find several intact pieces.

  14. I have a collection of small vases that I started on our honeymoon in Denmark many years ago. One tiny blossom in each makes me happy.
    How sweet of your MIL - she's a keeper!

  15. So much to be thankful for and happy about. You could have used this for your Thanksgiving Day post.
    Your site is always very pretty.

  16. such "bee"utiful images...i found you through z (old grey mare).

  17. I love your husband's take on the lawn .. in my area, it's known as a 'freedom lawn' .. critter friendly and w/out all the chemicals and watering that's needed for grass.

    Love your small bottle collection, too .. they lend themselves to all kinds of wildflowers and delicate and beautiful blooms!

  18. Kat, I love those bee towels-so cute!! I am also very sorry for the loss of your distant relative. Even though you didn't know the person that well, I think it was really nice you and your sister went to the funeral. It is funny what our parents in still in us isn't it!

  19. I love your little green vase. I have a set of different colored small ones from Crate and Barrel and I love them for the same reason you do. A few short stems reminds me of bringing in flowers to my mom from the yard.

    I read your last post and I'm just thrilled for you that your business is going so well. I also tend to be a bit "lazy" about my real life friends these days. I just seem to hate to lock myself in to "having" to fix dinner or meet at a restaurant. I do much better with spur of the moment things and they just aren't happening often.

  20. I love that little green vase/bottle.
    I stumbled upon a pretty cheap(2.99) one right after I saw yours! Thanks as always for sharing your beautiful photos and inspiration!


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