Sunday, January 22, 2012

Rescue Me

The living room and dining room are coming together nicely, but I will wait to show them to you since they are close, but no cigar as the saying goes.

Not much has really changed in the living room, it really is the dining room that has undergone the most change, but there is still more to do.

I have this annoying habit of envisioning a room before it's actually completed sometimes.  It's not so much the exact details that I have in my head, but an overall feel for a room that I'm after.  And sometimes that can be a real pain in the you know what because that means that you will hunt and search and spend hours hoping from store to store or internet site to internet site looking for just the right piece.

I'm currently on the hunt for an unusual piece to go next to my new cabinet, and who knew it would be so hard to find an old blanket chest for my bedroom to store my bed linens when they are not in use?!  

Yesterday I visited a few local places looking for said storage item and although I did find a few steamer trunks and a really pretty vintage wicker chest, they just didn't meet with my vision...sigh.

At least one thing has worked out nicely and that is my pretty new life ring that now hangs on the wall near my slipcovered chair in the living room.  I have been searching for a vintage life preserver ring for over a year now, but I could never find one that was the size and color I was after.  Then, a few months ago I saw that Caroline of Ekster had some.  I didn't get one when she first had them for sale, but when I ordered my cabinet I asked if she still had some and she sent a few down for me to look at when her husband Jon-Paul delivered our cabinet.  Voila, it was the perfect color, aged beautifully and big enough to fill the space where I wanted to hang it...everything I had imagined it would my vision of course!

Sometimes I think I need more than a vintage life ring to rescue me from my design visions.  Some days I would love to be vision free and just go pick something up that would make do instead of spending hours hunting for just the right piece.  But then again what would I do with all of that free time I would suddenly have?!

And to the people who were totally freaked out by the rat photo in my last post, I apologize.  I know that we each have things that kind of make us feel whirly inside, even if those things can seem cute to the rest of the world.  For me that thing would be bats.  Even if there was someone out there who had trained a bat to hold a cute teddy bear and then managed to snap a photo of it, well it still wouldn't be cute to I get it.  Note to self, no rat, snake, spider, bat, or other photos on the blog...well unless they are exceedingly cute, because cuteness knows no bounds! ;-)


  1. I missed the rat. Must check this out. Looking forward to your updated room!

  2. Love the life ring. I was looking for a vintage ring too for a long time when I found one at an estate sale. It's wooden no orange wrap or rope and in the wood it says Coast Guard 1936. As for the rat, we had pet rats and they are very sweet lovable pets.

  3. But he was an adorable rat. I don't like rat photos either, but made an exception in this case because, DUDE... it's a cute photo. Those not liking it are just being silly. I say post the rat photo!

  4. How I love that ring Kat. In fact, now I think I NEEEEED an orange ring, drat!

  5. Okay, I thought the rat was pretty cute. I think he might be on one of my pinterest boards actually:) Love the ring. Happy Sunday! Bonnie

  6. The vintage life ring looks just perfect there, Kat! I love that you found it. I have been adding bits and pieces to my family room...just in a neat pile, for ideas to use when the furniture comes. I keep thinking "This will look good in there", but I know I have to stop or it is going to be cluttered like every other room in my house!! Anywho, that's how I decorate.

    Happy Sunday!

  7. LOL-I am the same way. When I get an idea I want to see it HAPPEN...and that means scouring every source available. What usually happens is just after I GIVE UP and think that I need to change my idea...I will find the object.

    I posted a picture of a rat not too long ago and I couldn't believe the number of people that said they had a hard time reading my blog because of the rat image. I'm with you- I HATE/ABHOR/DETEST BATS! xo Diana

  8. Love your vintage life ring, it looks wonderful on your wall!! Can't say I loved the rat...but as far as rats go, it was a pretty cute one;) Happy week ahead dear Kat ~ x

  9. I love the vintage life preserver - it's perfect!
    As for the rat, it didn't faze me at all. However, if it had been a snake, I would have lost it. Maybe just a little heads up next time.

  10. Kat, the rat picture didn't bother me I thought it was cute!! Love the life ring on the wall especially by that chair-they really compliment each other!! Have fun making everything come together!

  11. I live so totally in my head the vision rarely escapes. It is more likely that found objects find me and I say okay that will work despite the vision. Your preserver is perfect there however-you have true vision.

  12. I love the slip covered chair!
    Just trying to imagine living someplace where
    a) it's possible to have things delivered from web shopping without enormous obstacles
    b) having someone deliver a few of the items I might like
    I am having a case of serious, unattractive envy!

  13. I have the same problem, Kat. My head has this vision. My heart wants the vision. Which in turn sends my fingers clicking away on the computer trying to fit all the pieces together so the vision becomes reality! lol! Love how the life preserver picks up the coral in the slipcover! Beautiful! Oh...and I thought your little white rat was kinda cute! I'd MUCH rather see that than a BAT anyday!! lol!

    xoxo laurie

  14. The life ring is such a fabulous piece! Lucky girl.

    And I thought the rat was darling!


  15. Love the vintage life ring. And a steamer trunk or wicker basket conjures up a beautiful vision too! ~Lili

  16. Your life ring is a perfect unexpected fun piece that goes so well with your chair!!!

    I feel your pain, sister! I have grand visions dancing in my head but a small budget to work with.

    Keep know that when you least expect it, the perfect piece will be in front of you!


  17. No wonder I love that life preserver so much! It came from Caroline's! I love how much personality it gives your space. That was a good idea to use it there. Thanks for stopping by and visiting me too.

  18. Very nice pictures, so sharp! Thanks for sharing

  19. First I just want to say Yay! Commenting is working for me again.

    The life preserver looks great! Don't you just love it when something you've been seeing with your mind's eye appears?

  20. That is a wonderful life preserver! And I think its great that you search for the right piece...I usually just end up using something I'm not happy with, until I get things how I want them (much of my house is in that state now lol). But when you find what you are looking know it!

  21. Great life ring! It really brings out the color in the chair!
    Eewww...yeah, bats are rats with wings!!
    I'm happy you found what you were looking for, Kat.

  22. I'm the same way when I decorate, searching for a particular feeling for a room. I think that's why it takes me forever to get something just never seems right. I loved the rat photo...he's adorable :)

  23. I think because the rat was white and clean looking, I thought it was cute! haha! Love the life preserver! I want to get some authentic things like that for my house here in Florida! ♥

  24. I love how that ring picks up on the orangey colour in the chair slipcover (which is so perfect it makes me want one stat).


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