Saturday, March 5, 2011


I've shown you my bedroom and the bed my dad made before, but it was quite awhile ago.  There's a reason for that, you see I don't make my bed very often, so the photo ops in my bedroom are few and far between.

The definition for the word bedlam is...

1.  a scene or state of wild uproar and confusion.

2.  Archaic . an insane asylum or madhouse.

Sometimes both of these definitions fit this room perfectly.  It is the place where we rush around getting ready in the morning, sometimes at 4:45 am on the days Mr. Tide goes into the city for work.  And I think that anyone who has to get up at 4:45 am is a bit insane, so that makes this room meet the qualifications for an insane asylum or madhouse.

Some might say that it's a place of uproar and chaos too, since I choose not to make the bed each day, preferring to roll out of bed and leave the rumpled mess of sheets and blankets behind.

Growing up, we made our beds every day.  It was one of our chores, and we did it dutifully each morning.  We would wake up, put our feet on the floor, and pull the bedspread up in one fell swoop.  I could make a bed that even a drill sergeant would have been proud of.

My mother loved a neat house and beds that looked as though no one had really ever slept in them.  She wasn't mean or harsh in having us make our beds but instead taught us the fine art of making a good bed.  This meant that our home was always welcoming but also pulled together.

I didn't inherit that gene.  Oh I love a nice clean house with everything in it's place, don't get me wrong, but bed making has never ranked high on my list of things to do.  When my children were little, I helped them make their beds, and most of the time all of the beds in the house were made.

But as I got older, and so did they, well bed making kind of gave way to just asking that I be able to see the color of their carpeting!  Teenagers never seem to mind a messy room, and my daughter had messy down to a science!

My son is more like me.  He can let things pile up for awhile, but then he has to take control and do something about it.  While my daughter can find order in the madness, and she truly can, I need order to stem the tide, and my son is the same way.

I've termed my style of cleaning manic depressive cleaning.  When I'm in the depressive phase of cleaning I can walk past dust, dog hair, and dirty clothes for a period of time, but when the manic phase takes over...look out!

Thankfully, the depressive cleaning periods don't last for more than a few days, and the full on manic cleaning days have gotten fewer over the years too.  Now I find that I am somewhere in between.  But today was a manic day.

Mr. Tide and my son Bugs were gone this morning, so I took advantage of the quiet and began stripping beds, and cleaning out stuff that needed to go!  It's that time of year after all, when we are poised to throw open the windows and enjoy a freshly cleaned house.

When I get into one of these deep cleaning moods, I also like to rearrange and move things from one place to another.  Like the jewelry box that belonged to my mother.  I decided that instead of keeping the costume jewelry I inherited in a box hidden away, I would open up the jewelry box and fill it up so that I could enjoy seeing these pretty pieces all the time.

And the little angel that used to sit on my vanity now sits next to my bed.  She's been with me since I was a very little girl.

And wherever you go in my house, you'll find beach glass.  So it only makes sense that there would be some sitting on the cherry bedside table my father made.

When I was in Yorkshire with my daughter a few years ago, we stopped in a lovely little shop and I picked up this small stone.  I love the quote by Buddha, and it reminds me to clear my head each night before it hits the pillow.

I love this photo of my mother when she was a little girl.  It makes me laugh since she didn't like cats and was actually afraid of them.  Something must have happened after this picture was taken, because she looks pretty content with her dolls and that little kitty cat.

Also in every room in our house, you will find something to read.  Magazines and books provide me with inspiration, and I love having them around.  I change up the selection on my nightstand so that I can just reach over and grab the latest magazine or a favorite decorating book to peruse before bedtime.

And of course I have to have fresh flowers close by.

Yesterday I stopped by one of my favorite Mennonite farms and purchased this gorgeous orchid.  I also picked up a primrose and a gerbera daisy that I have in other rooms.  I can't wait until my rose bushes are in full bloom and I can simply wander outside and cut flowers to fill my house with fragrance and color!

Now you may be wondering why I don't make my bed more often if the end result makes me feel happy and calm.  Or how I can leave the beautiful family bedspreads and linens stacked up and looking forlorn.  After my mother died almost 7 years ago, my sister and I had a long conversation and while we were talking I asked her if she made her bed every day?  She said, "Heck no, look at how mom spent all those years making beds and where did it get her?!"  

Though I'm happy to have a nicely made bed, and a roof over my head each night, I no longer feel the need to have a perfectly pulled together bed in order to start the day.  I can leave the covers strewn about, dog beds tossed all over the floor, and a shirt or two draped over the chair and still know that I'll have a very good, and even productive day!

Sometimes we just need to let go of the little things in order to enjoy the big ones.  I hope each of you lets go a little today and does something that makes you happy.

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  1. I had to post a comment because I feel like I'm writing to myself... I too have my manic days and my not so manic days.... My bed would NEVER be fixed if it weren't for my husband who fixes it every morning! I too have 3 teenagers in the house and you can not see the floor in their room. I just close the doors.
    My thoughts on all of this? "You do what you can, when you can." It all works out!
    Have a good weekend...

  2. Hi Kat,
    I can relate to just about everything that you said. I used to be very manic about keeping my house "perfect," to the point of exhaustion.
    Nowdays I have a very relaxed attitude about it.
    I do go into cleaning modes but not like I used to. I very seldom make the bed and I like using the excuse that I don't want to disturb the cat! LOL!
    Hey, look at it this way, a rumpled bed is really in style these days.


  3. My daughter has often accused me of being OCD about cleaning! I KNOW I'm not but when compared to her (and the rest of my family)well, she might just have a point. I too had a mother who was a fanatical cleaner - you could eat your dinner off her floors. Mess does depress me but over the years I have had to learn how to strike a balance between living with a family (and pets!) who clearly do not share my views about tidy surrounds or sending myself to an early grave because of my fanatical cleaning ways! I love to have my beds made but with rushing off to work every morning at 7.30a.m. (and very often still having a "body" in them when I leave)it is not possible. I just have to turn a blind eye (or just close the door!) The weekends however are when I regain my sanity and love nothing better than to fluff and preen my bedroom - throw open the doors and bask in the beauty of a well made bed. (I know my Mum would be smiling!) ;)Sharyne PS - I LOVE that you have "Little Women" on your bedside table - my favourite book of all time!

  4. i am with you Kat, I would leacve my bed for a week....except my husband likes to make it every day and anythign I leave a bout he puts right in the closet which infuriates me. In the kitchen it's reveresed. My grandmother made us wait at least15 minutes before we made the bed as she said it was good to air the bed first and let the warmth (and I guess sweat) out of it before you made it.

    I love your orchid in the beach bucket and the jewels spilling out of the box. What a gorgeous color too on the walls, inpsired by your beach glass no doubt.

    I am still enjoying my lovely photo and will blog it when I have framed it...thanks again,


  5. wow i have to admit Kat i am shocked!! i just pictured you to be very tidy person....but hey if you happy thats what counts!! btw i in no way mean this in a bad way

  6. to me ,Kat, your bedroom looks a haven of tranquillity. I love those subtle relaxing colours

  7. I'm still making that bed every single day before I head out. Kinda unnecessary, and yet I feel compelled. I NEVER made it before I was married.. so, what's up with that?

    Love your mom's photo, and that vintage pail. I remember when you found (or won?) it.

  8. Your room is beautiful! I love the wall color ... and, I envy that you can leave your bed unmade. Your mother's jewelry box is so pretty, and I love how you chose to open it and have the jewels spilling out. And, how special to have a bed that your father made. Thanks for sharing, Becca

  9. Hi Kat, I love the color of your walls, and i just love the jewelry box!!Your room looks so pretty. I was just looking at a really pretty bedspread today.It was the same color as your bedroom walls.I may buy it for my bedroom.


  10. Your bedroom looks so tranquil! I love the wall color and the pretty blankets. I love having things close to my heart on my nightstand, too.

    Now as far as the unmade bed...I am revealing for the 1st time in Blogland that I am an absolute neat freak. Yep! It really goes against my personality because I think of myself as very easy going and down to earth. But I have to make my bed and clean the room as soon as I get up. Then the kitchen, which is already clean before I go to bed, and I spend the day picking up after the kids. Yes, there are days when I slow down, but it's uncomfortable. A clean house is a happy Jane!


  11. Some days our bed is made, some days it isn't. On the days it isn't, it's usually and indication of what the rest of the house will look like. I love that you have the jewellery box open with the goods overflowing out. I love your bed and bedding, and all the little touches. Bedlam or not, it would be very difficult to not be able to unwind in such a lovely room.

    Lisa x

  12. The bed your dad made is gorgeous! Such workmanship in the posts. Your linens are very pretty too.

    I feel better if my bed is made everyday, and hubby helps, but it is not the end of the world if we miss it once in a while either. Our boys used to make their beds each morning (with help sometimes), but now that they are young teens it is just not happening. I'm with you on the 'as long as I can see the carpet.'

  13. I have the OCD gene. Cannot help it, my mom was notorious for having a perfect home. HOWEVER, as I get older, it is easier to let a pile stay on the floor for a little longer than when I was younger.

    LOVE your bedroom!! Super fresh and so pretty!


  14. Your bedroom is beautiful. I love the bed and the bedding. I laughed through this, as I inherited your mother's gene. I always make my bed. No matter how early we get up or on the rare day that I'm sick part of the day, I still make it before climbing back in at night. I just don't like the feeling of climbing into a bed that isn't neat...a bit of OCD showing up I guess. I can't say that I feel like it is time poorly spent, because messy in my house makes me unable to relax...and I do like to relax!! I think we each have to do what brings us really isn't about the bed!

  15. Ah, Kat...we are similar in so many ways, lol!! Your bedroom is beautiful, the blue colour on the walls is gorgeous!! I had a little giggle about you not arguing with your children about making their beds, as you would prefer to see the colour of their carpet...I have 2 out of our 3 girls that are so similar ;) I really love your little angel that you have had since you were a little girl and the photo of your Mum is precious! You have created such a calming and relaxing space and for someone that has to get up at 4.45am (YIKES), it is just perfect! Thanks for sharing your beautiful bedroom and treasures. Hope you are enjoying your weekend so far ~ Txx

  16. Hey Kat...I'm with kathy who commented above...I love the turquoise walls!

    As for making the bed...mostly done every day, but I don't feel quilty when its a big mess either!

    xo kelley

  17. My idea of making the bed is to just pull the comforter up to hide the sheets! Your photos are always so bright and clear and gorgeous. It's no wonder they get featured in magazines. I love all your special touches bedside and that photo of your Mother as a child is so sweet. xo ~Lili

  18. Kat, I loved this post! I love your bedroom! The jewelry box with the costume jewelry pouring out of it reminds me of a pirates chest!! I love it! The orchid pictures with the lovely blue paint on your walls behind it just looks stunning! You should make note cards out of them!!

  19. I make it easy with comforters to just pull up and pillows I keep shammed to throw on top, but if it doesn't get worries! I'm not a neat freak by a long shot, but do like to have the dishes done! Your room is really beautiful and I love the colors and the linens! Your photos are really lovely, too!

  20. Kat I am just like you. My husband folds his clothes and hangs everything up, and I just let them pile up for days and then go absolutely crazy cleaning everything in site. I love how you put it - manic depressive cleaning!! OR, we just really love a good before-and-after!!

  21. Oh we are house of the unmade bed! It's terrible! LOL But man that bed of yours is a beauty! I love the bed linens, LOVE!

  22. Your bedroom is just lovely! Gorgeous color on the walls! I rarely make our bed. I'd like to every day, but it just doesn't happen. I'm an early riser. 6:30 is usually the latest you could find me still in bed. Hubs sleeps in til 9:30 most days. By the time he gets out of bed, I'm already elbows deep in a project and no longer thinking about the messy unmade bed.

    I'm a manic-depressive cleaner, too. I can let things go for a couple days, but then will psycho clean.

  23. Such sweet pieces of jewelry and they are much too pretty to be hidden away so I'm glad you have them displayed.

    I'm not a 'make the bed every day' kind of gal either. My husband was in the Air Force and making the bed is one thing they taught him that stuck with him. Soooo, if he wants to make the bed who am I to argue?

    Happy Sunday!

  24. I had no idea that your dad was so talented - that bed is simply gorgeous! You definitely have the art of making your home happy, practical, and stunningly beautiful. Love you, Kathy!

  25. Great post. The bed your dad made is just beautiful and I love the color of your walls.
    I tend to feel that making my bed is part of the morning ritual around here. However, I've noticed that if it doesn't get made life goes on and it isn't a big deal. I think your sister's comment is a good one.
    I've had my mom's jewelry in a box in my closet for over a year now. Thanks for sharing a wonderful idea for displaying it.

  26. Well, Kat, I like your philosophy! I believe that, as much as possible, we should do the things that give us and our loved ones pleasure. Life is too short to spend it with a dust cloth in my hand.

  27. I love all your beautiful treasures Kat. The jewelry box with the jewelry scattered is perfect.
    I love a clean house! Do I have a clean, no! :) I am like you, I let it go and then something clicks in my brain and I go crazy cleaning. I actually don't mind it, it is kind of calming in a way to put order back together. I usually don't make my bed either but on days where I want to feel like I accomplished at least one thing, I will make my bed! :)
    I hope you are having a great weekend my friend!

  28. My house has all rooms opening off the central one like the set for a French farce, so I don't have the option of leaving beds unmade - although I probably wouldn't anyway as unmade beds depress me with Instant Squalor. God bless duvets, it is done in an instant.
    All three of my grown children also make their beds as soon as they get up! which probably means I have damaged their psyches...

  29. What a great Buddha quote! I love seeing your home. And these bright colors made me smile. I sometimes wish I was the type that could leave a bed unmade. But alas, I am not. If I'm not totally bedridden, the bed gets made. It's a compulsion, I tell you!

  30. I love that phrase "manic depressive cleaning" - it totally describes me LOL. I love a neat house, but sometimes there are just NOT enough hours in the day. So I've learned to let it go when I need to. Love your wall color! And I really like the jewelry spilling out of the box, so pretty. Hope you have a wonderful week. Kat

  31. Hi Kat!

    The bed your dad made is beautiful! The wood tones really pop with your wall color. It's beautiful!

    I was brought up the same way but I'm a little more laxed in making my bed. It depends on my mood. I can totally relate to the cleaning fits. I go so long and then I need order.

    The photo of your mom is so sweet! I love it!

    Hope you have a good Sunday! I better go make my bed :) ~Michelle

  32. Love the photos of your room.....lovely bed....smiles.

  33. How refreshing to read your post. I used to vaccuum everyday, but in time realized that it wasn't necessary. I do however, have to make the to pull those linens back each night when going to bed. Don't you feel great when you get in those "gotta clean" modes...just get so much accomplished!
    Have a great week!

  34. Kat,
    I'm soooo happy to read that we both don't always make our beds...I can say I feel better when I do make it, but I'm okay if I don't. Now I love the color of your walls and thanks for the shout out:)


  35. Kat, I missed this yesterday since we were out of town and having email hacking issues. I am so stressed. My blog followers don't show on my end and I can't add anything in my html gadget for some reason. Anyway, your bedroom is so pretty with that wonderful huge bed. Your dad did a wonderful job. I love your bedspread. I am one that makes the bed daily. I hate an unmade bed. I like the way it feels to get in a neatly made bed.

  36. I have to make the bed as soon as I get out of it...unmade beds and dishes in the sink drive me insane...the rest of the house can be in chaos but those two thing have to be done.

    Love your room....mine is a little lighter version with lime accents. I love the peacock colored pillow...wherever did you find it?

  37. Ditto! My mother-in-law I'm told had a reputation for cleaning the dust in the sun-rays! I am not like her! While I like my house neat and orderly she was a fanatic, and when my husbands friends started coming over they asked if they had to take their shoes off . . . NO ONE wore shoes in Sue's home!

  38. Kat,
    Love the jewelry box. Beautiful! As is your bed.
    I do always make my bed, or I would if Mister didnt' do it for us. It is just the sheets and comforter. But we don't put the pillows in shams on anymore. So it is kind of half done, I guess!

  39. I'm very relaxed about house's relaxed all over...or is that exlaxed! When my children were at home, the only thing I asked from them was to leave a fire trail. I do have to make the bed every day. It wasn't something Mother insisted's just something I have to do. Call it OCD..the rest of the house can look like thunder, but in the midst of all the chaos is a made bed..go figure!
    Beautiful thoughts as always.

  40. Growing up my mom had to make her bed everyday. When she had kids, she decided that it was a silly chore since you were just going to get back in bed that night, so we very rarely had to make our beds when we were kids.

    Now, my bedroom is often the place where the laundry rests, waiting to be sorted, and most of the time there are clothes on the floor and books and magazines on the floor and table. When I'm cleaning, I go ahead and make the bed, or when I put on fresh sheets, because sometimes it's just nice to see the room neat, but, I don't make the bed daily.

  41. where did you get that lovely bucket with the boy on the spotted blow up sea horse. I had one very similar when I was a boy. I'd love to get one for my paintbrushes.
    Thanks for sharing!


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