Thursday, March 24, 2011

What Do You Think

Somewhere along the way my blog has evolved from a blog about design and decor to something completely different.  When I started this journey it was to showcase homes that I felt were wonderful and deserved seeing, but that might not suit the needs of any particular magazine.  You see, magazines can't just take homes willy nilly, they have to seriously consider if the homes they select will best suit the interests of their readers.  So they often have to pass up homes that are truly magazine worthy, but maybe just don't fit the niche market they serve.  It makes sense after all to feature homes that will keep readers coming back for more...I call that good business sense.

Because I've developed this love of photography I feel like my blog has moved in a completely new direction, one that rarely talks about beautiful homes or what's hot in the design world right now.  And I think because of that I've lost a bit of the momentum that got me to where I am.

I think that people have been somewhat disappointed when they click in here some days and see puppies instead of paint colors, or bird shots instead of photos of beautiful bathrooms.

So I've decided that maybe it's time for this little blog to move along, mosey on down the road and take a little break.  I know there have been times when I've thought I needed to walk away because life became so hectic or demanding that I couldn't see straight, but this time I think it's more like I'm just ready to pack up my bags and find a new place to hang out.

I simply can't seem to find my niche, one that will suit the needs of my readers and my own need to do what I want and in my own time.  I'm just not that person, the one who gets up at the crack of dawn and never sits down during the entire day.  I used to be that person and then my body finally said, "keep going Missy and we'll show you who's boss," and it did!

So a few years ago I found myself spending thousands of dollars to get healthy again as I'd let my thyroid and adrenals completely shut down all while keeping up a breakneck pace and pretending it wasn't happening.  I was a "doer" after all, the person you came to when you wanted something done or wanted advice or a quick answer, so how could I be the one now needing help?  But when you go to a doctor and they say to you that you have to slow down the pace at which you are going or you won't be here, well you tend to pay attention.  I was working 2 jobs at the time, trying to sell our last house for sale by owner, and then trying to remodel our current house. 

To show you what  knucklehead I can be, I ignored the doctor when she told me how serious things were, except I did quit my marketing job but continued with the writing.  Then the next doctor said the same thing, and then a 3rd, and I finally began to listen and follow their advice, which went against everything I've ever known.  They told me that I could exercise for 5 minutes a day!!!  Now I was exercising for a whole lot more than that at the time, and the idea that exercise could be bad for me when I had relied on it as an athlete my entire life just didn't sound right, but it was true.  When you are flooding your body with cortisol due to stress and then you go above your metabolic threshold by exercising and release even more cortisol, you actually make yourself much worse, and that's exactly what I was doing.  The harder life got, the more stress I took on, the more I pushed myself to power through it.

It taught me a valuable lesson though, and one that even if I don't remember it, my dear sweet husband does!  When the tide gets too high and the waters are moving in quickly he will remind me that I don't really want to go back to that place where my body took charge and I had to be very still and not do anything for a long time. 

So now that life is moving quickly and I have so much going on, well something has to give in return.  The question is what to let go?  I've had so many wonderful writing and photography opportunities to come my way this past year that I know I won't let those go.  And I'm far from being stressed in the way I once was, but I also recognize how quickly that can all change and how you can wake up one day and think, "how on earth did I let this all become so overwhelming?!"

I read several emails and posts by other bloggers recently, specifically Jo from Secret Garden Cottage where she ended her blog because it had all become so time consuming and stressful.  She found that she had given up the very things that caused her to create her blog to begin with!  I've had people write me thoughtful emails asking if it's really worth it to keep going with their blogs, lamenting the time they spend and the things they are missing out on as they struggle to create the next post.  And it reminded me of when Mr. Tide was very young in his career and traveled almost non stop.  He missed holiday after holiday and school events for the kids.  I looked at him one evening when he was home and I said "one day, when you are old and you are on your death bed, you won't wish that you'd attended one more meeting, but you will wish that you saw that school play or that ballet recital."  It wasn't long after that that he began looking for a new job, one that has allowed him to be "here" and participating much more than he once did.
I love it when you all tell me that a post I've written touches you, or brings back a special memory.  Those comments touch me in a way that I truly can't put into words.  But I feel guilty that I can't write you back and tell you how much that means to me, I just don't have the time!  I once asked Fifi how she does it, replying to the huge number of comments she gets on her blog?  She looked right at me and said "I don't!"  She said she doesn't have the time and she can only do what she can do.

So, do I keep blogging and turn off the comments, that way you can still read my posts?  Or am I so vain as to think that you even want me to keep blogging?  It is pretty presumptuous to assume that you would even care if I disappeared into thin air.  I love putting the crazy things that run through my head onto this blog of mine, but I worry that if I don't do my best to visit you, or comment back that you'll think I'm someone who thinks I'm better than you...we're all busy after all.

But friends it's more than that.  I simply CAN'T keep going at the pace I'm going, so I'll wait and see what you have to say, good, bad, or indifferent, at least I'll know which way to go from here.  Thank you!


  1. Oh Kat, I am sorry that you have so many balls in the air and feel that you might be letting your readers down by not writing about what they've come to expect. I just found you and your blog in the past 6 months or so, and I enjoy it so much - your photography and your words. I would truly be sad to see you leave blogging altogether but you have to do what's right for you and your life and your health. Your blog is a light in a often disheartening world and I always look forward to reading your posts.

    I hope whatever decision you come to eases the burden on your heart & mind!! Lisa

  2. i would miss your blog but you must do what is best for you and your loved ones Kat....just because you changed your path of what you love doesn't mean your followers will change....i love your photo's and stories you tell of your pups...and will miss you terribly but i am a firm believer when something becomes a task or the enjoyment isn't there its time to move on.....i only wish you the best in what ever path you pick......always Chris

  3. Of course I would miss you if you didn't blog! And I like a blog that has random never know what fun you'll have when you visit! But I know about not being able to keep up. I started my blog as a 'creative blog' to share my creations! Now the most creative thing I have time to do is BLOG! lol I would say....take a break...take lots of photos while you are on break and then come back later and see post what you want...when you want! It's a great way to showcase your beautiful photography but do it for yourself! I need to take my own that I've thought about it! Hugs to you my friend!

  4. I personally LOVE LOVE LOVE what you do on your blog. Decor is overrated.

    I love your pictures, I love your commentary and stories.

    I hope you DON'T stop - - - if you need to post less, so be it - - - but please keep posting.

    I think your blog has GROWN into something better, and that is a very good thing.

  5. I think you told me once that it was ok for your blog to be about you. Right now you are in a different place then when you first started. I personally love to come and see your beautiful pooches, the wonderful photography and "hear" about your daily going-ons. I would miss you if you left, but I also know that your blog doesn't define you, you define the blog. If its too much its too much. You and your family need to be top priority and if that means the blog goes, well then, the blog goes! Those of us who frequent here love and respect you and would never think less of you for doing less. You do whats right for you!
    Hugs Kat!

  6. Kat, you know if you stop blogging I will truly miss a friend. You have been such a good friend to me and have answered questions when I had them and even let me guest post for you. I love looking at your photography and reading your commentary. I have said in my posts that I cannot comment or reply back to each comment unless I do nothing else, but sit here all day every day. I hope everyone realizes that these blogs are our way of sharing things going on in our lives. If people find inspiration from what we share then that makes it even better. I am trying to slow down a little myself, but it is hard. I do not expect you to reply just know I'm here!

  7. If you need to slow down and possibly blog in a less quicker turn around it. If your health will be better if you do things at a slower it. We who read your blog read it for the content and heart you put into it, it is okay to take more time between blogs and if the content moves from home and design, to look at the photo I took 3 weeks ago (for example).

    Do what is right for you.

  8. just be yourself, thats what people enjoy. i felt the same as you, i turned off comments, then i deleted my blog, but in the end, i missed having a creative outlet and came back 8 months later... just share whatever you like, people that blog know its impossible to keep up with comments, there isn't enough time in the day, but when you want to share anything, you have a built in fan base :)

  9. What blue moon said! Just be you. When you feel like it, and saying whatever you want. I love your photography, your honesty about life and it's turmoil... we all go through it, sometimes hearing it from others makes us feel not quite so alone in our struggles, and our joys! .... just "be", Kat.. whatever that means to you. Personally, I like randomness in a blog. Seeing beautiful decor is great, photography too.. but it's the random stuff that lets you see "the person". - How we come to know each other a little.

  10. Hi Kat! I am a blog stalker of yours and have always loved what you are doing whether it is decorating or photography. I agree with all the others and just wanted to throw in that I would miss your inspiring posts. This blog is about you and what you want. Nobody else. You don't need to worry about what your readers want. They will find it. You just focus on what you want and what you want to do. If people like it, they will read, and if they don't, they won't. I have heard several bloggers mention you and how wonderful you are and I don't feel you would ever lose a reader as long as you are you.

  11. Sweetie. Allow me to use some of those psychology courses I took in college. Or heck, just let me be human. YOU are human. WE are all human. We were not multi task. We were created to live,love,laugh and enjoy peace and calmness and be there for our family. YOU have discovered photography and YOU are VERY good at it. Each photograph shows just how much you love it. It comes through. We see it. So. I say...go with with Photography. Take it at the pace YOU want it to go. You have been a wonderful blogger. Now, go and be a wonderful Kat. Live, love and laugh. And keep taking those photos! It's who you are. FiFi knows what she's talking about. She's happy and it go and be happy kat.

  12. The most important thing for you to do is what you need to do. You need to stay healthy and if the blog is stressing you out, take a break or just slow down for a while and see how it goes. I'm sure that all of your readers will understand if you don't return every comment. Everyone understands the pressures of a daily life as well as making time to do the things you want to do.

    And as for the topics of your blog, I've not quite found my niche yet either, my posts vary quite a bit. But, take a look at that number up there of your followers. You must be doing something right.

  13. I adore the photos of the water, dear girl, that you have here! I honestly come for the photos. I don't care what they're of. We are all at different points in our lives. I'm an empty nester with pets. I don't have the kid things still going on and the health issues you're dealing with. I'm just menopausal and cranky! I don't care if you respond in kind, and you certainly don't have to email me when I comment. Did you know not many people email me like that but you? I always thought it was very respectful. But honey, it's unnecessary. Take it from this gal that tells it like it is: Do your thing, live your life, enjoy it. And write about it when you want to. Me, I'll just take the photos!

  14. Kat, I love your blog! For me, the enjoyment of reading a blog is being invited along on another person's journey - whatever direction. I like your variety of posts, anything less wouldn't be real. Keep your health as priority one, then share whenever and whatever you want. Best to you, always.

  15. Honestly? I think you already have the answer to your own needs. You flat out need to stop something.

    I tried to take a week off blogging and the net. One week. I couldn't pull it off. I don't flick on the tv when I need a break, I sit in front of the computer.

    I don't have all the answers either. But one thing I do know is, I know I personally have to create and share it. So I do without other things to incorporate my desires/needs/wishes.

    And you my friend, have to do the same. Why not leave your blog online and just go on a hiatus for abit? I personally don't remove those I follow unless they've been inactive for about a year or so.

    But even so... if you desire to start up again, go after your new niche... photography! That's where YOU are. Congrats for morphing your own dream along.

    If blogging isn't leading you to where you wish to be, time to switch something up!

    As for expecting comments back from you, no expectations here. Many of us tend to put pressure on ourselves. If a post receives 80 comments, I certainly don't expect to get a reply back among those 80 unless it's a question.

    Now, go do your thing. If you desire to share, do so. If you don't, no worries! Our readers are working just fine and we'll find you when you do. :) xo


  16. Hi Kat, I think this feeling is all a natural part of the blogging experience - so many bloggers seem to get to this point. I know this is going to sound way crazy but maybe having a blog without comments would be the way to go - it would provide the creative outlet for you without the responsibility of having to respond to other bloggers. Many bloggers whose blogs I comment on never respond to my comments. Should we expect a response, I don't think so. I don't leave a comment to get a comment - but on the other hand (geez, so many hands) I do love it when I see that you or Yvonne or Bunny have stopped by my blog and enjoyed a post of mine. Why do we blog - its different for everyone! Maybe you could set a number of bloggers that you will respond to each day (2-3??) - I don't think I'm helping but I do feel your angst! Hang in there -whatever decision you make is right for you!! Ciao, bella!

  17. You know Kat - I have come to realise just how complex this whole blogging scene is and how easy it would be to get caught up in all the hype of comments/followers/link parties/giveaways etc. I often think back to when I first started blogging and what motivated me - I simply wanted to share with family and friends a trip my son Matthew and I had taken to New Zealand. A couple of months went by and then I thought it would be nice to pop something up about a fabulous bush walk I had been on. I remember the very first time I received a comment - it was like, WOW! Someone (other than my family) has actually read this. The door to the blogging world had opened and it was a wonderful world of creative and inspiring people. I was awestruck. From a marketing perspective it was clear to see "what would sell" so I (briefly) decided to head of down that track only to find that it was JOLLY HARD WORK and virtually impossible to keep coming up with the type of posts that were going to attract heaps and heaps of followers. So I quickly decided not to. My blog is for me. If people choose to comment - fantastic. If they don't - it doesn't matter. I am not going to make myself a slave to it. I absolutely adore the direction your blog has taken. Like so many others have said - your photographs are a joy to behold and your thoughts on life and family and your pets are what make it real. Of course you must do what you must and I know all of us will totally support your decision. As I have said before - you are like the pen friend I had in the USA WAAAY back in the 60's. I remember how excited I was to receive that fabulous red and white "Airmail" envelope every month - and I would feel the same with you. xxooSharyne

  18. Do what your heart tells you Kat. I think you know the answer, if you decide to stop posting for a time and it works for you then hooray for you. If you find after a time you miss blogging and want to return then hooray for us! All the best.

  19. Blog about what you want to and blog when you want to. I am one of the silent majority that follows blogs and never comments. I just enjoy whatever the fellow blogger wants to share. Thank you for sharing with me, all these many months! ~Susan

  20. Kat,
    I don't know where to begin...first I will say this...if you leave your blog...then you better keep my e-mail, because I sure don't want to loose contact with my dear friend:) You have been there for me for over a year now and I can't begin to tell you how much that means to me. We meet all kinds of different people here in the blog world and thanks great, but some are just more special to us for some reason and I think of you as one of those SPECIAL ones my friend...I would really miss your blog and all your beautiful pics. If you feel that it's best for you and your health to stop, then stop because your health is way more important than a blog. Just take a break from it and see how it goes...we will all still be here:) Take care!


  21. Kat ~ I am so sorry to hear that you are in such a quandry. I LOVE the pictures of bird and whatever. It's not all decorating. Take time to relax, regoup and do what your insides tell you to do. I would definintely miss you

  22. Oh Kat. You have been sitting on the fence for a while now. I'm sorry. I do understand where you are coming from though. Like you, I feel like I need to respond to every comment. When people take the time to comment it only feels right to respond and thank them. This is an extremely time consuming task so Fifi is right in how she handles it.

    Mr. Lowtide was also wise to realize what he was missing. If you feel that you are missing something then it is time for you to decide what you love most and let some of the other things go. Change is hard, but time heels.

    Whatever you decide, know that I have valued your friendship and have always enjoyed your puppy dogs, writing, and photography my friend.

  23. Kat, Oh I completely understand where you're coming from and I know you'll find your way with doing what works out best for you. I like Fifi's logic on only doing what you have time for! People will understand. Personally I love the diversity of your posts as I truly enjoy hearing what you're up to. And the level of quality in your writing and photography is something I always enjoy everytime I click on over here! The work/life balance is always so hard to figure out until it starts to effect health. I'm glad you are addressing this though, because I know how hard it must be for you to think about giving this up, and if we don't see any posts from you for a while, we will certainly understand! Sending big hugs to you Kat. xoxo ~Lili

  24. Dear Kat, a blog evolving is natural to me. You will be missed a great deal. I echo all the comments above as I agree you have become a friend. I take long, 5-7 day, breaks from blogging all the time and that helps me to keep my balance. You must do what you feel is right for you. I think it is impossible to reply to each comment and with a large number of commenters/followers one just cannot do it. I love your photography of nature and your pets. Whatever your heart/mind decides I hope you find peace my friend. hugss♥olive

  25. My friend, you know what a huge fan I am of your photography! I love what you do and honestly I would read your posts even if you only wrote about a bar of soap. :) You share things from the heart and that is what I love. If you need to stop, then stop. I will miss your posts but I have made an incredible friend. If you post less, that is good too because you can still do what you love but in moderation. Don't worry about not commenting back, I think more people than not understand but that is what I struggle with most as well as visiting all the wonderful blogs out there, I could be on this computer for hours! I have been playing with the idea of slowing down a bit too, there are so many things that I need to do and concentrate on. Whatever you decide, I support you and do what feels right for you and your family. :)

  26. I love hearing from you, Kat, whatever you choose to talk about! And when I leave a comment, I don't always expect replies...and I don't get my feeling hurt! I think people should blog when they have something to say and reply when they want's impossible to keep up'd be blogging all day! You need to do what feels right for you! You have been a real inspiration to me! P.S. your opening photo is stunning!

  27. I think blogging should be whatever you want it to be, if is homes, birds, seacoast, recipes, memories, family, pets . . . it doesn't matter - it's your blog, it's personal.

    I think some people have so many followers that they start competing - why? I love my little blog. It brings me a release for the huge stresses in my life which are being unemployed, taking graduate classes, and a mom who's coming up on a 1 year anniversary of recovering from a stroke that almost tore my family of three brothers and three sisters to shreds!

    I find everything you post about interesting, because it makes me feel like I know you better, and that's why I follow and comment.

    Whatever your decision, take care of your self.


  28. I love the feel of your blog. I love your photography, and your random musings, and would hate to see you walk away from the blog, but if something needs to give, then something needs to give. I would leave the comments open, but with a note above it that you love reading comments, and wish you could reply to them all, but you're not superwoman. I'd see how that went, and if you need to pull away further then take the next step. We'll miss you, but we'll understand, too.

  29. Without reading the other comments, I'll give my opinion, because you asked for it.

    Kat, it's obvious that you need to give up something. When this happens to me, I make a list.

    I don't comment back to everyone. It's impossible. If they think that I am not returning the visit or the comment because I think I'm better than them, well so be it. But it's impossible to comment back to everyone.

    The only advice I can give is to not give up something you love. Make your list of the things you do. Then using that list, put them in order of the things you love from top to bottom.

    And don't turn off your comments. Sometimes people just want to say something. And nine times out of ten, they don't expect a comment back after they say it.


  30. I am fairly new to blogging and have already found it very time consuming, especially if you reply to every comment and visit those back that have visited you. It should be fun. I LOVE, LOVE your photographs, nature scenes are so beautiful and inspiring! Do what you want to do, when you want to do it! We'll be blessed when you post, and you won't feel stressed as your posting will be on what you choose and when you choose. I hope things will ease for you...Blessing!!! Cindy

  31. Most bloggers who develop a large following stop replying to comments. Some big bloggers turn them off. Feel free not to reply. If that helps you keep going with you love, so be it.

  32. Maybe you just look on yourself as providing one specific example of a woman following her own heart to create her own path. You owe us nothing, we are all volunteers!

  33. I love your blog and I love your point of view on things, I also think your photography is stunning. Having said that, maybe this isn't very "bloggish" of me to say, but don't worry about replying to comments or even posting more often than you have the need to express your thoughts. I will continue to follow as long as you post because I like hearing your story but for you to feel all that pressure just isn't right. Do it at your own pace, whatever works...and give up what doesn't! I wish you the very best whatever your decision will be!

  34. I am fairly new to your blog and love reading your posts. I think your photos are just awesome!! You are very talented. I know you will be Blessed wherever you land!!

  35. Kat, Whether on a given day you show the dogs, flowers, homes, river views - whatever, I feel the 'care' you put into everything you post. I don't know a thing about blogging; I personally can't imagine coming up with something worth putting out there every day. I read a blog that doesn't have a comments section ... I'd love to comment on much that she writes, but I appreciate that she just 'puts it out there.' If you stopped I'd miss you and think of you and wonder what you were up to, and look for your name in magazines ... but life is too short to do something that you don't enjoy anymore. Write a post a week, a month, a season. Whatever you decide - good for you - and be well ... stay healthy for yourself and your family. Live long and prosper!

  36. *** I just "FOUND" you Kat, evidently (and sadly), as you ponder LEAVING...

    Since it's quite late, I can't take the time to read the comments from the others, but I suspect they will advise you to be true to yourself (and YES, sometimes that's VERY DIFFICULT!)... maybe you DO need a planned "step-back", to reassess what you need/ want/wish to give and wish to receive from this demanding outlet...

    I don't have a blog ~ despite the fact that I wouldn't know the FIRST THING about actually "DOING" one, I happen to know I would give it my all... TOTALLY... and THAT would mean missing opportunities that He sometimes just puts in our laps, to do with in whatever way WE feel is needed...

    ... These are just MY thoughts, expressed as they came to mind, without much forethought as to "HOW" it sounds, etc... I felt a connection while reading your blog tho, and want the very best for Y*O*U!!!

    Warmest blessings & wishes for a much-needed rest for you... (I am just coming off of ten months of "basically being bedridden" myself, after breaking my back in two places, then having the susequent/required surgery, etc... Once I was off those awful (but needed) pain killers, I truly had the time (& the desire) to rethink some issues/things I felt strongly about in our life~~~ My husband says he hasn't seen me THIS relaxed & just plain ol' HAPPY in ages!!! I agree with his thinking, too!!!

    Thinking of you right now, & hoping for relentless JOY ahead, just for you!!! (It sounds to me like you have certainly EARNED it!).

    Linda in AZ *

  37. *** P.S.. BEAUUUUUTIFUL PICTURES you took!!! Soooo incredibly lovely and calming!!! ***

  38. Seems I've been hearing this same thing from a number of bloggers lately, in fact, on Wednesday I told a dear friend I met through blogging that she should just close her blog down. She's been complaining for months how much time it takes. She thinks she has to respond to every single comment she gets and honey, she averages about 100 of them each time she posts. When I try to tell her she doesn't need to do that, she says she feels guilty (sound familiar) and she just can't do that. So, instead she's turned blogging into a chore and not the fun time it's supposed to be.

    She almost had me feeling guilty because, unless someone asks a specific question, I don't respond to comments. I feel the same exact way as Fifi. I do what I can do and I know personally that I don't expect a reply each time I comment. In fact, when I receive an email like that I wonder if that person expects a reply from me? You can see that can go on forever, lol.

    Now, in a number of my posts I always tell my readers how much I adore them and what a wonderful community we belong to. They've been so supportive through all my trials and tribulations this last year and incredibly supportive on my new driftshell venture, but I don't believe they all expect a personal reply. Maybe I feel this way, because I don't expect a reply on every comment I leave.

    I post when I can post, I visit when I can visit, but I always have fun! That's what you need to do — have fun! Don't make it a job. You don't need to have a "theme" — I for one enjoy blogs that mix it up a bit. Think of it this way, wouldn't you get bored with someone that every time you get together, you always talked about the same exact thing? If you're with a crowd of people, do you get into every single conversation going on? I have a lot of blogs that I follow, but I don't go to every single one of their posts, that would be impossible!

    So Kat, shed the guilt, get a new perspective, relax and enjoy our wonderful online community. That's what friendship is all about. We all have some interests in common and others not so much. I wouldn't turn off your comments, just know that most of us want to say something, but we don't expect a reply.

    Take a break when you need to and post when you feel the urge. Visit when you can, but most of all — have fun!!!!!


  39. Kat, first of all I love your photos in this blog and all the photos you take!! I love the ripple effect of the water in these pictures just wonderful!!

    Secondly, I would really miss you immensely if you didn't blog! Maybe you should post less and I noticed you always respond to every comment. I don't respond to comments on my blog, unless I really feel I need to. I would be answering comments all day.

    Well with that said, I hope you don't stop blogging but you have to do what is right for you! I hope you decide to post when the spirit moves you and break when you need too! Have a wonderful weekend Kat! Keep on taking those gorgeous photos!! HUGS!!

  40. What do I think? I think you must follow your head and your heart equally on this one. Only you know that answer.

    What I know…You were my first blog follower and from that day I have followed every post, picture and thought you have shared and enjoyed each and every one. If your decision is to stop, know that you will truly be missed but that you have mine and I’m sure many others support.

    Follow your HAPPINESS and LIVE your LIFE!

    My friend, I wish you enough!

  41. Kat, I think what it boils down to is do what YOU want, when YOU want to do it and only do as much as YOU decide YOU want to do.

  42. Kat, thank you for that beautiful, inspiring post. I think most of us can probably identify with what you've written. I love looking at your photographs and think that you have a real gift for photography. I would like you to keep the 'comments' part open as I'm pretty sure that most of us understand that it is impossible for you to reply to all our comments. Thank you for all the lovely blog posts you've already written.

  43. Hi Kat - I've been at the same point. I asked myself why I blog, and as long as I could answer that I blogged for myself I knew I'd keep it up. I post when I feel like it - sometimes short and sometimes longer, but never when I don't feel like it.
    I like your posts when they're a little of this and a little of that. Your photos and your writing are good -but you know that. I guess you just have to decide what works for you. Whatever you decide, it's always lovely to visit your posts and I'll be glad that I found you.

  44. Kat - Your blog is beautiful - beyond words. As much as I did enjoy the beautiful homes - honestly I enjoy your photography more. BUT having said all that - YOU must do what is right for you and your family. I totally understand your dilemma - I live those thoughts every day.

    Here is how I deal with it so far - (except for the cruise photos which I am posting right now) - I post 2 times a month - every 2 weeks. I cannot reply to each comment - it cannot be done. I think people understand.

    When I have the time - I sit at the computer and vist the blogs I follow - and I leave comments on 4 or 5 - thats all. Then when I have the time again - I move on to another 4 or 5. Eventually I make my rounds and then I start over.

    I suggest you take a total blogging break for about 2 months and see if you miss it at all. I know we will certainly miss you - but your family and our HEALTH must come first.

    I wish you the very best - you are one of the best bloggers that I know.


  45. ps - keep the comments open - if you decide to continue to blog. People do not really expect you to reply~~


  46. Hi, and thanks for visiting my blog.

    I gave up leaving comments on other blogs about 6 month ago, because it was so time consuming - in fact this comment here is the first in a long time :-)

    Because of that I don´t get much comments on my blog, but I still get followers every day. So I´m betting people will still read your blog - don´t give it up if you love it. But remember to only blog for yourselves dear!

    xoxo Christina

  47. After considering our thoughts (you know mine), give yourself space, quiet, and time to hear what your heart is telling you. It might take a little while to be sure, and that's okay.


  48. I'm a fairly new viewer of your blog but really enjoy your photography as that is my main interest. To me your blog is your OWN and you should be able to do whatever you wish with it. I love to spend enjoying blogs but don't have the time to comment on all of them as much as want to... Think of it as a creative diary that others get to enjoy....whether it is once a day, once a week, or once a month. My daughter keeps a photo a day blog as a creative outlet. Whatever you decide to do I'll be back to check out your beautiful pictures of your part of the world....they are gorgeous.

  49. I have enjoyed your blog for over a year now and this is the first time I have commented. I have often wondered at the tremendous amount of time bloggers spend just replying to comments in addition to all the time spent photographing, writing posts, etc. I rarely comment on any blog even though I enjoy so many immensely and sometimes I feel guilty about that because I'm not letting the blogger know how much I enjoy and appreciate their efforts. However, if I commented each day on every blog I follow I would never get anything else done. I would hate for any blogger to stop blogging because they can't keep up with the comments, whether that be because they don't have enough time in the day or it's just one of those days where you don't feel like it - we all have those days. Turn off the comments if you need to. I think the people who enjoy your blog will continue to follow you no matter what. Or take a break. Do what you need to do to make things right for yourself and know that there are people out there who understand the importance of doing that. I have enjoyed your blog through all the changes. Many thanks from a lurker and fellow Marylander. :)

  50. Hi Kat, I feel so badly for you in one way because growth and change in life always is a bit painful, but I am also happy for you because you are listening to yourself and you are aware of change in the air. With that being said The hard part is to find the balance for the AAA gal. I know because I use to be just like you until health knocked me down and I learned another way of doing things. What ever balance works for you sweetie is what I hope you can achieve. I did a post on my mission statement. I thought long and hard before I did a blog and I wrote down what I wanted my blog to be. It helps me to look at that mission statement from time to time.
    The difference is you are a professional and I am only a designer trying to write. I am sure your standards are much higher than mine are on myself. I can tell you are a thinker like I am and you will come up with the right answer.
    I personally love to come here and see all your amazing images and I always love what you have to say so if I get a vote I say, Write when it is fun for you and when you feel like you have something to say. Life and its many journey's!! Keeps us on our toes.
    I will miss your blog if you decide to not write anymore but I think your own personal goals are more important than what any others would want from you. Hang in there sweetie,

  51. You know that I more than get it, and I get you.
    I can relate to almost every word you have written here. So part of me wants to say, when you get it all figured out, come find me! ;-)

    The other part wants to say, be true to yourself and realize that if you don't put YOU first, no one else will. Having said that, I really do need to practice what I preach!

    I absolutely had to give up trying to respond to every comment...and to those who would fault me for that, I can only say why don't YOU try responding to upwards of 50-75 comments each post AND hold down a full-time job and manage a household? Then you can judge me.

    Blogging without obligations: I've heard that term tossed around, and I really do think it's the only way to blog successfully.

    You know I wish only the best, my friend!


  52. Like Christina, I had to give up leaving comments on other blogs for a couple of months since its a busy season in my town.... I noticed that other bloggers stopped commenting on my blog. I couldn't possibly keep up with everything so at first I was very disappointed (and hurt, if I'm completely honest) that other bloggers actually quit visiting my site as well. I got over my little pity party and realized that its normal and human for a "give and take". My house and home were in disarray and had no time for anything. I now visit my favorite blogs when I can and check in...that was today and found this post. Hits very close to home. I wish you the best whichever you decide. I think you and Mr Tide might already have some answers.

  53. When it comes to our health, it cannot be about what our readers want or need. It MUST be about our health and what keeps us healthy so I'm not going to offer my advice regarding your blog and whether or not you keep blogging. Besides, you already answered the question when you said you can't keep going at this pace. :-) Just take care of YOU.

  54. Dear sweet lady, Yesterday for the 1st time in a very long time I was the guest/attendee to the Woman's Forum held here in PDX. I went with my oldest daughter to the Imago Dei Community event where she regularly attends. I have been key note speaker, planner, facilitator, writer, project lead, marketer etc. at many like affair all while fulfilling the role of mother, wife, friend, auntie, professional writer & more.
    Yesterday there I sat at a table of eight in the midst of a crowd able to soak in all this beautiful new generation of women.
    It was an incredible feeling to inhale, exhale, and peacefully take in my surroundings. I can't tell you what peace, contentment & appreciation it brought to my soul. Yet had I not created deadlines, taken stress by the hand and embraced accomplishment I would have never reached this place of contentment. What a gift it was. I looked around and began appreciating generation after generation represented there and do you know what came to mind? Thankfulness. A spark lit in my eye as I realized my own personal journey & was pleased at the newness of spark contained within this hall that was full of eye-like sparkle.
    Your blog writing is a gift Kat. You have blessed so many people here with relationship. In turn you and I know the value of the gift it gives back to oneself. You have built community here. Your readers deserve the continuation & you deserve it too. Not in the same light though. I challenge you, do not stop your blog. Reformat the 'writers' mindset. Give yourself permission to blog once a month or even beyond. Dont watch the SEO, comment log or # of hits. I have done this with LeafandInk. And when that deadline, comment reply, or frequency of guilt rears it's ugly head I empower myself with permissive self control to slap its dog butt ugly face straight on! I pass the gauntlet to you :-)

    I wanted to send this to you in a timely response yet was interrupted so thus the delay. I just read your new posting and look where you arrived in decisiveness? As if my words held the key to empower you. LOL.
    We are perfectly imperfect people traveling through this life at warp speed sometimes and to think we may have such huge impact on eternity. Blessings to you Ms. Kat. Blessings & well done.

  55. Kat, like others have written here, be true to yourself and go where your heart tells you to go. Listen to that little voice of reasoning that speaks to you.

    I only post a few times a week - or if I have good fodder, maybe more. Often times I have thought about deleting the blog, however I could not deal with the lost of the lovely contacts I have made because of the blog.

    Be good to you! We are here when you decide to share your world with us.

    much love,

  56. Kathy, you are a talented writer, a beautiful photographer, a gifted decorator, a definite hostess-with-the-most-ess, an awesome wife and mother.....and also a terrfic friend. Whatever happens at the end of the day, know that you are loved and admired by many. I only pop over to your blog periodically, but I LOVE catching up with you and your glorious perspectives on life. Even though we've know each other for years (goodness, has it really been 35 years?!?!?!), I still learn new things about you in your thoughtful blog posts. I love you.

  57. I love this blog. You are a very talented writer and photographer. I come here to learn from you, not to get comments back from you. I would sincerely miss this blog but everyone must do what is best for themselves and their families. You have a wonderful style and it will come out in whatever you pursue. Go for the brass ring!

  58. Kat,
    As a relatively new blogger, who hasn't known you from the start, I love your blog for you. Sharing about your life, your dogs, your family, enjoying your photography!


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