Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Dream House

I have this recurring dream, well it's a nightmare really.  It starts out innocently enough with Mr. Tide and I shopping for a big new house.

The house has plenty of rooms with high ceilings, a large well appointed kitchen, and lots and lots of storage.  The high ceilings and storage are both things we desperately lack in our current house, so my "dream" house seems like the perfect place to move.

Sometimes my dream house is also located on the water, just like this house, and sometimes it's even better waterfront, with a big huge pier and a luxurious boat at the end of it.

But each and every time in my dream when we have bought the other house, and we're moving out of this one, I feel an overwhelming sense of sadness...shear despair actually!  I break down in tears at the thought of leaving this little house behind.  The dream always ends the same way, with me crying and regretting our decision to move.

So I guess with all of its quirkiness, lack of storage, 8 foot ceilings, and other shortcomings, I really, truly do love this place.  And when we have a sunset like the one pictured above (these photos are all straight out of the camera), well I think it's easy to see why leaving this place would break my heart!

In other news...I am WAY far behind on returning emails, or replying to comments, but I will get there...maybe, hopefully!

And the song below, which was written in 1943 during WWII, is probably not unlike my dream, only much, much worse.  Not knowing if you would ever come home and be with your family again at Christmas must have been a nightmare I can't even begin to imagine!  I hope that during the hustle and bustle of this crazy season, you will slow down and really enjoy those around you, and not focus on the things you and everyone else wants, but be thankful for everything you have!  


  1. I think you have to stay where you your own house :-)!!

    Have a great weekend and thank you so much for all your comments!!

    Warm regards, Ingrid

  2. The dream is definitely telling you something. If it were right for you to move you'd have no doubts at all.

  3. Love the breathy quality in her voice. Sort of carries a person away and makes you feel quite nostalgic... singing... something I always dreamed of doing well.

    Some homes are VERY hard to leave behind and I have cried over two of them, not so much for the house, but for the neighborhood and the people. :-(

  4. Truth in dreams Kat! Have you considered taking out the ceilings though? I did it in my house and the effect was miraculous - the gently vaulted ceiling gives a romantic, boathouse feeling to a room which used to be like a railway carriage, and I have skylights too. Cheaper than moving...

  5. You're in your dreamhouse, Silly. What a beautiful sunset!!

    I agree with Tricia ... your house would be FAB with vaulted ceilings ... but I think I remember that you have trusses ....

    One of my favorite Christmas songs ... and "The Christmas Song", too ... by Nat King Cole, of course.

  6. i think we all have this same dream!! well mabe not all lol love your new header especially the pup she is so dang cute!!

  7. I have had the same dreams...only they weren't dreams. We nearly bought another house about 5 years ago and when I really thought of moving out of this one, I really got blue. Anyway, it made me appreciate my home even more, small as it is!

    I love that song, too. It was originally sung by Judy Garland in Meet Me In St. Louis, one of my favorite movies.'s more of an Easter movie!

    Have a great weekend!


  8. How gorgeous is Misty Belle - so huggable! Listen to your dreams. ;)Sharyne

  9. Somebody, Somewhere is telling you to stay put. Your pictures are beautiful (and the song too)

  10. Big or small home will always be where the heart is. We become tied to homes because memories are made there. It is always hard to believe we can fill another house with memories and make it a home, if destiny declares we must. We sometimes dream to helps us have a more vivid view of what is in front of us. I've said too much, I am sure.

  11. Oh my goodness Kat, I can never listen to that song without tearing up. Seriously, it came on the other day when I was in Goodwill, but do you think I left, no I stayed there and listened to it until the end. Seeing those pictures of your sunset and your beautiful lit tree, I can see how it would break your heart to leave there Kat. Storage is so overrated. haha! xoxo ~Lili

  12. Oh that sunset! We always look toward a bigger, better deal and sometimes forget that we've got it right now, in this very moment. A-M xx

  13. I think that God speaks to us in dreams sometimes, and I also thinks he speaks to us in that still, small voice we call intuition.

    When it's right, you will have that peace.
    Until then, I think you're right to just sit tight.

    Gorgeous images as always!

  14. I love your house, I would never move from it! I think that is what the dream is trying to tell you. Love that sunset!

  15. Home is more than just a place to hang your's also where we hang our hearts. We've been in the same house for over 30 years and while that wasn't my intention at the time...this little house holds more memories than the square footage belies. Roots are hard to dig up when they go so deep.
    Keep listening to your heart and I'll listen to Kristen.

  16. Kat,
    Every house no how beautiful has it flaws just as it's occupants do. In the end, if you live in a house for a long time, I think it's so hard to let go.

    Oddly, over Thanksgiving weekend we drove out to the country to an area we had looked at 10 years ago. There are still lots for sale that have mountain views and mulitple acres! I thought it about it all week and in my dreams I could see myself there, but definately sadness would surely follow when/if we leave this house. I also dream of living in an old house in Williamsburg along the river!

    I don't know what the answer is, because even with it's 8 ft ceilings and mulitple shortcomings, I still love this house and I don't have anything close to your view!

  17. Your photography still amazes me; I really enjoy it. I understand your link to you home. Sometimes God gives us dreams to guide us, and maybe there is a reason you don't see yet, that keeps you linked to where you are. God's timing is always perfert, so rest in his leading and keep enjoying where you are.

    Love you header photo with the luminaria lining the driveway.

  18. The sunset view is amazing! Did you wait for it to come? I'd like to have this view in the dream house I can call my own.


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