Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Screw Ups and Sweet Success

Ugh, you know how you have things that just get screwed up, no matter how hard you try?!  Well my last giveaway, WAY back at the end of October was one of those things.

First, I accidentally shipped everything to myself when I thought I had drop shipped stuff to the winners.  And then, when I did get the pictures, it took me frick'in forever to get things packaged up and mailed out.  But before Christmas I finally got my act together and mailed everything, or so I thought.

Last week I started to get some of them back in the mail...UGH!  Yup, I had slipped a digit, so to speak, on the nice spreadsheet that Mr. Tide so generously made me so that I could keep track of who got what photo and their address.  So I had the right name, and the right street address, but the wrong city and state...gotta love my old eyesight and small spreadsheet print I guess!  Thankfully it only appears to have happened on a handful of them, so I will be working on getting them off to the "right" addresses this week.

To those of you who have so patiently waited, or more than likely cussed me under your breath for having not received them, they will be on their way, I promise.  Let's just hope that 3rd time's the charm!!

In other news, today is my 2 year blog anniversary...or at least I think it is.  I started my blog in early January, so I'm just gonna go with the 10th as being the anniversary, because frankly I'm too lazy to look back and confirm the actual start date.

Just like these yummy pecan rolls that I kind of, sort of made from scratch yesterday, I consider this blog to be a sweet success.  Sweet because its success has come as a complete surprise.  When I began writing it 2 years ago, well I figured it would be long forgotten 2 years later.  With the attention span of a gnat, I thought there was no way I would still be blurting out whatever happens to pop into my head on this little blog of mine.  So to be here 2 whole years later is a huge success, and something I'm kind of proud of!

It truly has been an amazing journey, one which has led to so many wonderful opportunities for me.  But I view those work opportunities as a yummy cupcake, maybe a fluffy white french vanilla cupcake.  The icing, which I would imagine is a delicious buttercream tinted a lovely shade of aqua, is what I'm most appreciative of, and that, my friends is what you represent to me.

You all are the icing to my cupcake, and everyone knows that the icing is the best part.  It's the part we savor, sneak tastes of, and save as the "best for last" part of any cupcake.  The friendships I have formed through this blog are what have kept it going for the past 2 years.  Without them, without YOU, I would have walked away a long time ago and done something completely different.

So thank you for the sweetness each of you bring to my life.  Whether you just read and never say a word, whether you comment often, whether we chat outside of my blog, or whether we have actually met in person, each of you is important to me, and to this blog.

Who knows what this next year will bring here at Low Tide High Style, but with you guys by my side, I know it will be worth the price of admission!


  1. Happy Blogiversary Kat!!! I am so glad I found your blog 2 yrs. ago!! You have been an inspiration to me and many people with your blog. Some day we will meet in person but for now I am just glad we can be cyber friends!! HUGS to you!!!

  2. Happy Blogiversary! Those pecan rolls look like the perfect way to celebrate - yum! I'm fighting with myself on whether I need to run to the kitchen right now to set the yeast going for a batch or if I should punish myself with some pushups and crunches for even thinking about them.

    I'm sure nobody was cussing you out, when you so generously offered up your gorgeous photos. I think everyone probably just assumed it was your dodgy e-mail inbox chewing up their addresses.

  3. Happy two year mark. Mine is at the end of the month. So glad to have found your blog.

  4. Happy anniversary, Kat.
    BTW, your killing my diet plans with those delicious photos!

  5. Happy Blogiversary!! Congratualtions on two years :) xo Kirsty

  6. happy anniversery!!! been a nice 2 yrs following you Kat and alot beautiful pictures and fod memories of your writings...i look forward to atleast another 2 yrs!!

  7. Your photos and writing are an inspiration Kat - so you don't cut it as a postal clerk, don't worry!

    Happy anniversary!

  8. Congratulations, Kat! I just celebrated my own anniversary on my blog. I'm glad you've stuck with it, I remember when you were contemplating letting this go- I'm so glad you didn't! :)

  9. Mmmmm....those kinda, sorta homemade rolls look very good! just like your blog. You always shoot from the hip, Kat. I enjoy coming here to read honest, sometimes very blunt posts. You seem to hit me right between the eyes, or reach down in my heart.
    congrats on the milestone.
    Great blog!!!

  10. I just hit 3 years in December. Time flies! Hubby talked me into making my blog into a book, so I did that the other day. Three volumes because I had so many pictures. It will not become a coffee table book though, if that is what he is thinking! Do you let family or friends read you blog? I don't...just hubs and kids.

    Well, congratulations!


  11. Kat, YOU are the icing on my cupcake, too!
    I know you poo poo it when I tell you this, but you are not only a friend (you don't poo poo that part), but one of my biggest inspirations as a photographer.

    Love ya big bunches!

  12. You have done so well and are so talented. To many many more splendid years of satisfied blogging.

  13. Your photos are
    making me hungry,
    which is a BIG compliment,
    because when it is done
    well, that's what happens : )
    Congrats on the milestone;
    you're the best!

    xx Suzanne

  14. It's not quite fair or nice to you but knowing you did this makes me feel better about my week of discombobulation...lol
    shame on me ! but thanks! :D

  15. Happy blogversary, Kat! You had me laughing with the tale of the returning packages...I know it is so frustrating though! When I am doing multiple packages... is when I'm most likely to mess them up! Those rolls look so great and your photos are wonderful! I've so enjoyed getting to know you, my friend! Thank you for leaving such a sweet comment on the giveaway! XO

  16. Kat,
    It's hard to believe that it has already been two years...wow time really flies fast!! Congrats on your anniversary my friend.


  17. Congrats on lots of wonderful blogging! I sure enjoy the time I spend here! I'm sorry it's been such a pain to get your photos out! I have mine...I'm a happy camper! Thanks and HUGS! ♥

  18. Hi, my name is Heather! Please email me when you can, I have a question about your blog!


  19. Congratulations on your second anniversary! The pecan rolls look yummy, I found myself getting closer and closer to my laptop screen;) Hugs!

  20. Congratulations, Kat! Two years is a big milestone; the pecan rolls seem a fitting celebration...but they are making me hungry.

    Your mail story is funny! I was one of the lucky ones - your photo arrived just before we left to visit our families for Christmas. It was such a wonderful surprise - because my sieve of a mind had forgotten about it! Your photo is a daily reminder of your generous spirit and spurs me to look for ways to keep that spirit flowing in my own activities. Thank you!!

  21. Congrats to you Kat, it's been such a pleasure to follow your journey for these past 2 years too. I can't even remember how I found you, but I'm so glad I did. I always look forward to see what you come up with to show us. You certainly have provided me with so much inspiration and I think you are just the coolest lady and I really hope some day we will actually meet in person. I hope in 2012 you will let us see more glimpses of you too! xo ~Lili


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