Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mother Nature’s Wardrobe


When I was little I can remember my grandmother changing out draperies and slipcovers for the different seasons. As cooler weather approached each autumn, she would give her home a mini makeover with fabrics appropriate for the fall and winter. It was as if her home’s wardrobe made the same transition we do with our own clothing when we pull out sweaters and pack up our shorts and t-shirts each year when the temperatures drop.


The last few days have been beautiful with lower humidity and just a touch of crisp cool air each night and morning. I’m starting to get the urge to pull out a few sweaters, and I’ve even worn jeans a few times in the last few weeks.


I used to lament the coming of winter, and for me the fall was a not so pleasant reminder of the disappearing summer, my favorite season. But since we have moved to our new home I actually welcome each season. I think it’s because where we live now there is something to look forward to with the changing seasons. Fall brings back the Canada Geese, the fields of yellow wildflowers, and kayak rides among the colorful fall foliage along the water's edge.


And I now try to notice how mother nature rewards us with each new season, giving us plenty to look at and appreciate. Like the beautiful colors she outfits herself with during the fall.


She neatly tucks away the vibrant colors of summer and dons more subtle, but equally as dramatic shades of lavender, rust, gold, crimson, and brown.


And because the changes are subtle, and short lived, we are forced to try and savor every last moment of sunshine and warmth.


Although it is a time of renewal, when the earth is slowly drifting off to sleep in preparation of a rebirth next spring, it still has a beauty all its own that is captivating.


Stores and catalog companies help us transition from season to season, filling our mailboxes with images of hoe downs, hayrides, and Halloween. And the stores are full of displays beckoning us back to hearth and home after months spent outdoors when the weather was warmer.


But I think mother nature’s marketing is second to none, and I dutifully heed her call to pull out accessories and decor that celebrates the season this time each year!


Lime green and turquoise give way to tans, camels, and browns.


And golds, blacks, and shades of orange tug at my heart strings and fill the vases in my house!


I think that like me, sometimes mother nature can’t quite decide on a favorite color, so she mixes and matches. Which she does quite artfully and without reservation, something we could all learn to do a little more of!


I think this week I will break out my big fall bins and gently tuck away my watermelon and strawberry decor in favor of more appropriate fall decor.


And although I will have days when I’m bummed about giving up flip flops and not having to wear a coat, I will try and remember that each season has it’s own intrinsic beauty.


Like my grandmother always did, I will try to embrace the season and see it as an opportunity to change the personality of my home and myself until the next season rolls around.


But please don’t misunderstand…when the wind chill is unbearable, and I have to bundle up to take the dogs for a walk or to go anywhere…I won’t be waxing so poetic I can assure you!


For now though, I’ll simply focus on the beauty, the colors, and all that autumn has to offer!

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  1. Summer is nice, I know, but Fall is the BEST!! I love when summer's grasp is finally broken by crisp weather. We can finally breathe because the air loses its suffocating humidity. Your photos in this post are BEAUTIFUL!! (someone's been practicing.)

  2. What gorgeous pictures!!! You captured why I love fall and all of it's beauty. I had to chuckle when you said that you wouldn't be so poetic when temps drop and the snow starts flying! It is so true. I love fall, I love winter until Dec 26 then I am ready for spring! :) I guess that is why I live where there are four seasons, I love the changes!

  3. photos are beautiful the colors so rich and clear and I love fall so much When i was so much younger summer was my love Sitting in sun the best way to pass the time I actually hated air conditioning And we are talking Md summers here Something happened during the menopause years Prob hot flash overload but I came thru that hating the heat I'm in love with fall now The relief from the H's hazy,hot,and humid The sky is such an incredible blue and all the othe colors you mentioned I too think its time to pull out a few fall items and sprinkle them around here and there like the leaves that have begun to fall

  4. Kat, I do love fall weather, but hate the thought of the cold behind it and the colorless outdoors. I was sitting here today looking at the trees and thinking that in a couple of months all those leaves will be gone. You better start adding your seasonal changes. You are running behind.

  5. Oh my, such breathtaking pictures. I feel as though I can reach out and touch them. Very beautiful, I've enjoyed my visit today.

  6. It is still so stinkin' hot here in Las Vegas it doesn't feel like Fall at all I look forward to it cooling down some!

    I just loved all your incredibly gorgeous photos! They're just wonderful!

  7. I love your blog!!! I am a new follower...your photos are just beautiful!

  8. Kat I have NEVER ever visited your blog & not been AWED by your photography....JUST BRILLIANT....!!

    I must admit, I LOATHE the changing of the seasons to the cooler months though, after looking at your YUMMY pics, I'm wondering WHY I fight the transition as I do when there is SO much beauty to behold....!!

    Cheers from Shakopee MN,
    Tamarah :o)

  9. Hi Kat,

    Gorgeous post all the way around! Loved it!

  10. Kat, I'm in the same mode as you are right now, welcoming the new colors and smells of fall. Fall is my favorite time of year but oh how winter drags on in my part of the country.

    Your pictures are beautiful and so filled with the colors of the changing seasons. I'm posting my last summer picture of flowers today and then on to mums.

  11. Your pictures are so pretty, Kat, that you make me *want* to like fall- which is tough for a New England beach gal like me!

    I have been having fun watching the cooler weather bring a resurgence to all my flowers that the oppressive heat did a number on last month though! And the butterflies, oh the butterflies I've seen!

  12. Maybe it's got
    something to do
    with getting older
    and appreciating
    each season....
    just as in life...
    I, too, look forward
    to each change that
    Mother Nature brings
    us. Wonderful pictures,
    Kat! I wonder if you
    have recovered from
    the lightening damage
    in your home?? Hope
    things are well : ) !
    xx Suzanne

  13. WOW! I am a new follower, and I LOVE your pictures! I kind of hate to even ask what kind of camera you are using. I dream of a Nikon 5000, but I have a feeling yours is more powerful than that one. Stop by for a visit to the farm and see what I can do with my Cannon G9 ;-) www.walkingthe off-beatenpath.blogspot.com

  14. What a wardrobe she has! Mine is not quite as lovely, but I'm getting anxious to have at it!

  15. That red leaf image is glorious Kat! hugs♥olive

  16. I love this post! The pictures are gorgeous! I am enjoying Fall this year after the long hot summer.

  17. It's the time of year where I regret not remembering to plant a few pumpkins seeds! I really enjoyed your colorful treasury of images today, just perfect for our upcoming transition into Fall. ~Lili

  18. Kat-these are gorgeous photos. That first one should be framed, I just love it!

    I actually have aged into fall being my favorite season. When I was younger, I loved summer and I still love the longer days and sunshine, but I get too hot to enjoy it! Now, fall is for me. Winter...I just complain. This year I'm really going to try to find the good in winter and just be grateful for each day.

  19. Your photos are gorgeous here, Kat!

    I must have a really dirty mind. I'm thinking of the walnuts.

  20. Your photos are BEAUTIFUL! Lovely captures.

  21. Wow, Kat.....stunning photos!!!! As I get older, I have come to truly appreciate fall.....well, September at least. lol! I'm still in denial that winter is lurking around the corner....

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  22. Kelly J / Hunters HillSeptember 16, 2010 at 7:39 AM

    Your photos are simply amazing !!

  23. What a great and lovely blog with stunning pictures. I love your blog and will follow.
    Hugs Tanja from Germany

  24. Hi Kat, looks like you've been busier outdoors than indoors lately. Your photos are beautiful. Hope you'll stop by to see us. Jane F.

  25. Kat, Your photographs are beautiful! When we lived in Florida I never decorated for Fall. Everything there looks pretty much the same year round! My first Fall here in Va I spent many hours just driving around looking at all the beautiful foliage and collecting leaves and pinecones. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous photos.
    xo, Sherry

  26. Oh my! Your images are just amazing. Love them. So interesting.


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