Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Imperfect Christmas House Tour

It's been awhile since I took you on a tour of this big old house of mine.  Well technically my house is neither big nor old, but hey in blogland you can pretend whatever you want right?! ;-)

I thought I would show it to you while it is still relatively clean.  Two big dogs (see Misty Belle in the left of the photo), do their best to mess it up regularly! We are having guests on Thursday, Friday, Sunday, Monday, and then the following weekend, so I'm trying to keep up with the little stuff so that it stays nice and tidy.

I also thought it was a good time to take a few photos for memory's memory that is.  You see, the dining room will soon be undergoing a change, and the living room too for that matter.  The china cabinet, that once belonged to my grandparents, will soon be replaced with a lovely new one that is more than twice as large.  Yay, since I need every ounce of storage I can muster in this house.

And the rug will also be replaced, yipee!

I haven't yet decided if all of the dining room set will go bye bye, or if I will chose to keep a few of the pieces for sentimental reasons.  The buffet would actually work well in our bedroom, so I'll have to give it some thought.

If I decide to get rid of the table in the dining room, it will be replaced with this one, the farm table my dad made me.  So there will be a piece of family history in the dining room no matter what.

By moving the current kitchen table into the dining room, I would actually gain a lot more room in my family room.  And since this area also serves as our office until we add on, that extra space would be nice.  I might even throw a dance party to celebrate...ok, just kidding!  Well I might dance, but one person dancing does not a party make!

See how much space it takes up?!  But here's the rub, we love sitting here and looking out over the water while we what's a girl to do?!  Maybe a smaller table...yeah that might work.  Maybe even something round.

Now, for you Christmas purists in the crowd, please ignore the man behind the curtain.  That's code talk for please ignore the fact that I have a fake tree, and that the base is nek'ed.  No really, it's exposed, looking sad and revealing my secret that I have a fake tree.  I know, I know, it's sacrilegious, but it is what it is.  I swore on everything holy that I would never do a fake tree, and then when my dad asked me if I wanted his because it was too big, I said why the heck not!  We've had it for about 6 years now, and my parents probably had it for 4 or so before that so we may be back to the real deal next year, but this year it's all about the realistic fake tree around here!

Ok, where was I before I felt the need to unburden myself about the fake tree?  Ahh yes, I was in the kitchen where I feel the need to explain that my *$&% backsplash is still not in!  I did email a friend/contractor who should be able to handle my bad boy tiles which have scared everyone within a 100 mile radius off, so we'll see.  2012 may just be the year of real trees and finished kitchens...exciting eh?!

So there it is, my imperfect Christmas House tour.  And since I'm posting twice in one day...egads, I think I'm losing it...I might as well say Happy Holidays again too!

I hope your imperfect home (it is imperfect right?), and imperfect life (just says it's imperfect to make me feel better!) have a very good day!


  1. I see no imperfections!!!

    I see beauty and inspiration

  2. Your home is lovely and I just love love your kitchen. Awesome cabinets, floors and counters and the sink oh my! I understand your need for changes though, and look forward to you sharing them {hopefully.} I have two fake trees and I'm happy enough with them (and yes one is almost nek'ed too if you don't count the teeny tiny table top tree skirt I made and am using on a 7 foot tree.)

  3. I don't see an imperfect house, I see a beautiful, warm and inviting home! Just beautiful!! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  4. "Nek'ed and fake"... maybe you could get your tree to dance Kat?

    I had a tiny table (30" square) next to a lovely window in my last kitchen, and it it did beautifully for two people. It would be ashame to miss your view.

    (I think your house is warm and lovely, and I envy you your floors).

  5. If there were any inperfections, I sure missed them! Your home is lovely and your decorations are wonderful! How lucky you are to have something as special as the gorgeous farm table made by your dad! Fake or not, your tree looks great and if not for the confession, we would have never known!
    Merry Christmas
    PS. I love the light fixtures hanging over your center island!

  6. I think your home is beautiful. I love the family room....oh how I would love an extra bit of space ,even if it is small. Smiles and merry Christmas, Susie (She Junks)

  7. It looks pretty darn perfect to're a lucky girl to have such a lovely and spacious home! Your kitchen is a dream! Hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas. :)

  8. Your house is just gorgeous... I am drooling over all of your light fixtures!

  9. So good seeing your home again. I love the open feel of it. I would love a round table if I had the room for one. Can't wait to see your changes.

  10. Kat:

    I love your home! It looks wonderful, I like all the openness and the windows. Especially love the kitchen and your lighting in it.

  11. Kat, Your home is wonderful and I especially love the kitchen! No imperfections that I see...just beautiful.

    Have a Very Merry Christmas!

  12. I'm not for sure how I have become so far behind in my blog reading, but I have. I loved the tour. Your tree is lovely! I hope you and everyone who enters your home have a joyous and peaceful Christmas. Bonnie

  13. you have an amazing house, I liked your kitchen the most esp. the lights hanging from the ceiling, you have a great taste in decoration. Please check my decoration ideas in my home for christmas =) bye for now ;)

  14. Hi Kat, your house looks very inviting. What are you replacing that rug with...and what type of tiles have the boys all running?

  15. Your home looks perfect to me, Kat! I love all the windows and beautiful light, yet everything feels cozy and welcoming...I love the lazy dogs!

  16. Trying to be perfect in an imperfect world would have us all running in circles...chasing our tails. I say let's drink a toast to all us perfect examples of living life real...and well!
    On another that buffet. One of the greatest inventions for decorating...ever AND if you want to it. I'm all about parties for one.
    P.S. In my pretend world...forget the size of my house. I'm 5'7" and stick thin!
    P.P.S. Merry Christmas and a very, very Happy New Year!!!

  17. That last photo with the tree at the end of the kitchen is just priceless. Lovely tour, m'dear. Lovely.

  18. Your home is so lovely Kat. I was too busy looking all around to notice your 'nekid' tree you know. Love it when you give us a tour of your house, it's looks pretty perfect to me! xo ~Lili

  19. You have a beautiful home. I always enjoying touring everyone's homes. I am your newest follower. I look forward to seeing more. Merry Christmas...Linda

  20. Love the pictures of your house. Love the off white painted cabinets in the kitchen. I'm going to redo ours after the first of the year. They're natural wood, but over twenty-five years old, and definitely need sprucing up Love the hanging lights over your island too. Just perfect.

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that you'll have a wonderful New Year's.

  21. your kitchen looks GREAT! and i love the pendant above your dining table. happy new year!


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