Friday, February 24, 2012

Graceful Landings and A Winner

Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments and concern for our daughter and her friend, I can't tell you how much I appreciate it, and so do they!  Our daughter and "S" continue to be sore, but both are doing well.

Today was absolutely gorgeous here, we threw open the windows and doors to let the warm breezes and the sounds of peeping frogs and waves fill the air.  I always know it's getting to be springtime when the peepers start making a racket!  I just hope they haven't come alive too soon before the winter is truly over.

The other evening Mr. Tide took the camera out for a spin and captured some swans along with their cygnets coming in for a landing on our creek.  He took all of the photos in this post, hence the MT Images watermark for "Mr. Tide"...I'm sure he would have picked a cooler name, but hey it's my blog.

They really are such beautiful birds and we are so lucky to have them grace us with their presence each winter, if only for a few months.

I hope they will always find a soft place to land here as we would miss them terribly if they didn't show up year after year.

This weekend we will be getting our yard in order...weeding, pruning, and starting our veggie garden project.  We've decided to create some raised beds this year so that we can grow more of our own organic vegetables, something we've been wanting to do since we moved in.

Our neighbor had her whole yard tidied up yesterday so we need to get going so that we can keep up the the Joneses if you know what I mean!  We have a long way to go before our yard even begins to one up hers though, hers is always lovely and immaculate.

But enough about our neighborly yard envy, I need to announce the winner of my latest Giveaway.  Mr. Tide was my random number generator, and the number he muttered while playing Battlefield 3 was #10, which belongs to Deserae who said..."Gosh, They are all just gorgeous.... I really love all three.... but if I have to pick a favorite I will pick set number 2!

Please send me an email with your mailing address and I will get the images in the mail to you right away!

Thank you all again for your kind words about my daughter and for your great opinions on my photos!  I hope you all have a wonderful and productive weekend!


  1. Swans have such a sense of beauty and grace about them. You are so blessed to have them with you, even for just a season.
    Wonderful photos!!
    Glad to hear your daughter, and S are doing well.
    Congrats to Deserae.

  2. OMG!!!! I won something?!?! When I read the post I squealed out loud!!!! I am soooo excited since I have never won anything...ever! THANK YOU so much! You just made my whole week :o)

  3. The swans photos are wonderful! And yardwork...I am jealous! Congrats to Des!

  4. Beautiful photos...what an amazing site! And congrats to Des! She's a sweetie! ♥

  5. I'm glad to hear your daughter and friend are doing fine. I am sure that was's one phone call I hope never to get.

    I've always wanted to do raised beds. It really cuts down on the weeding among other good things. I wonder if it would keep the bunnies out of my garden. It has really been discouraging the last few summers.

    Hope you have warm, sunshiny weather this weekend! :)


  6. Glad to hear that recovery is continuing at your house.

    I soooo need to get out in our yard this Spring and put some hard work into it. I need to move one whole bed to a different area and redo the front gardens. BIG JOB..and MyHero does NOT like yard work.

    Congrats to Deserae! I'm sure she will be thrilled. Have a great weekend- xo Diana

  7. Those are beautiful swan neighbors and congratulations to Deserae.

  8. Congrats to the winner!! Sorry to hear about your daughter and her friend (I read the post), happy to hear they are OK! Love your Valentine's gift!!! I've never seen hyacinth bulb vases! How beautiful!

    Have a great weekend!

  9. Beautiful blog...I'm a new follower! (Can't wait for the peepers to start here!) Blessings to you and yours!
    Anne ♥

  10. I'm a bit behind this week! missed your giveaway and the accident. So sorry about the accident. What a stressful time.

    Your vases are adorable! Such old-fashioned goodness.

    We built 12 HUGE rectangular raised beds and a huge square in the middle last summer. We also garden organically, and it was AMAZING. If you look back to my old posts from last spring, you are sure to see it in the works, and then finished in the summer. We spent about 1000.00 on new soil, and did not even weed once all summer!!!!! Can't wait to get it started again. Unfortunately, here we plant around Memorial Day.

  11. I noticed the peeper frogs yesterday evening, too. My daffodils are blooming, the maple trees are budding ... I guess Mother Nature has decided that spring will be here quite a bit earlier than usual this year. I sat on the deck last night, enjoying the sunset, drinking a beer, and listening to the frogs. Tonic for the soul, I tell ya ... tonic.

  12. It'll be months yet before we have peepers in the yard, although with this crazy non-winter it may just be weeks.

    We always look forward to the return of the swans each year, too. They keep the geese at the cottage in check. Swans are so beautiful, but if you've ever seen them guard their territory they can be pretty vicious, too. Terrific pictures! Thanks for sharing.

  13. Gosh Kat, you live in such a beautiful place!!! I love swans and we don't see swans here, only snow geese an such. Which are beautiful too, but swans are just so graceful and pretty. Tell your Mr. T that his photos were beautiful!!!
    You will love having raised beds for the makes it so much easier, because the weeds seem so much more manageable in raised beds. I have gardened both ways...but raised beds are the only way to go. My neighbor even does her raspberries in raised beds. Mine are in the flower garden among all the flowers, but I think I will move them to raised beds as well.
    Sounds like Spring is in your corner of the world for sure.
    Have a wonderful weekend Kat.

  14. Wow, you live in such a beautiful place. Your photos are heavenly. How lovely to have a garden! A-M xx

  15. Kat, those photos are gorgeous! Congrats to the winner!!

  16. It's so exciting to see these signs of the approaching spring! Love the sound of peepers and oh my, would I ever love to start my garden right about now. You will absolutely love growing the organics and I look forward to seeing the beautiful images you will be capturing of your garden too! xo ~Lili

  17. Beautiful photos here by your husband. And congratulations to the winner!


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