Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Little Me Time

When you've been going at breakneck speed since long before the holidays, sometimes you need a day to just regroup and know, a little "me" time.

The formula for "me" time is pretty simple really.  All you need is a quiet place, I recommend a big comfy chair or your bed, and some good reading materials, or even a movie you've been wanting to watch.

Of course it never hurts if you have lots of fluffy pillows and some pretty sheets too.  

I hope you each find a little "me" time this week!


  1. need me some new sheets ... hmmm got me thinking

    soak up your me time

  2. Oh...I NEED a little ME time. Hubby is going to a conference in a week or so and I will have 3 whole days to myself! Yaaaaay~ xo Diana

  3. I am acquainted with that feeling. Enjoy your relaxing reading.

  4. I'm going to have a 'me' day soon! I know I need one! I just keep going....and going....!!! I love beautiful linens and lots of pretty pillows on my bed, too! ♥♥♥

  5. I'm with Diana. A few days without The Husband are a good thing. I can recharge with as much ME time as I need, and I appreciate him more when he returns.

    Don't even get me started on sheets ... if there was a 12-step for a sheet and towel addiction, I'd be the first in line ... maybe not.

  6. No 'me time' scheduled yet, but I have to work outside of town next week and will be in a nice hotel. I have a feeling that some glossy magazines, my pedicure basket and some bath salts will accompany me for the quiet evenings alone.

  7. Sounds like a dreamy time.
    I always want to do this,
    but rarely do. The last time
    was when I let my daughter
    take a little afternoon "HER"
    time on a school day.....and
    I got in on the act. We cozied
    up in bed and watched a movie
    and it was perfection. Hmmm....
    may have to schedule another
    one of those! Enjoy : )

    xx Suzanne

  8. I hear you loud and clear. I usually have about an hour in the evening and then my reading lulls me to sleep. But January should be called the ME month...Summer than the craziness of fall and the holidays...finally it slows down a bit and we need to claim that time.

    Did you get my email..I am curious as to what you think about the camera I bought.


  9. Your 'me' time looks divine. I'm just posting my 'me' time post tomorrow and it involves a little more snow, and trees, and walking, but definitely accomplishes the same thing.

  10. I am glad that you are taking some time for you, enjoy, they look like great reads. :)

  11. To the comfy chair add a roaring log fire and just curl up in front of it. My favourite me time too.


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