Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Where in the Sam Hill

I decided that I wouldn't let another sunset occur without posting something on this ole' blog of mine which I have left unattended for FAR too long.  The pic above was actually taken with my new cell phone (yay, I finally found one that will let me text from home!), and it was taken by my trusty passenger, ie. Mr. Tide.  No driving and shooting out a window while on a big bridge for me!

I am loving this new phone, even if the learning curve is a little steep since I haven't had a new phone in years!  It takes great pictures, and I'm thinking I might need to set up an instagram account, but we'll see how that goes.

I have an inbox full of unanswered emails, and I just can't seem to get my "you know what" together to get them answered.  I could give you some reasons why...like the fact that our daughter is getting married on Saturday, or that my beautiful niece and Goddaughter is pregnant, that our son just got a job a few weeks ago after graduating in May, or that our AC went out on the 23rd of August and we still don't have it fixed, and have decided to just wait until next spring to get a new system, but the truth is I have just been lackadaisical for months now!

I don't even pick up my camera the way I once did, though I did want to capture these gorgeous monarchs before they headed south this year.

Our wonderful neighbor didn't mow the fields this summer, so they have been ablaze with yellow flowers which the monarchs love...and so do we!

I'm hoping that once we get past the wonderful celebratory event this weekend, which we are so excited about, that Stella will finally get her groove back!  There is a nip in the air at night, and that always makes me antsy to get back into the swing of things after being footloose and fancy free during the summer months!

To those of you who have kindly been checking in...thank you, I am still alive and kicking, just a little crazy and scattered at the moment.

So that's where in the Sam Hill I've been, how about y'all?  Any exciting news, what did I miss?  And for those who may wonder where that phrase comes from, I looked it up...and I love this particular attribution.

Sam Hill was a mercantile store owner who offered a vast and diverse inventory of goods. People began using the term "what in the Sam Hill is that?" to describe something they found odd or unusual, just like the inventory found in Sam Hill's store. The original Sam Hill Mercantile building still stands on Montezuma Street in Prescott, Arizona, and is listed on the register of Historic Places.