Friday, February 3, 2012

My Very Own Card Keyper

Ok, before I tell you about this great invention made my my dear friend Suzanne of Privet and Holly, and her equally wonderful mom, I have to first apologize for my obnoxious watermark on these photos!  In Photoshop, if you don't pay close attention, when you go to watermark something it will pick a random color...this time black, and I also didn't downsize it to make it less noticeable!  And I would sub out these pics for my none watermarked ones, but they are HUGE...ugh...sorry!  Ok, back to my post!

Yesterday, I received a lovely package from Suzanne at Privet and Holly.  I had ordered one of her cool Card Keypers just as soon as I read about it HERE on her blog.  I was so psyched that she had decided to take a dream and turn it into reality, and I thought it was even more cool that she and her mom had done it together! 

The concept behind their super smart invention is to keep all of those cards we have floating everywhere in one easy place.  Now, instead of digging for my library card, my grocery store discount cards, my Panera card, Petco, etc. I can simply grab my Card Keyper and voila, they will all be in one place and right at my fingertips but also not weighing down my car key chain...which I hate!

Another added bonus is that for people like me who switch between my camera bag and my purse frequently, I can just grab my handy dandy Card Keyper and I won't end up forgetting a card I might need.

I can't tell you how many times I've switched purses or taken my camera bag and realized I didn't have a discount card that I wanted.  I know, you can often just give them your phone number, but it never fails that when I give the store clerk my phone number it never comes up, so this is so much better!  And it's pretty to boot, just look at those darling charms!!!

And speaking of cute, can a hole punch be cute?!  Well a bright blue baby hole punch sure can be!  But don't let its cuteness fool you, it's completely up to the job of punching through those thick plastic cards without blinking an eye hole! ;-)

True to Suzanne and her mom's great sense of style, the packaging is just as beautiful as the items inside.  I will be keeping the bag not just to hold the hole punch, but because it's so pretty!

I love their logo too, and they even include a sample card and instructions on how to use the Card Keyper...those girls think of everything I tell ya!

Thank you to Suzanne and her mom for creating such a wonderful and useful item and for using such heavy duty quality materials.  And for demonstrating awesome girl power across the generations!  

Be sure to stop by their Etsy store where you can pick up your very own Card Keyper.  Just click HERE to order a Card Keyper for yourself or someone you is almost Valentine's Day after all!


  1. Are you not one of THE sweetest
    bloggy friends, ever??? What
    a complete surprise to pop
    over to LTHS and find this lovely
    post. Mom will be tickled, too.
    Thank you and so glad you like
    your CK!

    Happy Friday,
    xx Suzanne

  2. This shows great creativity in a useful product.

  3. What a good idea, and bound to make that person standing in line behind you so happy--no more fumbling and pawing through your purse to find that elusive card. I will pop over there and check it out.

  4. What a wonderful, simple, functional idea! well done to Suzanne and her mom!

  5. i read about it too! What a clever idea!!

  6. I've looked at those in her shop and think they are very cool! I'll go look again! ♥

  7. How wonderful to get a surprise like that! I love it and it looks heavy-duty and well made! Great idea! xo Diana

  8. Fun post! I just love mine, too, and ordered them for my daughter and DILs, too! So handy and pretty!

  9. That is so cute! I hate all of those cards....but that makes them almost worth having ; o )

    xo kelley

  10. Wow this is a really great idea!! What a nice surprise for you!! I love gifts like that.

  11. Can't wait to get mine too! Gosh those bags are adorable. I can see this snowballing when people start asking "where can I get one of those" after they see ours! xo ~Lili

  12. What a fabulous idea and so cute too. x Sharon

  13. Isn't that Suzanne one of the CLEVEREST souls we know Kat....!!!!! Would you believe ONLY yesterday I was gathering cards together from various purses ('cause they're TOO bulky for the one purse) & wondering how I could keep them altogether.... :o)

    Hope you're having a WONDERFUL week....!

    Tamarah :o)

  14. Wonderful creativity! This is really great idea. I like gift like this because it so simple but awesome.

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  15. How amazing the blogosphere is! i found you through A Country Farmhouse and now I see you featuring one of my blogger friends, Suzanne. I'm now following your lovely blog! And I agree with you, Suzanne's and her mom's creation is nifty and pretty, a must have!

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