Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Chatty Cathy

When I was a little girl my parents bought me a Chatty Cathy doll.  I loved that doll and spent hours pulling the string that made her recite a handful of sayings.  Even though my name was spelled differently, and my parents often called me Katherine not Kathy or Kat, or Kath like my other family and friends, I just knew that that doll was made especially for me.

In case you haven't noticed, I talk a, I mean it, I talk a WHOLE lot!  Mr. Tide once told me that he thought I could talk to anyone...or anything for that matter, and he is right!

Today, Connie from Hartwood Roses met me in the town of La Plata, Maryland.  It's kind of halfway in between where she lives and where I live, with Connie having a little bit longer drive to get there.  We decided last week that we could both use a girls afternoon out and that as exhausted as she was from her daughter's wedding a few weekends ago, and as crazy as both of our schedules are that we needed a break from real life to chat it up.

The thing is, I tend to do a lot of the chatting, and Connie, the saint that she is, does a lot of nodding and squeezes in a word edgewise every now and then.  She knows that when I'm under lots of stress, like I am right now with trying to sell my parent's house, on deadline for stories, and the fact that my mother in law had hip replacement surgery (that thankfully went off without a hitch), that I will be even more frazzled and even more chatty than usual, but that never seems to bother her...hence the "saint" designation on her part!

After lunch at Panera, we headed to Waldorf Pottery, which is located just north of La Plata in an area known as White Plains, Maryland.

I hadn't been here for awhile, years in fact, and once we got out of the car I wondered why the heck it had taken me so long to come back.

They had gorgeous plants, not the droopy, sickly looking plants you sometimes find at a nursery, but the kind you want to fill up the back of your truck with and hurry home to plant them.

And it's not just the plants that are wonderful, but the vast array of statuary and garden ornaments that they carry.  Around every turn there was something new and interesting to help you create any sort of garden you might want, from a zen garden to a more traditional formal garden.

Connie and I both agreed that we aren't really water feature people, but she and I were both enamored by several of the pretty options they had available.   They had one fountain in particular that I didn't get a shot of that was so unusual and calming, we both loved it!  I also liked this little frog that was hanging out in a small pond underneath a huge white crepe myrtle tree where he could stand watch over the water lilies.

And speaking of water lilies, I nearly lost my footing while taking this photo but thankfully I didn't or I would have fallen face first ie. camera first into the pond.  This was the point in the visit that Connie reminded me why I should have purchased the extended warranty on my camera!  She speaks from experience since she stepped on her last camera...yikes!

I loved how organized all of the plants were, and the variety they had was really amazing. 

I fell in love with this fern, known as a foxtail fern.  Isn't it so unusual looking?!  It was like a fuzzy aloe plant or like Connie said "an asparagus fern from Mars."  At least I think that's what she said because I was probably still talking at the time...

Here's a little more info on the foxtail fern.

I wish I had a nice wall to display some outdoor art on, like this happy go lucky sun!

And if you need a pot, well never fear, Waldorf Pottery has plenty.  Green ones...

Red and orange ones that reminded me of roasted chili peppers...

Bold blue ones...

And earthy glazed ones that ranged from golden brown to turquoise.

At one point we rounded a corner and found this!  A hardy Hibiscus that had blooms the size of dinner plates!  The bloom pictured above was about 10 inches in diameter!  Connie had just mentioned how I should get some "swamp" hibiscus to plant down near the water at my house, something she said that loves to have its feet wet.  It was then that we saw these beauties that do love having their feet wet and will come back year after year, even in my zone!

When I showed Mr. Tide the picture he asked why I didn't buy some.  I told him I would go back to get a few but didn't purchase any today because it would have had to sit in the car and bake while Connie and I hit a few other stores.

It was a scorcher today and while I looked like a drowned rat with hair like the wicked witch of the west...Connie looked like she had been sitting under a large shade tree all day sipping mint juleps!  I don't know how that girl does it, but she never looks tired, or sweaty!

We lingered in the shaded container section of the pottery for a bit to escape the heat.

They also had some lovely ironwork throughout the pottery and I found a trellis that I loved, but Connie assured me that it wouldn't work for my beautiful New Dawn rose that I bought from her last fall, so I will wait and look for a larger one that will give my rose plenty of room to stretch and grow!

After browsing around outside, we moved inside where it was nice and cool to look at the gift area of the pottery.  Connie found a few things to take home, and I'm sure she will show everyone those items in an upcoming post. 


Just as there were lots of things outside I wanted to bring home, the same was true for the inside shop.  I love the metal dragonfly bench you see at the top of the photo.

My mother in law collects stones, and these, which featured phrases and words on them, would be so pretty by themselves or in a grouping.  I love the one that said "Marry Me," wouldn't that be a wonderful way to propose?  To go hand and hand down the beach skipping stones together and then to have your fiance pull a stone with Marry Me on it from their pocket to pop the romantic!

There were lots of pops of aqua and blue throughout the store, and you all know how I love aqua and beach inspired colors!

And see that birdcage in the top right of the picture?  It was huge, but in my head I was planning an entire conservatory around it!

Also in my imaginary conservatory would be a set of these chairs and a marble topped potting table.

And I forget the name of this plant, but the conservatory would be filled with beautiful and unusual flowers all year round.  And I would invite Connie (who I referred to as an Heirloom Rose Farmer today) to come to my house and have a cup of tea and I could talk, and talk, and talk!

If you are ever near White Plains, Maryland, I strongly suggest that you stop by Waldorf Pottery, but just be forewarned, you will want one of almost everything!

And if you want some beautiful heirloom or historic roses from a certain awesome rose "farmer" who will let you blather on for hours, then go here!  Thanks Connie for a wonderful afternoon!


  1. Kat I love it that you can talk and talk, I always have great conversations with you. :) It looks like you had an amazing day and I am so happy that you got to have a girls day. What an beautiful place, everything they have is perfect and gorgeous. Love the stones and love your idea of a proposal! :)
    I hope you are enjoying your evening and have a great day Thursday.

  2. OMGosh that place is a feast for the senses. Wow - incredible. Love their styling, too.

  3. I so enjoyed browsing ... just put one of everything in my cart!!! BTW, I had a Chatty Cathy doll also ... loved that doll!

  4. How nice is that fern! Haven't had a fern in years... they would always die in Arizona. Maybe I should try one here in Virginia... Oh, and that sun is cute. I'm looking for a laughing Budha for an addition to my walkway area. Let me know if you find one for cheap on any of your journeys.

    Oh, and I didn't have a Chatty Cathy... I had Chatty Baby... she was kind of spooky looking now that I think back.


  5. Kat, What a great time you had with your "saintly" friend. Beautiful shots of a fun afternoon. I love the waterlily--so pretty. I consider it a "gift" to be able to "chat" with anyone about anything. So, consider yourself "gifted". Mickie :)

  6. such a gorgeous nursery to get to spend the day in!!! that hibiscus is
    a-mazing!! a plate size? really? wow!!!

    hey, kat, i had a chatty kathy, too. i cried the time i tugged too hard on her string. my dad told me that i said, "i killed kathy!" i cried for days and days. still have her, still unable to talk.


  7. What a perfect day, such a beautiful garden center. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  8. What a wonderful day! The nursery is lovely...I LOVE all the colorful pottery! I'd love a day just hanging out and listening to you talk!

  9. I would never have guessed you were a Chatty Cathy! LOL!!! My all time favorite doll growing up BTW!!!

    Love the garden center that you visited, I spied a few things that I'd love in my little North East garden!

    I once went to an ocean side wedding reception that used those rocks as place cards. On the reverse side was your name and table no., it was very cute!

    Have a wonderful week!

  10. Kat- What a wonderful trip! lush and lovely and what could be better than two good friends?

    We have something in common. I planted New Dawn Roses when my daughter Rosie was born! They are blooming now!


  11. I am happy you had a wonderful day with your friend...some hours to relax and to talk :-)!

    Many hugs, Ingrid

  12. Great pix and I really luuurve that yellow hutch! It is screaming my name!

  13. Spending yesterday afternoon with you was the perfect break from my totally over-scheduled life! I guess now I HAVE to show everyone what I bought.

    Darling, I am a FARMER. I consider it a term of endearment. Seriously, can you think of anything much cooler than having an heirloom rose farm? Okay, maybe living someplace where you can see TWO rivers from your house is ALMOST as cool. ;)

  14. Hi Kat!
    I could spend hours at that nursery! And the inside with all the goodies just looks dreamy.
    I love that fern too, it's so pretty and unusual.

    I'm glad you got to spend a relaxing day with your friend. Sometimes, it's good to just get away from all the stress.


  15. Kelly J/Hunters HillJune 23, 2011 at 7:51 AM

    Kat thanks so much for the info re: Waldorf Pottery - I had no idea !! Now I must get there, thanks for the heads up .....

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  17. Whoops sorry for the deleted post but I got confused...which is also not unusual for me these days. Love your photos and I am a talker also, so I understand having a friend that lets you be you! hugs, Linda

  18. Kat, what fun y'all had. My sister is a talker so I would have no problem with you chatting away. I am used to it. I love that furry fern. Never seen one before. I did buy the extended warranty and can't believe you didn't!

  19. Oh my goodness, what an awesome place! I see quite a few things that would have to come home with me - most especially the gorgeous flower and bird platter! Foxtail Ferns are one of my favorite fern varieties. I had to laugh about Mr. Tide's comments because I have had the same things said about me a few times! I will admit I can be rather chatty. So glad you and Connie had a fabulous day together.

    ~ Tracy

  20. That is a funny story about chatting! My mother use to tell me when I was little, "to let my tongue rest"! I never stop talking!
    I love the garden shop, I could have stayed there all day!

  21. Lovely post, but I do wish you had included a photo of the two of you together.

  22. Hi Kat...I think we may have been separated at birth!
    lOveD the nursery and that bird cage!!!!!

    Oh and the plant at the end of your post is an Agapantha. They are wonderful and you can divide them after a few years like a day lily and get lots more.

    xo kelley

  23. Chatty Cathies and Good Listeners are such a great combination! That Garden Centre looks fantastic. I love all the pictures especially the foxtail fern. We have got a really nice garden centre just a few miles away from where we live. So nice just to browse around!

  24. I do love the foxtail fern. So lovely and shapely. I always try to have one of these, as well as other ferns. I'm a fern lover for sure!

  25. LOVE that water lily
    pic {glad you didn't
    fall in}, but I wanted
    one of you and Connie!
    Boo. Hope to have our
    own adventure soon!
    xx Suzanne

  26. Hey Chatty-Cathy ~ I feel like I've taken a long guided tour through a pretty garden nursey. They have some really pretty things. The fern doesn't even look real. They have a really good selection of garden pots. I like the red ones. Sounded like you and your friend had a great day.

  27. That's quite the garden centre! I'd love to visit their shop with all the decorative items.
    We'd do well if you visited - I'm a good listener!

  28. Your day with Connie sounded like so much fun! Would have loved to catch a glimpse of the two of you enjoying it all, but I know you have those darn rules about that! Would love to have you around to chat with Kat. xo ~Lili

  29. I had a Chatty Cathy too!! She was one of my favorite dolls. I was convinced that one days she would just start talking to me. Now when I think about it, kinda creepy - like an old Hitchcock or Twilight Zone show.......

    I don't have the words to tell you how inspiring your post today was to me. I know exactly where I would put the "fuzzy aloe" pot and all. You made me feel like I was with you during the entire visit & it was a much needed girls' day out. Thanks for the fun and inspiration.

  30. I'm assuming you have lots of friends. People that talk a lot usually do. Your probably really fun to hang out with too.


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