Thursday, February 2, 2012

Spread Your Wings

When was the last time you really stepped outside of your comfort zone?

When you dared to spread your wings while others played it safe, keeping their wings safely tucked beside their bodies?

Do you hesitate because you're afraid you might not soar, or because of what others might think?

Because most of the time others don't even notice.  And maybe, just maybe those around you won't judge you, or think you are crazy, they might even just keep swimming right beside you and offer you support and encouragement.

And even if you don't soar to great heights, you will have at least tried, and reaching the sky isn't always the measure of success.

Sometimes the success is in the trying.  And I just happen to think that people who spread their wings...even just a little, are much more beautiful than those who choose to play it safe and never try at all...wouldn't you agree?


  1. Oh, I do agree! I am trying hard to "step out"...they are my words again this year! You have always been a great inspiration to me, Kat! Beautiful photos! I wish we would get swans at our lake! XO

  2. Hi Kat.... just stopping by to say 'Hello' today. Lovely photos. You have such a knack for making the most simple of scenes look wonderful!

    Hope the sun is shining over your way today like it is here!

  3. I agree whole-heartedly!... beautiful pics :-)

  4. Yes I would! Life was never intended to be lived in a concrete bunker. Love your photo Kat.

  5. Hi Kat,
    this post was meant for me in literal terms. I am about to step out of my comfort zone completely and soar literally. As you know I hate flying and a week Saturday Seth is flying to New York with his school for a skiing trip. This alone unnerves me to the point where I'm crying at my desk and not sleeping at night. Being the clingy mother I am I decided a while ago that Lily and I would also go to New York at the same time, not to meet up with Seth, but so that I am on the same soil as him for part of his trip - him being on different continent to me for 8 days was more than I can cope with. The only thing now is that I have 4 flights to worry about - ours and his!! I am losing my mind, I am stressed beyond belief, I am spending my lunch hours googling facts about flying to reassure myself that it's safe but it's still not sinking it, did I mention I am losing my mind?!!
    Anyway, it's more important to me that I'm close to my baby (my 5'6" almost 14 year old baby) so I'm doing it. I'm doing it with more fear than anything I've ever done before in my life. I've gone beyond nerves now and am at the phobic stage. And when Lily and I get there we are going to have the best 4 girly days in New York ever!!
    So, thanks for this post - it was very well timed and I needed it to bring me back to sanity (or at least somewhere close!).
    Sam (currently waiting for a bed in a mental hospital!) x

  6. Kat, I agree 100%!! Love photos of the swans!!

  7. Beautiful photos...and so appropriate for your thought provoking post.

  8. Lovely sentiment, I have lots of goals I want to shoot for in 2012, it's always scary to start but once you get the momentum going it gets easier and easier! :) xo K

  9. Beautiful shots, and such a good philosophy.

  10. Great post and I love looking at the swans.

  11. I agree, but boy it sure is safe in my own little hidey hole sometimes . . .

  12. Beautiful images, Kat, and wise words. Off to email you.

  13. Amen, Sister! You have said a lot here. It is hard to step outside the self-imposed bounds we set for ourselves. I find when I DO I am always blessed in unexpected ways. Great post- xo Diana

  14. Such well chosen and well written words. Just what I needed to hear.

  15. It's funny, because I NEVER step out of my comfort zone. Then recently, our town started planning for a summer festival they hold each year. They just can't get enough volunteers. I mentioned it to my husband and he said NO! I mulled it over a few days, and then I decided No for him, a great big YES for me. I volunteered, and felt amazingly liberated. A new experience, with new people. I can't wait!!!!!

  16. What beautiful photography! I am so glad you stopped by so I could pop over and see such a beautiful blog...a new addiction. :-)

    Thank you for such a nice comment...Anne is very good to me and I am finding her readers are just the loveliest and talented people. I feel very blessed to have visits from them.

    And yes, stepping outside the comfort zone is usually a good thing..."stepping outside" rarely entails side-stepping...probably means plunging right for me, that means lacing up my running/work/creative boots. No dancing around when stepping out of my comfort is more like running. :-)

    Big hug

  17. The swans are so pretty... When I got married their was a heart shaped pond with two swans that were crossed at the neck during the ceremoy! It must have been a sign!
    Thank you for your beauty...

  18. I am so glad that you are spreading your wings Kat. I hope things are going well.
    I am always afraid of stepping out of my comfort zone but I am always glad that I did when I had the courage to do so.
    Beautiful photos!

  19. beautiful photographs and beautiful words... I thank you for both, as I needed them today!


  20. Oh Kat, thank you so much for sharing this beautiful pairing of your words with your lovely photos...a thoughtful message of encouragement to inspire us to keep on keeping on no matter what or who tries to knock us down.


  21. Great post Kat. I found encouragement in both your thoughts and images. xo ~Lili


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