Thursday, December 15, 2011

Up On the Rooftop

Santa and his faithful reindeer paid me a visit today, along with some bokeh courtesy of Shadowhouse Creations.

You can't always have the real thing, so adding a bokeh texture is the next best thing to being there! ;-)

The reindeer approve, they are all about the bling!

And who doesn't love a little sparkle this time of year?!

Santa certainly seems happy, though he does look a little like the tin man from the Wizard of Oz, just sayin'!

Thank you to those of you who commented on my last post.  When you have lost loved ones, the holidays can sometimes be a little sad.  And to Tybee Dreaming, I'm sorry for your loss, I couldn't send you an email because your email isn't enabled in your profile.

And to the lovely Maya from Completely Coastal, my sand and sea soul sister, thank you for featuring my blog today!!!


  1. Kat:

    Just wonderful!!! I love reading your postings, they are really inspiring. Congratulations on being mentioned in Completely Coastal blog. Your photography is wonderful!!!

  2. Santa does look a bit stiff indeed... maybe he needs to spend some time by the fire with my Hot soldier! LOL

  3. I have to pop over to Completely Coastal! Yay!

    The little guy does look like the Tin Man! Maybe he took a job with the Salvation Army in Oz!


  4. Love these pictures. I will learn this stuff some day.

  5. The bokeh is so dreamy! And I just saw your feature over at Maya's place. I think I may have that same Santa ornament around here some where too...he looks very familiar! ~Lili

  6. Had to laugh about the
    reindeer being all about
    the bling : ) Gorgeous
    images, Kat! And I could
    so relate to your last post.
    Beautiful, sweet friend!

    xx Suzanne

  7. Lovely photos--the bokeh is gorgeous. It just makes photos look so soft and dreamy--just beautiful. Have a great weekend. Mickie:)

  8. I saw u on Completely Coastal today, so beautiful. That Santa looks like an oldie but a goodie too.

  9. Oh the colours in your beautiful photos Kat. Just stunning. A-M xx

  10. These photos are really lovely, Kat! That little Santa is beautiful! I'm having fun catching up with your posts!

  11. Beautiful photos Kat! I love those glass reindeer all blinged up!!

  12. I see some entries for PW's Bokeh contest coming up . . .


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