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Vintage - Polished Pebble Style

One of my favorite things about blogging is the wonderful and creative people you get to meet.  Not only do you have the opportunity to hear their thoughts, but you often get to see photos of exactly what they are talking about.  For visual people like me, blogland can be a place of endless inspiration.
So it's no surprise that when I stumbled across The Polished Pebble awhile ago, I was immediately struck by blog owner Kelley's unique and amazing sense of style.  In my line of work as a magazine writer and photographer, I get to see all sorts of beautiful homes, but there are times when it can all seem like you're floating in a sea of sameness.  Imitation may in fact be the sincerest form of flattery, but in a world where vintage has become an all too familiar phrase in the world of design, Kelley offers up something completely fresh and different.

She has a keen sense for using vintage items in a way that others have not, giving both her readers and her clients something to sing about.  Unlike so many who feel like more is more, Kelley takes a restrained approach to re-purposing vintage items and pairs them beautifully with more modern finishes, for what can only be described as upscale vintage.

Today, I've asked Kelley to give you all a little insight into how she uses items that others often cast off as no longer useful, and turns them in to the center pieces of her design aesthetic.  So without further adieu, here is Kelley from The Polished Pebble


Hi there!

My dear blogger friend Kat asked if I might write a "guest post" on her blog!
I love it!

I have yet to do one,
so this is great fun and I hope to make some new friends via Kat.

I hope she makes some new blogger pals too! we go...

read it 


or here

 Sometimes just a single vintage item 
like this wonderful old sign 
can bring out the great qualities of a rather simple room....

 I found this "Lawnmower" sign at an antique store
 and immediately thought it would be great in the
 master bathroom 
of our little ranch house

 Mason jars are another vintage and pretty item for any room, but 
make great storage for bath products...
and you can pick them up for just a few dollars

 The little basket holds hair clippies....4 dollars at a garage sale!

Overflow items like a hairdryer and lotions are kept 
in this antique bamboo cabinet...a bit on the pricey side but it is the only cabinet
in the bathroom

I will be covering the glass with some vintage ticking...
when I have a free afternoon.
I actually don't know where my sewing machine is right now!
That could be a problem

 I like having towels in spots that are easy to reach and my towel preference
white, big and super fluffy

This old drafting stool is the perfect companion 
next to the tub...sometimes it holds a glass of wine during a long hot soak in the tub,
preceded by a long day of gardening

 Between the two console sinks 
is this victorian sewing basket
which holds makeup and skincare. 
 It is probably close to 100 years old and in great shape.  
Often I see these for pretty reasonable prices, only to find the wicker pretty beat up, 
but they are still very usable.  
This one is in great condition.

 Additional towels are kept on open shelves 
along with more vintage finds

The shelf brackets are from Restoration Hardware...I actually looked for vintage corbels but it was too complicated to get 4 the right size, not to mention square,
 so the glass would sit flush

 Vintage apothecary jars hold cotton and q-tips
and there is even room for a collection of 
vintage Native American pottery up top

I have had that "for sale" sign in a variety of spots 
but it's a lot of fun in here
And every room needs a touch of black, right?!

All of the fixtures are vintage inspired
 but definitely with a modern twist and I love the shiny chrome

 More towels in an interesting wooden box near the tub

The teak tub caddy is a nice spa touch...
I think I might like a teak tub mat too.

The cute little bowl holding the soap came from our local farmers market.  A wonderful woodworker makes incredible bowls from orange trees that have been cut down.
Always nice to include an item from your neighbors...!

A few easy ideas to use in your own bathroom

with a little vintage touch!

Enjoy your week 
thank you Kat


Kelley & Company Home

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I would like to thank Kelley for this great guest post!  And to see more of her incredible designs, be sure to visit her at The Polished Pebble.  And if you are in need of some design advice, be sure to contact her through her website or email listed above!

Thanks Kelley, you are always so inspiring!!!


  1. Hi Kat, thanky you so very much. I had to laugh at the fact that my sign off at the end of the post said "galvanizedkelley"

    I think that should be my new knick name! I'm still cracking up!

    kelley ; 0 )

  2. I love the way everything is comfortably to hand in your bathroom Kelley - I guess you test run it all the time! The vintage items give so much warmth and character.

    I love galvanisedkelley as a nickname! and Thanky you Kat for hosting!

  3. Great looking and uniquely decorated bathroom. Thanks for sharing Kelley!

  4. Kat, that is a cool bathroom and the signs make it. Thanks Kelly. hugs♥O

  5. This was such an enjoyable post to see all the little close-up bits along with the full room shots. Love the teak caddy and all those fluffy white towels! It was so fun to see how the vintage items were used here, they make the space feel so inviting! xo ~Lili

  6. This is such a lovely room...full of personal style and wonderful one-of-a-kind pieces! I love the vintage apothecary jars and graphic signs especially!

  7. Hi again, and thank you!

    love, galvanizedkelley

  8. Dear Kelley and Kat-

    To both of you. It makes perfect sense you connected because style=style.

    I am currently on a mission to kick up the volume around here (in my house), and this post spoke to me.

    Thank you ladies!

    White Spray Paint

  9. Hi Kat, I am a big fan of Kelly and I love her style! xo, Sherry

  10. What a neat bathroom! So many interesting pieces.

  11. Love Kelley's blog and her bathroom!
    Great photos and inspiration!
    Thanks Kat!

  12. What a gorgeous bathroom. It has the perfect blend of vintage and classic pieces.

  13. Love the post, Love Kelley! And now I have yet another blog to follow! YAY!

  14. Love the style and the juxtaposition of the modern and vintage pieces...thrilled to find and follow your blog!!

  15. I enjoyed the tour,
    complete with details.
    Thanks Kat and Kelly!

    xx Suzanne

  16. What a gorgeous bathroom! I love the vintage with the new and that tub! I am off to go take a peak. Thanks Kat.

  17. Great post Kelly. Always love seeing your vignettes.So creative!

  18. So nice to meet Kelley, I love her style!


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