Thursday, December 8, 2011

Shells for Christmas

No words today...well these are words, but you know what I mean.  It's my birthday, I'm 29...again!!!...and my dear husband bought me a new toy to use on my camera, so I'm off to try it out!  I hope you enjoy these shots of my Hepplewhite chest all decked out for Christmas!


Oh, a few more words...thank you for all of your wonderful comments about my kitchen windowsill, and my other coastal themed decor from my last few posts!  Have a wonderful day!


  1. I am so glad that I stopped by today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY dearest KAT!!!! A new camera? Lucky YOU! Have a super fun day!!!

    Your home looks gorgeous as always!

    much love,

  2. Oopsies...I am sooooo NOT awake yet.....a new TOY for your camera. Wellll, duh! Have fun! xxo

  3. Happy Birthday Kat! Your dear one shelled out for you!

  4. One of these years (maybe after I move south) I'm going to do a theme with shells. Yours is beautiful, so peaceful and pretty!

    Happy Birthday! I hope your day is wonderful and filled with joy!

  5. Happy Birthday to wonderful you Kat!! I love the chest all decked out for Christmas-just beautiful things on there!! You have a special day and I'm glad your hubby gave you a toy to play with-great photos!!

  6. Happy Birthday Kat. Love your pictures

  7. Wishing you a very happy birthday Kat. Enjoy you day and your new toy.

  8. Happy Birthday, Dear Kat. I tip a cup to you and send you a wish for many, many more 29th birthdays to come.

  9. What gorgeous holiday styling. Those glass shells are spectacular!

  10. Kat Happy Birthday Girlfriend!! I love all of your shells and Holiday decor, gorgeous!!

    Still many surprises coming up in our amazing 12 Days of Holiday Giveaways!! The French Basketeer has a lovely offering right now!


    Art by Karena

  11. Happy Birthday, Kat! Who knew we were the same age? ;-) Love your beaded wire trees! So pretty! Have fun with the new toy!

  12. Hi Kat, thanks so much for stopping by YummyMummyKitchen! I am so thrilled to have found YOUR beautiful. Love all your coastal touches in this post. Happily following you back :) Have a great weekend!


  13. Oh, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY sweet lady!! I am so sorry I missed it!! Enjoy your new 'toy'... what a perfect birthday gift for you:) Sending you a gazillion virtual birthday hugs ~ xx

  14. Happy Birthday, Kat! Have fun with that new toy!!

  15. Happy belated birthday Kat! What did you get for your camera??? Whatever it is I'm sure it's something you are out having fun with! Loved seeing the closeups of your chest--that didn't sound right--I mean your Hepplewhite! LOL xo ~Lili

  16. Happy Birthday, Kat!
    You don't look a day
    over 30 : )
    You are having some
    fun with that coastal
    theme and I'm having
    fun imagining my own
    seaside cottage decor,
    someday! {Okay, it
    might be lakeside, but
    either way, it would be
    lovely!} Hope your b-day
    weekend was fab!

    xx Suzanne

  17. Happy belated Birthday Kat!!! I am so sorry I missed it. :( I hope you had a wonderful weekend and I am sorry about the gift that had to go back. It sounds like you got some other goodies in place of it. Enjoy your week!!

  18. Love the way you decorated the chest.

  19. Having trouble subscribing to future email posts. Please advise....Luv your blog. Thank you.


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