Sunday, March 6, 2011

Manic or Maniac and a Giveaway

 Orchid #1

Yesterday after posting about my bedroom, I casually read the post again and saw that instead of the word manic I had written maniac.  I had to laugh because I did it every single time I was supposed to have written manic, so I went back in and corrected it before you all thought I was a maniac.  And after the last few days I've felt a little like a maniac, so I think it may have been subliminal!

Orchid #2 Original
(this is for Sherri! or those of you who might not be in to textures)

I loved reading everyone's take on making their bed or not making their bed.  I try to keep the public areas of our house nice and tidy, but the bedroom often takes a back seat!  Sorry if this spoiled anyone's illusions that I'm the perfect housekeeper, I just know how to position a camera so that you only see the good stuff! ;-)  I think a lot of us bloggers do that!  And it's why you don't get to see my bedroom that often.  I figure you probably don't really want to see my unmade bed and the pile of laundry waiting to be done!

 Orchid #2

Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments about my bedroom and the wall color.  It's funny, the paint color was something I chose almost 4 years ago and I'm SO tired of it!  I'm amazed that I've kept it this long with my penchant for change, so as soon as the weather warms up and I can throw open the windows, I'm thinking the walls in there will be sporting a new color.

I've been so inspired by some of the beautiful white rooms I've seen in blogland and in Fifi's new book Romantic Prairie Style, especially Maria's beautiful home from Dreamy Whites, that I'm thinking I might try white walls in there for a change.  I know I couldn't have an all white house, not with 3 mostly black dogs and my love of color, but my bedroom might be just the place to try my hand at living with and loving white!

 Sailing #1

And speaking of Dreamy Whites, be sure to stop by Maria's to see the wonderful giveaway and interview she did with Lori from White Flower Farmhouse.  I've long admired Lori and have even purchased things from her shop, so you won't want to miss this wonderful giveaway!

And speaking of Giveaways...

 Sailing #2

You may be thinking that I've completely lost it by posting such a hodge podge of pictures, some of which are repeats.  There is a method to my madness though I assure you.

You'll notice that all of the photos have a name underneath them and that's because I'll be doing a giveaway of one of these prints to 2 winners and you'll be able to select which photo you would like to receive.

 Iris #1

The prints will be your choice of either one 5 x 7 or one 8 x 10 print on archival paper and then mounted on single weight matboard.  The matboard adds to the sturdiness of the photo and makes it easier to frame.  The print also won't have my lovely watermark on it!

 Iris #2

So all you have to do is pick out the picture you like the best and leave me a comment letting me know which one you would like and in what size, either 5 x 7 or 8 x 10.  If you don't like any of these, you can visit my Etsy Store and pick one of the designs from my card selection instead of one the ones pictured here.

I will announce the winners on Thursday March 10th.  And I have another surprise giveaway coming up soon too, so keep your eye out for that one sometime this week too!

Iris #3

And before I go, I would like to ask you all to please send some healing thoughts our way.  Last week, our son Bugs did something to damage the cornea of his eye, but he didn't realize it so by the time he was in any sort of pain his cornea had become infected.

Thankfully it was caught early on Saturday and he is now undergoing intensive treatment with antibiotic eye drops and ointments to help his eye heal and to prevent any permanent damage.  Our wonderful ophthalmologist even opened up her office this morning at 9 am just to see him!  You don't often hear of doctors going out of their way to see a patient on a Sunday morning anymore, but she is truly a great doctor!  He's not out of the woods yet with this nasty infection, but he's not contagious and he's doing well.  Any healing thoughts would be greatly appreciated, thank you!!!

Spread the Love...


  1. Oh, I hope he does well with the eye...sending good thoughts of course. As for your giveaway...I love all of your photos and would be thrilled to win any of them. I am still really partial to your white pitcher with the flowers, so that would be my first choice. I guess and 8x10 so I could have it truly make a statement on the wall.

  2. I like iris 1, but please do not include me in the giveaway... I have so much stuff around here that already needs framing. But your photos are so lovely, Kat.


  3. Sending warm wishes that Bugs has a speedy recovery - you're lucky to have great medical care.

    If you do perchance draw my name from the barrel for this lovely giveaway it would be wonderful to own your Orchid #2 in an 8x10.

    Fingers crossed for happy endings for Bugs and me too!

    xx Felicity

  4. Sending healing wishes for your Bugs. I did that same thing once and remember how much it hurt. Even worse than how bad it hurt was the way it looked. I scared my own children. IIRC, it was several months before I could wear contacts again. Let him know that even after it heals, it'll get angry looking with the slightest provocation for a long while afterwards, so it's really important to baby the eye.

    Thanks for hosting this terrific giveaway! Your photography is sooo beautiful, it's hard to pick a favorite. But if I won, I'd love to receive Sailing #1 in an 8x10 for up at the cottage.

  5. Kat,
    I will be sure to keep your son in my prayers. All the pics are beautiful...think I like the #2 orchid...8x10.


  6. I hope Bugs is feeling better today and that everything heals! That is just crazy how things like that happen.
    Your pictures are gorgeous Kat and I am loving sailing #2!
    Too funny about the maniac, I didn't even notice! :)

  7. Kat, your art is are so talented. I love them all, especially Sailing #2!
    Sending Bugs get well wishes - poor guy!

  8. ahhh poor Bugs i hope he makes a full recovery. Now for these prints...gawd you make this so difficult!!! i would have picked a picture of your unmade bed but you didn't offer that so i'll have to pick hmmmmm the iris #1, i love iris's, ty for a chance Kat!!

  9. Kat, you know I pick Orchid #2 Original in an 8X10! Please don't get the impression I don't like texture-I love it, but the lovely blue color of your walls was just so stunning against the white of the orchid! I love all your pictures, you are so very talented!!

    I send prayers and well wishes for your son! I have had pitted corneas before and those drops should really help him! Have a great week!

  10. All the pictures are wonderful, but the Siberian Iris really tugs at my heart.
    Healing thoughts to Bugs for a full recovery.

  11. I'm laughing over your faux pas! Your photos are stunning.

    Having scratched both of my corneas at the same time (from contacts) I know what your son is going through! I'll keep him in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery!

  12. Kat,
    Lovely pictures, of course!
    God bless Bugs' eye!

  13. Sending up good thoughts for Bugs
    ALWAYS make my bed ( my shame is my ironing- huge piles in closet)
    Your photos are all lovely


  14. I did that to my eye too, and it healed just fine - if I squint and short-focus I can see a little tear, which whiles away long hours in airport lounges and makes sure I get a row to myself. There's always a bright side. It might be painful for a while though, so he'll need cake.

  15. Beautiful orchid and iris photos. I just close the door to the bedroom and "call it good". My thoughts and prayers are with your son and your family--hope he heals quickly. It's a Mother's "lot in life" to worry, worry, worry about her children (forever, no matter how old they are). Take care. Mickie

  16. Kat,
    I am now praying for you and your Son. HOw scary!
    YOur images are just the best! I love the boats! Exquisite!

  17. Your photos are gorgeous, Kat! I love them with texture and without.
    I had to giggle a'll probably never see me featuring my bedroom on my blog for the very same reasons you stated. It's always at the bottom of my pick-up list!

  18. How lucky to have an ophthalmologist who will see patients on a Sunday. It's always a bit of a worry when something happens to one's eyes. I had a stone fly up and hit me in the eye whilst mowing (a couple of years ago) and I literally saw "stars". It turns out I actually did some damage to the retina but luckily it ended up healing quite nicely. Made me really appreciate just how precious "sight" is. All your photos are gorgeous Kat - but if I had to make a choice, I think it would be Iris No. 2 (8 x 10). So generous of you to host such a lovely giveaway. ;)Sharyne

  19. It wasn't a typo, dear, it was a Freudian slip. 'Manic' ... 'Maniac' ... same thing.

    I don't remember seeing the sailboat photos before.

    You? White walls? If you do it, don't put your painting supplies away, because I doubt the white will stay and you'll want your supplies close at hand for when you change the color again. (I picked up a Farrow and Ball color brochure from a paint store in Warrenton ... hint hint.)

    I'm with Di. Don't throw my name into your hat. I love your stuff, but I have prints and paintings everywhere, patiently waiting to be framed and hung.

    Give Bugs another hug.

  20. Prayers for your son's complete recovery. Hang in there Mom.

  21. Sending healing thoughts for your Bugs, it's always so scary when it involves our eyes! I really can't decide about your prints. I really like the sailing ones and the iris ones equally for different reasons. Those textures really bring your photographs to such an artistic level. Although I must say I really enjoyed seeing the original of the orchid, but then I was quite taken with the texture you applied to it too! Oh I just couldn't decide! And there's nothing I love more than to change wall colors, much to the chagrin of Henri of course! Although I don't do it nearly as often as I really want to. Hugs from a real Maine-iac! ~Lili

  22. Really gorgeous filters applied to your already GORGEOUS photos. So fun and thank you for sharing them with us! I love Orchid #2.

  23. All the best to Bugs. While talking about similar words, I think you mean "penchant" instead of "pension", but then, again, you are the writer! I love the St. Mary's sailboats #2.

  24. Kat,
    Love all the iris pics, but #2 is my favorite! Hmmm...don't make your bed everday? Me blame it on the stupid duvet that will be otta here very soon!

  25. Hope your Bugs is doing much better today with his eye problem.
    All of your photos are beautiful but I would pick Iris #3,love Irises!

  26. Sending lots of healing thoughts your way!! I hope everything is going well! As for your photos, they are wonderful! And thanks so much for the opportunity to win one :-) My favourite here is Orchid #3 ;-)

  27. I love the Orchid #2 in 8 X 10

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  28. Hope Bugs is feeling better soon...

    I would love to win your Sailing #1 print. It is beautiful!

  29. Iris #1

    And healing thoughts for your son. Oh, that is a shame. But glad it was caught.

  30. All of your pictures are wonderful. I think though that my two favorites are Iris #2 and #3. I hope your son's eye heals quickly.

  31. I would pick orchid #2 (not the original, but the other) or the bottom sailboat photo.
    They are all beautiful!

  32. Oh, Sailing #1 or Sailing #2--pick me! pick me! pick me! They're both sooooo evocative of all that SMCM is. You really caught the still beauty of that dock (which we both know is not often still)!??
    Hope your son's eye is OK. Those cornea injuries hurt like the dickens!
    My girl is in the hospital and had emergency surgery Sunday evening; I can only sing the praises of Calvert Memorial Hospital and their staff!

  33. I would love sailing 2 or anything nautical in a 8 by 10! I'll keep your son in my prayers. I have four sons so I know how to pray for boys! Hugs! ♥

  34. Hey you maniac,
    I can't keep up
    with your manic
    posting!! Seriously,
    I feel bad if I miss
    even one, but I can't
    keep up!! LOVE these
    pics, especially the
    Sailboats #1, since
    we live across the
    street from a lake and
    it's a scene that I am
    hoping to see soon!!
    You are so generous, Kat.
    xx Suzanne
    PS: Sending BUGS all
    my best ~ yowzer....

  35. Oh, I LOVE the Orchid 2 photo so much as well as both sailing photos.
    Once again, your talent amazes me.
    Well wishes to your son and to you as well as you deal with all the twists and turns that motherhood/womanhood brings.

  36. Hi! I found you through This Old House 2. Beautiful pictures! I like Orchid 2 :-) 8x10
    Just signed up as a follower also!

  37. The photos are so beautiful. Really thay are awesome! I am glad that your sons eye is doing better.

  38. I am soooooooo behind on my blog reading. Wow! I hope your son's eye is healing. That sounds pretty scary.


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