Sunday, August 15, 2010

Down On The Farm

The birth of a child is always special, but when it's your first born, that thrill is magnified.  The nervousness, the excitement, the anticipation all add to this important time in people's lives.  Finding just the right outfit to bring the baby home in, or the perfect crib bedding are all part of the fun when it comes to planning for your first child.

Today, there are so many great products on the market to make a baby's nursery a special and calming space to come home to.  But it's sometimes those little touches, like a handmade blanket or special piece of furniture passed down through the generations that makes a room truly special for that tiny little bundle of joy.  

This spring, I had the privilege of photographing a nursery that showcases a mother's amazing artistic talents and ability to create a one of a kind space for her darling baby boy!

Mary Beth Griffin is a talented artist who specializes in faux finishing, custom painting, and mural work.  Her artistic abilities are well known throughout Maryland and DC, but one of her most special works is the full room mural she created for her tiniest client, her newborn son!

Taking her cue from the home's beautiful location, Mary Beth created a farm scene which envelopes the entire room.  Living on a family farm along the water's edge, she incorporated details from the property's past and present to bring to life the scenes of every day farm life!

When I visited, Mary Beth and her husband Joe were still expecting the birth of their first child, and you could tell that she was tickled pink and ready to finally meet her new charge.

She beamed as she spoke about the impending birth, and the nursery spoke volumes about how truly loved this baby was going to be by both of his parents!

Everything from the books to the bedding were picture perfect and just waiting for the new arrival.

But what took my breath away was the incredible artwork which adorned every wall!

And the attention to detail was absolutely awe inspiring!  I thought I went all out when I stenciled a sailboat border for my son's room, and sewed Beatrix Potter curtains for my first child, but this nursery was beyond wonderful!

Just look at this darling model bi-plane that they suspended from the ceiling so that it looks like it's pulling a very unique and cute!

And Mary Beth found a great dresser and changing table and gave them a fresh coat of bright blue paint to make everything in the room colorful and cheerful!

I love all of the cute decorative accessories, like the polka dot lampshade and the flower pots filled with bright red and yellow poppies.  And of course every baby needs a piggy bank, this one is perfect!

Everywhere you turn in this room there is something wonderful to look at!  I'm partial to old farm trucks since we owned a '56 Chevy pick-up when I was growing up, and I even got to drive it until I went away to college, so Mary Beth's rendition of this one brings back fond memories.

Along with being beautifully decorated, the room gets tons of natural light, and the views are equally as charming.

And when he gets a little older, he can peek out the windows to see all of the real life animals in the fields beyond!

Even on a cloudy day, it's still a sight to behold!  This property has been in Joe's family for years, so to raise the next generation here makes it very special.

But before this little guy can run around with his own prized pig or little calf...

He can dream about the animals that adorn his walls.

It's hard to believe but several months have passed since I shot these photos, and I got a chance to see this sweet baby boy just a little over a week ago at a local beach party.  As proud as his parents were before he arrived, that feeling has only increased 10 fold now that he's here.  And he is just so cute and happy!

I think his contentment may have something to do with the loving environment that his parents have provided for him, even before he was born.  I know that in the coming years he'll be able to look all around his room, point to the animals and equipment, learn their names and know that someone really loves him to have created such a wonderful place for him to call home!

If you would like to contact Mary Beth Griffin to have her transform your home a little or a lot, simply click HERE


  1. omgoodness ...being a farmgirl and all, this strikes a chord ...
    what a treat for you, too

  2. What a sweet room for this precious baby boy, and your photos bring it all to life!

  3. gosh how adorable and as always great pic's....everyday someone's talent just amazes me

  4. Oh My Goodness! The room is so sweet! I really like it a lot! The murals are incredible. The talent artistic folks have just blows me away!

  5. Kat, that is the cutest nursery with that mural. Wow, she is really good. I love the bay window in there, too. What a bright and colorful room for that little baby boy.

  6. This is beautiful!... LOVE it... what a lucky baby.

  7. I am speechless, what a special gift for this newborn. Very lucky little boy!

  8. What a beautiful nursery!! That is the kind of mural that would last their lifetime!! :) What a talented artist. Love the airplane with the banner painted on the wall.

  9. She is an amazing artist with amazing talents. I am thinking of Thomas Hart Bentons work right now. Great shots of the room.

  10. Oh my goodness that nursery is incredible! I hope it gets featured in a magazine, everyone should get to see this amazing room. Even Pottery Barn Kids never has anything this incredible! ~Lili

  11. Love that pick up truck painted on the wall. olive♥

  12. What a talent! I thought I was, like you, clever to have made the curtains and refinished a change table!

  13. Precious room for a precious little baby.

  14. I think I'm speechless. This is so amazing and to be able to create such a wonderful space for your baby...what a blessing. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  15. THAT's amazing! Made me feel as though I was standing in the middle of a meadow. What a gift that girl has in her hands.. not only the baby, but the painting talent. I am awe struck.


  16. What a work of art and love. She is one talented lady. What a lucky little boy too.

  17. WOW!!! There's something wonderful to see everywhere you look in this beautiful nursery! I love the truck, too.

  18. Amazing! I'd love to find a model plane like the one used in this room, any ideas? Thanks!

  19. Patty, if you do a Google search you can find lots of them, but I loved the two I found on! They are based on antique toys and the price tag isn't horrible for either of them! I love the red bi-plane the most, but I've linked the yellow plane below since it was less expensive! Good luck!

    Kat :)

  20. How beautiful! What a talented lady...

    A waterfront farm? that is heaven!



  21. This is adorable! It reminds me of the farm theme I did for one of my boys rooms when they were little. (Of course without the murals) I still have his little quilt with farm animals I just cannot part with. I absolutely love the murals, so vivid and alive. I love the choice of the blue on the furniture too. What a very lucky boy!

  22. Wow. She is truly talented.


  23. What a happy, cheerful and colorful room! How many wonderful hours that little guy will spend in there. How many happy memories he will have of that room as he grows older!

    Susan and Bentley

  24. The love in that room is almost tangible. Very very sweet. I love it.

  25. What's there not to love - from the gorgeous mural, to the fabulous blue dresser, to the farm right outside the window. Lucky baby!

  26. This is a very lucky boy to fall asleep with all the farm animals looking out for him! It is an amazing nursery. Hugs, Sherry

  27. Love came right through that paintbrush and made that mural! This has to be one of the most creative nursery's I've ever seen. I would love to stand in that room and just take it all in. YOu did an outstanding job bringing it to us!
    Thank you so much.
    God bless that little boy and his new parents!

  28. This is amazing! What a wonderful room for a little boy being raised on a farm.

  29. Truly amazing! Love the house with the truck parked in front. I could live in those walls!
    I am inspired.

  30. The energy that went into creating this room leaves me speechless. This is such a masterpiece, I hope this child is forever young and loves this room. xo, suzy


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