Sunday, August 8, 2010

Out For A Sunday Drive

Saturday, I took a few hours for myself and drove 2 hours to visit with my great bloggy friend Connie from Hartwood Roses.  Connie is just the best, and we have so much in common so anytime we're together it's always a fun day!  I'll be posting about our adventures and about her gorgeous house in an upcoming post!

Mr. Tide returned from Saudi Arabia on Thursday, and after the crazy few weeks I've had, I was in need of some "me" time so off I went to Virginia to see Connie!  But when I got home yesterday evening, Mr. Tide said they were having a beach party at a small town nearby and did I want to go have dinner there.  Our son was also working the event, so I said sure why not!

By the time we arrived in Leonardtown for the beach party the sun was low in the sky, but everyone was still having a great time and there was plenty of good food, fun, and music to be had.  I'll be posting pictures of the the party in a post this week!

As we made our way past the fire trucks, vendors, and other amusements, I spied something shiny!

Actually it was several shiny things in the form of beautiful vintage cars!!!  Now you may not know this about me, but I'm a car lovin' girl!

I always have been, there is just something so stylish and sophisticated about a shiny car!  And the vintage ones have always held a special place in my heart.

I think it may have to do with the fact that like a great pair of shoes or a fashionable handbag, cars are also a reflection of the fashions and design trends of each era.

The futuristic dashboards of by gone eras, the colors that represent the whims of each decade, even the new fangled fabrics which were introduced through the auto industry spoke to Americans and the dream life they wanted to experience each time they slid behind the wheel!

Although I've never been someone who is defined by what I drive, I do feel like what we drive is a reflection of who we are and can speak volumes about our sense of style.

Just as we do with our own homes, cars are often picked because of their practicality or to fill a need, like station wagons and minivans!

But sometimes we are drawn to the nostalgia of it all, like our first car, the one we drove cross country in, or maybe it was even a model owned by our parents or the one driven by a past love.

And sometimes it's just the color that catches our fancy and makes us swoon, like baby blue, candy apple red, or jet black!

Like that special black cocktail dress, or those perfect pearl earrings, cars can also become a favorite old friend that we go to over and over because we know we can rely on its simplicity and classic beauty.

Often times, people think that it's the men who have a love for everything car related, but I'll admit to dating a few guys not "just" for their cars...umm that would be shallow right?!...but hey it never hurt when a date picked you up in a really nice car right?!  But there are lots of women who love the power and agility of a well designed car.

My love of cars is not really shared by Mr. Tide.  Don't get me wrong, he can appreciate a nice car, but he'll take a fast airplane over a fabulous car any day of the week!

My son Bugs has inherited my love of cars, and I think my daughter also has a good appreciation for a really nice automobile, but it's Bugs who babies his car and polishes it often!

I was like that once upon a time, weekly washings, a waxed finish so shiny you could check your hair by looking down on the hood.  But then minivans, spilled juice boxes, happy meal toys, and sports equipment happened.  And a shiny well kept car didn't seem so very important anymore.

And although I would never trade a snazzy car for my wonderful husband and children...

I can still get a little weak in the knees, want to caress the leather seats, feel the wind in my hair as I accelerate, and drool just a little over layers of lacquered paint.  It's like seeing a huge flawless diamond, or a pair of designer heels, the sheer indulgence combined with power is something that will make this car girl's heart skip a beat!

Thank you everyone for your wonderful support and comments over the last few weeks!  I'm sorry that I'm so behind in responding or even visiting other blogs!  Every spare moment lately has been taken up with getting our son ready to leave for college, visiting Ms. M, and finishing up stories which are due this week!  I WILL get back into a routine, but for now I'm treading water, so thank you for understanding and for giving me a life ring to help me get through this busy time in my life!  xoxo


  1. Love the red color of that Ford Falcon!

    Can't wait to see your post and photos from your trip to Connie's in Virginia!


  2. Oh just admit it Kat, you're a total gearhead! LOL! So is my Henri and he would have loved to be at that show. Nice pics! ~Lili

  3. Looks like a fun evening strolling and looking at lots of great cars!

  4. Before we were married, The Great Dane drove a '67 Mustang - British Racing Car Green - it was yummy. I like to wander around a 'show 'n shine' and dream about driving one of the beauties, but then I come home to my candy apple red Toy Car and I'm a happy driver.

  5. The beach party had a car show too! You KNOW how much I love cars. While you were here, we completely forgot to open the garage so you could see my Mustang ... next time, for sure. If the weather is cooler, we'll take it instead of the Jeep. Two babes out cruisin' ... now that would be a sight!

  6. So glad you had a great weekend! And time with Connie would be bliss:) Decadent pictures, just decadent. I love cars, I would be a 1955 Chevy in baby blue:), even though I would prefer to be a Sting Ray or a Shelby.

  7. Kat those are great pictures! I am not really a "car" person either but I do appreciate a good looking car and these are amazing! I remember my brothers friend had a MG and I LOVED it and wanted to have it, I was 12. He was gracious enough to take me for a ride, I was the coolest 12-year-old, or so I thought!! :) He was so cute too so that made it even better!!
    Take your time on things Kat, we are not going anywhere! I hope Ms M is continuing to get better! Take care of you too!! :)

  8. Connie has a MUSTANG TOO??????? A jeep, a mustang..
    Life is good!

    I love evening like the one you describe... we went to a Congregational Church Country Fair on Friday night and I fell in love with a two-tone purple and midnight 70's camaro. Beautiful.

  9. Kat, I have always had a thing for nice cars. I used to keep mine spotless, but like you not as important anymore and I pay to have it cleaned now. You know my husband's new hobby over the past few years is restoring vintage cars. We even had his separate garage built for this new love. He has a red 66 corvette, 67(I think)camaro rally sport ss that he is currently working on and another chevy under a vinyl cover waiting to be worked on. Have a good week.

  10. Oh no, I'm never telling my husband that you love cars since I'm trying to get him to like cars less - haha! You two can never meet for that reason - just kidding! :) If it were up to him, we'd just have a 20 car garage which we'd also live in since he could care less about the actual house!

  11. I love vintage cars and go to shows whenever possible. I sold my 1967 Mustang after I had my youngest son and I actually cried the day the new owner drove it away. Sounds like you had a fabulous day!

    Ms. M is still in my prayers. Take care.

    ~ Tracy

  12. Kat, sounds like you had a nice time with the vintage cars-they are gorgeous! Glad you had a good day! HUGS and prayers!

  13. I LOVE the
    1966 Shelby
    Cobra ~ Now that's
    the kind of
    car a girl can
    dream about!
    xx Suzanne

  14. You got some great photos! My husband is the car lover in our house. I do love to see the vintage cars...just for short periods of time. He could spend hours looking at all the details. I'm glad you had a chance to get away and breathe a little bit.

  15. I am a total fool over Mini Cooper's and my Joe bought me one for a retiement present and I adore it. I feel Sixteen again driving it...craziness I know. Be encouraged Kat we know you are very busy and have a lot of concerns. hugs♥olive

  16. Those sure are beauties! They don't make them like they use to. I suppose that phrase dates me, doesn't it?

  17. Ooh....who doesn't love vintage cars. There's just something so wonderful about them:)
    Great photos!

  18. Goodness my husband is a motorhead and would have flipped for this! I will be sure and show him this post -he has had a Falcon & a corvette like ones in your photos, which are great by the way! Enjoyed my first visit to your blog and I am excited to be your newest follower! Hope you can stop by soon!


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