Friday, January 20, 2012

Winter Whites

Thanks everyone for your emails and comments about my money chasing adventure at the bank!  When I called Mr. Tide after it happened I had already regained my sense of humor, so it will be one of those things I can use as good cocktail party convo! ;-)

My daughter (who is now threatening to buy me a money clip) and son took great delight in saying that they kind of wished they had been there to witness it all.  I informed them that it was likely up on You Tube somewhere, so that everyone could share in my foibles!

Today has been one of those gray days, where everything outside looks kind of bleak and colorless.

I really don't mind it, though I do prefer the colors of spring and summer, but sometimes it's nice to give your eyes a rest and to be able to have something not too jarring to look at.

I think that is why we are drawn to white, because it gives us a sense of respite.  Now I've said it before and I'll say it again, I could not live in an all white house, where the walls, the furniture, the accessories were all white, or even just tone on tone, but I do love a well done all white home.  There is just something so soothing about an all white abode when it has enough interest and texture to not look sterile but serene instead!

I have touches of white in every room of my house and I find that this time of year in particular I am drawn to them.  Maybe it's my way of giving my senses a rest before the colors of spring and summer start popping out.

I can't imagine that white, or black, or any neutral will ever truly go out of style.  They play so nicely with other colors, and are often content to be the supporting cast so that other more vibrant colors can be the stars of the show.

The funny thing about white is that it is often hard to photograph, so some magazines shy away from all white homes in favor of more colorful fare.  I think that we are starting to see a change in that way of thinking thanks to blogging actually.

So many wonderful white decor loving bloggers have stepped to the forefront and shown that an all white home can be beautifully photographed, and I believe that that is why we are seeing some magazine and book publishers coming around to the beauty of white!  Information that some designers have known for years.

 Photo by Ellen van Deelen

And for one last bit of white, this time pure cuteness!  My daughter shared this with me and even if you aren't a fan of rats, you can't help but think this is pretty adorable!  The photographer, Ellen van Deelen, who is from Holland, has trained a few rats, (which are supposed to be very clean and smart little rodents), and she takes the most amazing and heart warming photos of them.  She even has a book of her images appropriately titled The Rat Pack! Here is a link to her Red Bubble account where you can see more of her work.  I'm thinking about ordering a calendar with some of her oh so cute images!

Tell me how you decorate with white, or if you prefer color in your world.  Happy Weekend!


  1. I just caught up with all your activities. Oh my....and in my best southern voice...bless your heart! I am glad all the cash was recovered. I love all the white, so soothing, but I tend use lots of color. And, probably not very well. Have an uneventful weekend. Bonnie

  2. how adorable the rat pack is!! i have always heard they make great pets...i am not sure i could own 1 when younger i did have hamsters..they are adorable also and sharp teeth!! Have a great weekend Kat!!!

  3. I don't like rats either but the photo really put a smile on my face.

  4. I've been catching up as well. Oh Kat, I'm so glad you got all your money back and your driving licence as well - What a day! I love white too - but like you say - not too much of it. Your pictures are lovely.

  5. So odd that you should write about white, when I have been toying with a post on the subject.
    I can't live without colour. As much as I admire all-white decor, I crave the warmth of colour. Perhaps it's because I spent the early part of my life in a very cold climate with lots of snow, but colour means warmth to me. One of the most beautiful rooms I've seen lately is a simple guest room here
    There isn't a lot of colour, but when I look at it I see that without the shots of colour it would be a very cold, neutral room.

  6. Rats? I don't know....I can handle snakes and spiders, but not mice or rats. The picture you shared is cute though.
    I love decorating with white! The colors of the sea...grays, blues, aqua, muted greens, and even a little pink are used to add color.
    Your house always looks wonderful, Kat.

  7. I thought the rat was a hamster! I didn't know they were this fluffy and cute! I don;t ;ike all white although I have seen some stunning pictures in Blogging. I am doing my family room with white furniture but there is a lot of dark and warm colors all about. Your pictures are just beautiful. I am having a hard time coming up with ideas for posts lately...I feel like I am boring everyone! I do my best.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Kat!


  8. I think that rat photo is so cute, too! I tend to decorate with color, but am really appreciating the look of tonal whites as a neutral background to highlight those colors!

  9. Now that last one is cute. I have a friend who has 3 rats as pets, ugh!

  10. Kat, I hadn't read anyones blog before I posted on my blog this afternoon and was I ever surprised that we both chose to blog about Winter Whites!! Great minds think alike!!! Have a great weekend!

  11. I love your colorful bird photographs I love your white photographs. I do not love or even like the rat photograph, not even a tiny bit! It gives the the shivers & they are not winter shivers!

  12. Love the pure, clean look of white. Lissa at has LOTS of white...and does it right!

  13. Never thought I would say that is a cute rat, but that one is. How on earth did she train rats?!

  14. Very peaceful with touches of white! As for the rodent . . . well he is cute! Have a great weekend!

  15. Loving the white...the rat, not so much, although I am trying :)

  16. Love the plate!! It's all winter white outside here -first real snow fall in coastal RI!

  17. Always glorious, understated, soothing, and fun!



  18. OMGoodness that is just the cutest rat pic! I do love the dreamy whites too, but only have a few touches of them as well. Outside is looking pretty white today though! xo ~Lili

  19. Well, that does it. I believe I need more white in my life. And that rat photo is adorable. Rats are extremely smart, which should make them very trainable.

  20. How cute Mr. Ratskies is! And he is giving his teddy a kiss. Awwwwww........can we just say precious?

    Like you, I love color - but I also adore a tone on tone home. Something so tranquil about them.


  21. I LOVE this rat photo, so damn cute!!! Btw, your floral slip cover on your chair loos so pretty!


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