Monday, March 21, 2011

A Request and A Winner

Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments about my encounter with the skunk and my moon photos in my last post.

Also on my last post I got a lovely comment from Leaf and Ink asking to see some more pictures of my dogs.  You see when you're a dog lover, and over at Leaf and Ink they clearly love their puppies, you can never really get enough of seeing dog pictures, especially herding dog pictures.

I had to chuckle when I saw the comment and thought, you know I do need to post a few pictures of the pups.  The only problem is that I've not taken very many pictures of them lately.  I did take a few of sweet Misty Belle last Friday morning at the crack of dawn just before we took her in to the vet's office to be spayed though. 

I am now officially one of "those" dog owners.  The kind who worry when their dog gets spayed and my strong maternal instinct has now extended to my furry friends as well.  Oh it was always there, but now it's bad! 

Thankfully Misty came through her surgery with flying colors, and my vet also understands this sort of neurotic pet parenting and called several times following the surgery to let me know how she was doing.  I'm sure they've seen worse, but hey I can't help it if I love my dogs and want them to be safe and happy!  Besides, sane people are so much more boring than us crazy neurotic types anyway, right?! 

I actually sent these pictures to my daughter this morning and told her that Misty wants her to come home for a visit this weekend.  It's been awhile since she's been home, and I knew that this face would make her want to come home!  It worked, though she did make note of my not so subtle guilt technique.  Hey, sometimes you just have to bring out the big know what I mean?

And now on to the winner of my Giveaway. seems to hate me lately and although I saved the image it is now floating somewhere in cyberspace never to be heard from or seen again!  *sigh*

The winner is #28 who said...

28 ...Living in Southern Maryland makes me feel lucky every day. Having a happy healthy family is also something I am lucky and grateful to have!

Turns out the winner is a local girl!  Kelly, shoot me your mailing address and I'll get the magazine in the mail to you right away.  Or maybe I'll just show up on your doorstep and deliver it myself and you can fix me dinner...what do you say?  Ok, I'm just kidding...kind of! ;-)

Before I go, I wanted to share this amazing video with you all that my daughter sent me this morning.  I just love how this student put a twist on traditional time-lapse photography.  Not only are the images gorgeous, but it makes me long to go to Paris again!

I completely forgot to Spread the Love in my last post...sorry!


  1. Hello, Congratulations to the winner, oh what a sweet post, I love those photo's of your beautiful dog and what a wonderful way to get your daughter to come home, love the last photo, that would work on anyone. Have a wonderful week. Hugs, Terri

  2. great pictures as usual especially that last 1 i just can't get over how she is growing!! Congrats to the winner and have a happy safe week Kat

  3. Time lapse is so neat. It's on my bucket list of things I'd like to learn.

    Congrats to the winer.. a local girl... HOW NICE!! :-)


  4. With a sweet face like that, I bet your pooch gets whatever Misty wants!
    Congrats to the winner!

  5. Congrats to you winner! I know she is thrilled! And pet photos ALWAYS make us smile! ♥

  6. Those are sweet pictures Kat!! I know that the vets appreciate those that love their pets! :) You are not a crazy person.
    That video is amazing and the views are just gorgeous!! Thank you for sharing!
    And yeah, from one mom to another, sometimes you DO have bring out the big guns!!! ;) Glad she is coming for a visit!

  7. More like bringing out the Bambi eyes! :)

  8. Misty Belle is losing some of that 'Puppy look' about her...she has that sort of wisdom that takes over in their eyes! Just beautiful. I know you must have worried dearly about her!


  9. Misty Belle is growing up before our eyes! Oh you are so bad using her photo like that on your daughter, but I have to admit that was pretty clever Kat! xo ~Lili

  10. That're right - you brought out the big guns!
    Thanks for spreading the love my way. :)

  11. Picked up Cottage Style
    yesterday and saw your
    name....Hooray for you!!!
    Great job! Always love
    seeing your sweet pups.
    Hope all is well at your
    xx Suzanne

  12. I love the video. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Has Misty really changed THIS much since I last saw her??? What a beautiful face!

  14. Congrats to the lucky winner! I love the pics of Misty-she's a big girl now!!

  15. Those photos are so gorgeous! With those eyes she would get anything from me I fear... ;-) Congrats to the winner from me, too! :-)

  16. Great looking dog. Love the last shot--how could anyone resist that face. And yes, all is fair in "love, war, and getting your daughter to come home". Have a pleasant day. Mickie :)

  17. Love these glad Misty is doing well! Love your beautiful new header!

  18. Kat,
    Love it when you do the close up of your pup...makes me want to kiss her on the nose! This video is incredible...could watch it over and over!


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