Saturday, September 18, 2010

So Excited

Thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes for my daughter.  She was so thrilled to see your comments on her photography and of course the great birthday greetings!

I hope each of you is having a wonderful weekend!  I know I's absolutely glorious fall weather outside, time to pull out the fall decor and shop for pumpkins, gourds, and everything the season has to offer!

But before I head out the door, I want to show you a few gifts I recently received!  My dear friend Connie, from Hartwood Roses, sent me this gift!  I got home very late one evening last week, and I was so excited to find a package from her in my mailbox.  

She knows how much I love anything crab related, and when she heard about my rough week, she thought of me and sent me these wonderful little crab placecard holders from Pottery Barn!  Aren't they too cute?!

Connie is always busy...this weekend she is off selling her beautiful roses in Richmond, Virginia.  I hope she has a wonderful sale!

But even with all she has going on, she took the time to mail me something she knew I would treasure!  I'm not surprised though, she is just like that and I'm so lucky to be able to call her my friend!  Thank you Connie, I can't wait to use these cute crabs with my crab plates for one last taste of summer!

I also wanted to share with you something else wonderful that was sent to me this week!  The other day it was cloudy and rainy here and when I stepped out on my back patio to let the dogs out, this is what I saw in the sky!  I was so excited and ran inside to grab the camera.

Call me crazy, but my friend Dan clearly sent me this little heart shaped cloud from above...I have no doubt!  And even though it is a bit of a broken heart, if you look closely at the upper left hand corner of the cloud, you'll see almost a perfect outline of a whole symbolic and so like him to let me know that he is happy and for me to not worry or be sad.

As it slowly drifted over the field and off across the water, I couldn't help but smile, even on such a gray and dreary day, knowing that those we love really are never that far away from us!

And last, but certainly not least in my book, I was over the moon last night when I stopped by my local Giant grocery store and saw a copy of this...the new issue of Romantic Country Magazine!  It's packed with wonderful articles and great decorating ideas for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas!  

And there on page 34 was my name...Kat Warren, the author of the story on designer Dena Fishbein's gorgeous home!  And on page 16 is even one of the photos I took of Dena's beautiful bedding!  Now I know it's silly because I've been published now for 12 years in regional magazines, but I was giddy with happiness to know that I am finally in a national magazine.  Thank you Fifi for taking a chance on me!  And now my friends and family can just go to their local store and pick up a exciting!

I hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. It IS a heart in the sky! What a great sight and I'm so glad you captured it to share with us. As for those crab card holders, well they are just about the cutest things! I love Pottery Barn and some of the unique table items they come up with each year. They're going to look great on your table!


  2. I'll be sure to pick up a copy of the of my favorites!! Congratulations! You must be thrilled! I am!!

    I do believe that is a heart in the sky and I truly do believe in 'signs'. This is without a doubt from Dan. You couldn't have walked out at a better time!

    Love your little crabs! I have some sea creature bowls from PB. Do you remember them from a few years ago. I think they went on clearance because they were so creepy looking!

    Have a great weekend!


  3. Oh my goodness gracious! This is huge! Congratulations Kat. I will definitely pick up an issue.
    By the way, love your crabs and think that bloggers are the best.

  4. Oh my, that is wonderful news! Congratulations. Love your little crabs and yes, that is definitely a heart and a hello from beyond. So reassuring. A-M xx

  5. Oh Congratulations, that is fabulous. I would be totally over the moon. Your wonderful crab placecard holders are such a precious gift. Hope your weekend is a super one. Hugs, Marty

  6. Congrats! That is wonderful...



  7. Kat, that heart shaped cloud is great and I am sure he did send you that. It made chills run down me when I saw the last picture. Congrats on the article in that magazine. I will have to go get that one.

  8. Hi Kat,
    Sorry I messed up!

    Congratulations! I'm really happy for you. I picked up the magazine today and I'm going to devour it!

    Glad you captured the cloud photo, so beautiful.


  9. Hi Kat! I love those beautiful crab cardholders your friend sent you! They are just wonderful!! That definitely was a heart cloud sent to you from Dan!! Just beautiful! I will definitely look for that magazine and check out the gorgeous pictures and especially the picture you took! Hope next week is better for you :)!!

  10. Hi Kat,

    This is my first visit to your lovely blog and I will be returning. Thank you for sharing Dan's gift to you. The heart is beautiful. Haven't gotten my Romantic Country magazine yet but looking forward to curling up in my comfy chair with it and a hot cup of tea.


  11. Beautiful heart shapes in that cloud. What an amazing piece of photography! Love the thought that it is a gift from your Dan.

  12. congrats on the mag thingy! I love those sky pictures--simply beautiful!

  13. I really shouldn't have read your last post and this one back to back. I was already a mess from the daughter song and the cloud. I swear on rainbows these days. My family has seen more rainbows than we can count since my mom died. They always show up when we need them to and sometimes there is no rain, no reason for a, I have no doubt your friend sent you that heart.

    I'm going to send my husband to the store right now for that magazine. He will feel really strange buying it...but, I am so excited for you and I don't want to miss it!

  14. Oh Kat everything about this post is so wonderful!!! Those little crabs are so cute and what a great friend to send you those. The heart shaped cloud is beautiful, definitely a sign that he is with you and watching over you!
    CONGRATS on the magazine, that is such awesome news, I am so happy for you!! I am going to have to pick up a copy!!
    Have a great rest of the weekend!! :)

  15. Congrats - I'm so excited for you. I bet that put a grin on your face. I wonder if we have the magazine on the newstands up here yet??? Hmmm, I'll have to go and have a look. I'm looking forward to reading your article and bragging to everyone that we're bloggy friends.

  16. I got so excited about the magazine, that I forgot to mention the lovely crab holders - Connie is such a sweety - and the amazing heart-shaped cloud. I think your heart needed a little TLC right now and you got it three-fold.

  17. Hi Congrats on your article. Your crab placeholders are very cute, you are lucky to have such a great friend. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you are having a great weekend. I hope you see many heart shaped clouds.
    The Swedish Room

  18. Kat, congratualtions. I am going to look for it tomorrow here in Canada.


  19. Oh Kat, I'm sitting here with goosebumps and a huge smile on my face. Goosebumps from the sign from Dan and a huge smile for you achieving an exciting new milestone in your career. And those crab placecard holders are so darling, just like your dear friend Connie must be to send them. I am so very happy for you dear Kat! Hugs, ~Lili

  20. Hi Kat, Congrats on the magazine! I will be sure and pick up a copy tomorrow. How exciting for you!! I saw these little crabs at PB and thought they were so adorable. So sweet of Connie to think of you. I hope you see many more hearts in the clouds.
    xoxo, Sherry

  21. How cool to see your name in print! Congratulations!!!!

  22. You are very, very welcome, my dear. These adorable little crabs are just one of many things that we share. I am so glad that you like them.

    You're SOOO totally famous now!!! I can say that I knew you when ... I'm not surprised. People with your talents go places, and you're going to the BEST of places. Congratulations!!!!

    Heart-shaped cloud. Goosebump time.
    - Connie

  23. Lovely capture of the heart cloud! :-)

    The place card holders are adorable.

  24. Oh Kat!! Congratulations on being published in a National magazine, it could not have happened to a lovelier or more deserving lady! I am not suprised in the least:) I have to say, that heart-shaped cloud is a very special gift from your Dan, indeed!!! LOVE your little crab card holders, such a special gift from a special friend. Hope you are well my friend. Huge hugs as always ~ Txx

  25. How exciting! Am so glad for you and now must go get that magazine. I am up early. And oh!! Here comes the sun. xoxo

  26. Yay! I will be getting the magazine. hugs♥olive

  27. Well done! I'll have to look for the magazine - we get it up here too.
    I saw the heart in the cloud right away - lovely.

  28. Life is an amazing journey, the cloud that Dan sent to you is spectacular. I hope it brings you peace with Dan's passing. He must have been a truly incredible friend.

    I'm glad the week brought you some much needed warm hugs. Congratulations on your new publication too.

  29. Oh....I think I must get that magazine! Congratulations, Kat!
    And the heart in the sky is wonderful.

  30. Congrats on the published piece! I'll go to the store and look for it. I see that heart clear as day.

  31. Kat,
    Crazy excited for you...a big CONGRATS!!!

    The glass crab card holders are adorable and the photo of the heart...a truly beautiful moment captured. Frame it lavishly!

    I hope your daughter had a great birthday...loved the story and what a talent she has, the images were amazing!

  32. Yay Kat! Congratulations! Wow! I am going to the store to buy my Romantic Home magazine now.

  33. Oh Kat, congratulations! Will have to keep an eye out for a copy here in Brisbane so I can tell everyone how I'm blog friends with a superstar writer! And as for the heart - what a wonderful gift. K xx

  34. That is so great -congrats on the publication!!! And the little grass crabs..., darling!!

  35. Congratulations on your article!! I'll definitely have a look for the magazine.
    Also, you are right, that cloud formation certainly looked like a heart to me. :o)
    Have a wonderful week.
    The Tattered Tassel

  36. Beautiful gifts from both your friends :)
    Congratulations on your article! It must be exciting.

  37. Congratulations to you, Kat! How utterly exciting on your mag article! You must be doing that Happy Dance all over the place! lol! It is so well deserved, sweetie! :) And as for the cloud? Wow.....what a beautiful message from above you were blessed with.

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  38. OH KAT! I have been away from the blogging world at Junk Bonanza and missed this BIG news! Congratulations!! I am SO excited to run and get this magazine!! This must be such a feeling of accomplishment for you! It's just plain out fun news! And I love the wonderful message from wouldn't even have thought about it, unless it was from him! XOXO

  39. Kat,
    Congrats on making it into the magazine...I will be sure to check it out!



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