Thursday, January 19, 2012

Did You See Me?!

First of all, thanks everyone for your wonderful feedback on my last post where the talented Kelley of The Polished Pebble guest posted and rocked the  house!  I knew you all would love her style as much as I do.  Thanks again Kelley!!!

And before I forget, to the reader who said she couldn't get the subscribe thing to work on my blog, thank you for letting me know!!!  I will look into it and try and get that fixed ASAP.  And to the nice person who liked my kitchen, thank you so much!  Your email isn't enabled, so I couldn't reply directly back to you or the reader who was having trouble subscribing...:(

The photos in this post are what you would call random.  They are random because in a way they signify my day yesterday and today, kind of crazy and a little disjointed.

And that's how my brain has been too, a little wacky and all over the place.  But hey, you get what you get when you pop by this here blog, some days it's awesome vintage bathroom beauty, and other days it's a votive holder and some bird photos.  I like to keep you all guessing, or at least that's what I tell myself as I cobble together posts every now and then. ;-)

The reason I wanted to show you this votive holder, which was a lovely gift from my mother in law a few years ago, is because I think it would be such a cool project for all of you super crafty bloggers out there.  Notice I did not say "us" but instead said "you."   As you read further through this random post you will see why I don't have time to be crafty.  I have time for another c word...namely to be CRAZY, just not crafty.  Those years ended when my children entered middle school and I realized I had been forcing that craft gene for far too long.

Anyway, back to this pretty votive holder.  It's actually bigger than it looks in these photos, but you could use any size you like, just keep in mind the size of the tissue paper you will be using on it.  What the crafty person who made this did was to take a glass bowl and then to decoupage pretty tissue paper inside the bowl.  Simple right, yet so so pretty when it is all aglow, like tonight!

Now you crafty people probably know what to use to make this work.  I'm assuming you select something to adhere the paper to the glass that is non flammable, I think that would be a wise idea.  So if anyone has an idea of what to use, or has done something similar, be sure to comment away and let us know so that the crafty readers of this blog can get crackin' and make one of these pretty votive holders for themselves.  One which won't catch their houses on fire please!!

Today I wandered out to take more photos of the bluebirds.  I truly think I need a 12 step program for my bird photography these days!  And I want to give a HUGE thank you to Laura from 52 Flea for helping me out with some beautiful new textures!  She provided me with this very cool ephemera!

Ok, now on to a brief run down of my day yesterday.  I got up, did the usual work stuff, and then headed out to visit my friend Ms. M and take her some chocolate chip cookies I had made for her.  After a nice visit, I headed out to run some errands, including hitting up the bank.

I had some cash from the sale of my dining room table that I needed to deposit, so I pulled up to the drive-through window at the bank and put the nice crisp bills and a check into the little drawer.  The paperweight they had in the drawer was way far back, and in my big honkin' SUV it was hard to reach.  So as I was reaching for the paperweight to hold down the bills and the check, a big gust of wind came up and started blowing the money out of the drawer and all over the world.

Now let's just say that a few choice words flew out of my mouth as I screamed at the poor young guy working to shut the #*$% drawer before it all blew away.  At this point, I tried to get out of my big ole vehicle, but you know what?!  You can't get out because your door won't open!  So I may, or may not have gunned it and gotten up to a point where I could exit my vehicle and I began running like a mad woman chasing down my money which was truly blowin' in the wind!

You could cue a version of the song Blowin' in the Wind right now if you like, but it was more like that Charlie Chaplin scene where he is blown all over the place.  I mean it people, I was running, all the way to neighboring parking lots, major roads, you name it as those nice crisp bills were gleefully floating away.  We're talking $20s and one $50, not chump change, so I was determined!  It was like I was on one of those game shows where they put you in the booth and turn on the wind machine and you grab as much as you can, only I was lacking one key feature...the booth!

I'm sure the rest of the folks at the drive through, and anyone else in a large radius was wishing that they had a really good video feature on their cell phone so that they could post it all on You Tube!  Finally, out of breath, frustrated beyond measure, and mad at myself for not using the drive-through window the dang tube things that I hate, I ventured inside.  I'm sure I looked great, kind of a like a crazed wild woman.

A nice young man working as a teller asked if he could help me...poor dear soul, he didn't have a clue.  So I began to tell him how I had been at the drive-through, that my money had flown the coup, and that I was REALLY hoping the rest of it and the check were still in that drawer!

He went to talk to the guy in the booth, and quickly came back to say that he could see more money flying around outside and he would go try and get it.  In the meantime another teller, a woman about my age was NOT very helpful and acted like it was my fault that it was windy outside and that their window was inadequate to handle such tasks.  She pointed out that that's why they have a paperweight in the drawer...really?!!!!  

Before I could put the smack down on her, oh yeah, I was close, the nice young man came back in with a crisp $20 bill and we sat down and counted up what was left in the drawer and what I had collected and all was accounted for, thank goodness!  I had chased down $190 in fast flying cash and he had found the last rogue $20 bill!

At the point when we discovered that all of the money had been recovered, we then realized that my driver's license was missing...sigh!  We found it outside too!

Ahh, all's well that ends well right?  But I think it will be awhile before I go back to the bank again.  My family reminded me that maybe my grandparents weren't so happy about me selling that furniture after all...yikes!  Or more likely they just wanted to have a little fun with me!

So there you have it, a typical day for me, and the reason I don't have time to do crafts!!!

Have you done anything that could land you on You Tube?!


  1. Dear Lord, I would have peed my pants Kat running around after that money. It is funny on the blog but I am sure it was not funny when it happened, not at all. I do not do crafts either. That I take one or two photos amazes me still. Hope you have a calm, uneventful, and nearly boring day.

  2. Oh, my gosh, Kat. That's just crazy. I'd have been so upset. Your bird photos are wonderful, though. Love the flying one, and the two bluebirds on the birdhouse.

  3. Okay crazed woman, I am laughing hysterically right now, sorry. I can just picture it all taking place.Someone probably did video it and you just don't know it.

  4. How scary! I would have to go home and be very still after that! But I'm glad you found all of it! And you took some marvelous photos! I took one pic of a bluebird today! It's still on my camera! You just reminded me! Hugs! ♥

  5. We had lots of bluebirds in our yard back in Indiana. We LOVED them - - - though ONE got it into his head that he needed to sit and peck endlessly on our picture window. I guess he didn't think we paid him enough attention!

  6. What a nice young man! Glad you recovered it all Kat!

  7. I would have just died! I need to take a check to the bank tomorrow and deposit for my husband. I think I'll go inside and make the deposit... :-)) What a fiasco this was for you! So glad you got all the money collected and deposited. It's been very windy here lately too.

  8. That's it - I'm getting out of the car at the bank, no matter what the weather!

  9. I'm glad you found all your money, Kat...because NOW I can laugh! OH MY GOSH what a funny story! I would have panicked pretty bad, too! The votive is so pretty...I wonder if you just decoupaged the exterior of the glass? No fire danger then!

  10. Thank-you for joining my blog as a follower. I want to do the same for yours but can't find a follower button? You story about your money is hilarious. I thought things like that only happened in movies! Your home is beautiful and so are your photographs. Nice to meet you. x Sharon

  11. Kat - How funny! Love how you post the beautiful photography throughout your prose. So pretty.

  12. The votive is beautiful as are your photos Kat.
    Ok, I have to admit, I was laughing as I was reading this picturing you running trying to catch the money. I am really sorry that that happened and you should have told that woman something. I am glad that you got everything back, that would have been so bad. I have done that before but luckily it only dropped and not blew. :)
    I hope today is better for you and now at least you can look back on this and laugh! :)

  13. What I story! haha I'm sure that at the time you weren't laughing, but I hope looking back you can find some humor. For the votive, if anyone wanted to make it, I would suggest either decoupaging the paper to the outside or using another smaller votive holder or other glass piece inside the bowl to hold the candle and protect you from fire danger.

  14. Oh Kat! I'm laughing so hard poor thing! I would have done the same though...and hunted down every last dollar! You deserve a rest and my kids would have teased as much, if not more, than yours! I just love what you did with those photos and backgrounds. Beautiful blue bird photos!!
    Big smiles...Laura :)

  15. What a funny story, Kat! I can only imagine how harumphy I might have been, had that happened to me - at least until all the cash was recovered. :) Thanks for reminding us that these things happen to EVERYONE!

    Love your bluebird photos!!

  16. That is one of those things that is definitely funnier in hindsight, so I'm gonna laugh now! Your birdies paired with those textures are so beautiful Kat! xo ~Lili

  17. Woah. I really wish I could have seen that! I can just picture the bank lady. Some people just can't see the humor in the crazy parts of life!


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