Thursday, March 1, 2012

Time Marches On

Today was absolutely glorious...70 degrees, clear blue skies, and a lovely breeze all made it as close to a perfect day as anyone could wish for.

Not only is it the 1st of March, but today it just felt like spring had finally arrived.  You could sense the world coming back to life.  There are nests being built...

Lawn chairs are waiting at the ready.

The pups sense it too, and want to be outside all of the time now.

The water seems more blue somehow...

And little birds perch on nearly every branch singing their little hearts out...

Smells that haven't been smelled since last year at this time are emerging and curious noses need to breathe in the promise of renewal...

And branches are unable to hide their new colorful springtime attire.

But better than all of that was seeing the sun still high in the sky even though the clock said it should be getting dark...oh how I love you sunshine and long, light filled days!

Happy March Everyone!!!


  1. I love spring, and your photos do it justice. Have a good day.

  2. 70 degrees you say . . . we were served 9 inches of snow! LOL!!!

  3. We have buds on our trees too... will post some tomorrow.. Can't wait for our trees to be covered with their blossoms.. ahchoo!

  4. I smiled at everyone of your photos.

  5. It was glorious and 80 here today. The perfect day to spend with my mom, sister and sister in law for lunch and shopping. Can't believe we had this weather on March 1.

  6. Isn't it poignant though to face all this fresh new life without our old darlings to enjoy just one more glorious day.

  7. Beautiful! We are still cold here and have another winter storm moving in this weekend...UGH. I am so ready for Spring..and can't wait for the trees to quicken with life after sitting dormant for the winter.

    Happy March to you,too...and I can't wait until we turn the clocks forward! xo Diana

  8. Oh, your weather sounds wonderful! Winter finally decided to show up here. It snowed this week...just as my brain was starting to think that spring was right around the corner.

  9. Wonderful springy pics! My big girl spent the day outide sunning herself and enjoying the fresh air :o)
    Have a great weekend!

  10. We just had a snow storm three days ago that dumped ten inches of snow on us, and we're expecting another foot tomorrow. You are sooo lucky to be experiencing Spring where you are.
    Wonderful photos, Kat!

  11. These photos do show a perfect day...I'm looking forward to spring weather like that here, too! Your dogs are so beautiful!

  12. Yesterday WAS gorgeous! I'm noticing that the maple trees are budding, but many of the others are still holding off. It's going to be a weird spring. (Misty is wearing a very Ruby look on her face.)

  13. For the past 2 days (Wed. and Thurs) it has been in the high 70's and 80's here and it has been glorious!! I love to hear the birds singing again and everything coming back to life! Kat, have a wonderful weekend! We are having thunder and lightning storms here for most of the day :(!

  14. Only you could rub it
    in ~ SPRING! March 1st! ~
    and make me feel great
    about it. Love your soft
    spring photos. That will
    be about May 1, here!

    Have a wonderful weekend,

    xx Suzanne

  15. As I sit here in snow I love seeing your beautiful photos of an emerging Spring!!

    happy weekend!

  16. You have conveyed it so well with both your images and your words. xo ~Lili


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