Sunday, June 12, 2011

Smoke On the Water

Saturday evening, after weeks of 100 degree heat index nearly every day and no rain, we had a nice storm pass through.  After the thunder and lightning had cleared I wandered down to our dock and found mist rising from the water.  We were also treated to a double rainbow, but it didn't show up well in my photos darn it!

I love it right after a good hard rain when everything seems to turn the deepest shade of green and there is smoke on the water.  Plus it's kind of a catchy name for a song...don'tcha think? ;-)

Thanks for all of your lovely comments on my last post, you all brought back some wonderful memories for me as you spoke about your own special memories growing up.  I hope you all have a relaxing Sunday!


  1. Hello, my fellow-Marylander ~
    Last night's rain has made everything happy - the grass, the trees and especially the birds. It was a good one and lasted a nice long while. Have a great day.

  2. Happy for the rain. You Easterners have really been pounded by some wild weather!

    ciao from Newport Beach

  3. Cool shot. Glad somebody got rain. Still none for us here. All around us though. It just keeps missing our yard. That is a catchy name for a song and now I can't get it out of my head. Thank you!

  4. Oh, so gorgeous! I always love seeing your beautiful photography...

    I, too, love the look of nature right after a heavy rain...the colors are unbelievable, aren't they?!

    I loved your previous post on summer, as many fun memories for me, too! I can't imagine what your mother went through that night you were stuck out on the water--terrifying!

    Wishing you a lovely Sunday, my friend...


  5. Kat~
    My Sunday began with kitty purrs..
    as the coffee perked..
    I grabbed Nikon for a trip through the roses..
    stopped, smelled and shot!
    lovely droplets sparkling in the early morning sunshine..just imagine..
    there am I.. ,
    outdoors in jammies admiring god's handiwork!!! put me in the bestest of moods..
    now relaxing and enjoying delicious coffee while the aroma of roses wafts through the open windows..
    enjoy YOUR day!!

  6. The mist looks beautiful...right out of a fairy tale! Yes, your post title is catchy!!


  7. So, so beautiful.
    I miss a good thunderstorm. Out here it is a rare occurance - not even once a year.

  8. We had a lovely storm yesterday evening ... with dark skies, lightning, thunder, and heavy rain. No rainbow here, tho.

    What a fantastic photo!

  9. Kat,
    How wonderful. Our last home was on a river sized creek. The view was different every day.
    Days that I would get up and see the mist, I'd be singing Smoke on the Water all day long!

  10. 'Smoke on the water' - just right for a John Denver type song. I love the picture, Kat. I've been wanting to tell you too - I have a new blog site address - - would love you to call by

  11. Smoke on the water....and RAINBOWS in the sky! HA! So glad the heat broke there Kat. Enjoy! xo ~Lili

  12. Kat- wow! You sure captured this image perfectly! Incredible!!

    We've been sweltering here too- lots of thunderstorms. Would have loved to see your rainbow!!
    Hope you are having a great weekend!

  13. Kat, that is such a beautiful picture! Just gorgeous!

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  15. Beautiful. When I am driving back from the gym at 5:30am I am often treated to the fog lying in the valleys of these rural Maryland hills...but I think I like it better on the water. ;)

  16. Ooooh Kat, you captured such a lovely serene shot!! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  17. Fire in the sky!!! Sorry, I had a Deep Purple flashback!!!

    It's been hot here too - rains in the afternoon and steam rises off the hot asphalt! It's like a sauna!

    Love the photo - never have seen a double rainbow. Maybe one day, I will have one in my life.

  18. Beautiful photo, I love when the mist rises up from the water like that. I hope it stayed cool for you. :)

  19. That is one of the prettiest pictures I've ever seen! I would love to be on the water one day though I don't know if I could ever leave the village! Maybe a vacation home? Since I'm dreaming and all!


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