Saturday, June 4, 2011


Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments from yesterday's post.  To Jo, I'm so very sorry for your loss, and hope that with each passing day you find comfort in hearing your husband's voice as he encourages you to move forward and to celebrate the love you shared together.  Lisa, I'm so glad your sister encouraged you to read that book and that you can feel her warmth and love all around you.

I was so happy that so many of you "got" what I was saying in my last post.  That we never really lose the ones we love, they just change the way they communicate with us...thank you Sharyne for that amazing dragonfly analogy!

This morning when I took the dogs outside there was yet another feather, just a foot or so away from where the other one had been a few days ago.  As I turned on the sprinkler I noticed another feather, and then another...a total of 6 in all!  My neighbor came over to my fence and we were chatting about the weather and flowers, when suddenly a little white feather came floating down from above.  I had to stop and explain to her what this meant to me.  In the 4 years we have lived at this house, with all the many birds that frequent our yard, we have never had feathers in it...not even one that I can remember.  And here were 7 feathers now scattered about my yard, with one falling right in front of me!  I picked up the largest of the feathers, the Osprey feather you see in the picture above, and brought it inside and put it on my old shutter table next to my shells and the travel alarm clocks that had once belonged to my great uncle.

And since it seems clear that Dan is still reading my blog, and is still giving me feedback about which posts he likes...I want to say thank you my friend! 


  1. You always write beautifully. Thank you always for sharing your thoguhts. Have a great weekend. Anne

  2. Oh oh oh I must go read your previous post. I already have goosebumps just reading this Kat. xo ~Lili

  3. That is so sweet and reassuring. Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Nice to se you are keeping track of the time-zones too.

  5. Yes, doubt about it!! Dan is with you. LOVE this!!!!!!

    big smiles...


  6. awe i love this. makes me smile for you. :) hugs!

  7. KAT - thanks for your kind words. Our 'thing' is dragonflies. When my husband was sick, a friend/co-worker sent us the dragonfly story and 2 paper dragon flies. One was on a wire, which I twisted around the grill on the bedroom patio door. It looks like it's flying. So now, I have dragonfly metal sculptures, etc in my gardens and little ones tucked here and there in the house. It's a terrible thing to lose someone you love. Someone sent me something that said we not only lose our husband (my example), but we lose the lif we had. We are forced, in the midst of all the agony, to find a whole new life. I'm so glad you are still in touch with Dan's family. That is so important to them (and to you). Keep collecting those feathers, my Dear. They are a gift.

  8. I just read your first beautiful post about feathers and friends/family who have passed. I believe it is true that are connections are not broken when those we love are no longer within reach.

    I have a dear friend who passed last year after agressive breast cancer invaded her body. The experience did not invade her soul. It happened so fast that I could not get to see her before she died. We who love her still communicate on her facebook page, and it is striking how many of us were/are comforted by dragonflies that appear in unusual places. I tell her hello, and how much I miss her and the dragonfly flits away.

    Friday, the day of your first post, another dear friend was taken from us with esophageal cancer. I hope for signs of her sweet spirit in my life. Thank you for the affirmation that it does happen.

  9. I just read your post and I love it. Sending you my hugs and kisses. I am so glad that you keep things that other people gave you. By the way, I also love the clock. :D

  10. Reading your blog? Girl, He's helping you to write it!


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