Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Spider Webs

Hi everyone!  So glad that some of you were inspired by my Halloween decorating post yesterday and that you are getting out your fall decor!  I was inspired by so many other wonderful bloggers to get mine out, so I guess one good turn deserves another as they say!  And Grace, it's ok to put things out "before" October 1st hits...I'll even write you a note giving you permission! ;-)

Today, I thought I'd share with you how I decorated the window ledge above my kitchen sink...

You may recall that my mason jars used to be filled with white beans, but I decided to leave them empty for Halloween and drape fake cob webs over them to give them the look of an abandoned and haunted abode!

Mr. Tide reminded me that if we left the windows open each night, we would have plenty of "real" spider webs and could have saved ourselves $1.99 at Michaels buying fake ones!  Mr. Tide is always so helpful that way! *cough cough*

And of course you can't have spider webs without a spider to create them right?!  

Did you ever wonder why they are sometimes called spider webs (which can also be spelled all as one word) and other times they are referred to as cob webs?  Well apparently it goes back to the old Middle English word for spider...coppe!  So they were coppe webs, and eventually became known as cobwebs!

There are a total of three mason jars on my windowsill, each covered in strands of delicate webbing.  I love how the sunlight illuminates the individual strands during the morning hours each day!

And although I love the mason jars and spider webs, this is my favorite part of the display.  It's a vintage piece, also rescued from my parent's house.  I had it sitting on the dresser in my daughter's old bedroom, waiting to use it this Halloween, and when my daughter came home a few weekends ago she promptly brought it into our bedroom declaring it was creepy and that she didn't want it in her room!

The only creepy things around here are my cool new watermark fonts!  Did you notice the one from yesterday's post?  And this one is called "Buffied"...I love using these spooky fonts for my Halloween photos! 

Happy Haunting Everyone!


  1. I love the vintage decoration too, although I agree that I would not want it in my bedroom staring at me! :0p

  2. Love the little vintage guy. Now about the cob webs / spider webs.....I will tell you what I have always thought since I was a child. Cob webs are formed from dust and spider webs from spiders. Now I think I may have to look it up!! lol

  3. I loved your decorations yesterday and today!! Thanks for the cobweb story-I didn't know that. This weekend I will be switching out candles to pumpkin colored ones, etc. and getting all my Autumn/Halloween items out. I love this time of year! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Ooh spookey but in a pretty kind of way! Love how the sunlight sparkles across the webbing.
    I also like the little vintage toy.


  5. Makes me wish I had some natural light in my kitchen. I love spiderwebs of all varieties. Husbands certainly seem to know it all, don't they?

  6. Spiders really creep me out, whether they are fake or real! :) I hate it when I accidentally go through a web and feel as if there must be a spider on me then. We once agreed to keep an eye on a friend's house while she and her husband were traveling. One day we went over after dark and I walked up to the front door right into a big web. I screamed and ran through the yard flailing my arms trying to get it off, so it's a wonder that the neighbors didn't call the police to report some crazy woman. It might have been difficult to explain that I was actually just checking out the house for friends while they were on vacation - haha!

  7. That looks really cute, I mean creepy! :) What great decorations you have. That little cat and pumpkin are adorable! I did a little Halloween decorating today too, my first year that I really made a conscious effort, it was fun!! No spider webs though, I couldn't find any.

  8. LOVE the kitty with pumpkin~~.. I see I'm not the only nut decorating already. :-)

  9. How did you do the font? I love it! I have so many real spider webs in and on the old porches at the old house I shudder to think of faux ones. Yours are very cute! hugs♥olive

  10. Oh! Mr. Tide sounds just like my hubby, and your daughter sounds just like my Chickie....I can hear them both right now!
    Your decorations are delightful.

  11. I had to laugh at your daughter's reaction to the vintage toy, that's so funny! Your sills are adorable and yes I noticed that new font right away. You're so cute Kat!! ~Lili

  12. Had to laugh at Mr. Tide's comment re "free" cobwebs!

    Love the vintage toy--I don't think it's creepy at all.

  13. Very creepy, Kat and yes I did notice the font.

  14. Another scary post! Love this little guy and all of your spider webs! Don't turn out the lights! ♥

  15. I was over at Pier One yesterday and they must have taken a lesson from you, as the store was chock-a-block full of Hallowe'en. By the way, I think that little cat pushing the jack-o-lantern is cute, but I wouldn't want to wake up to it either.


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