Friday, April 30, 2010

Police, Peonies, and Patience

Sometimes in life there are events that are inexplicable.  Things that defy reason, understanding, and even explanation!

I personally love those times in life.  The times when you realize how tiny you are in this big universe of ours and that sometimes you just have to stop for a moment and take your finger off the tip of the world and realize that it won't go spinning out of control, but instead, it will continue to revolve with a calming rhythm.

Yesterday was one of those days.  I was at the grocery store, minding my own business, buying the "stuff" we all buy from week to week.  My cart was full of organic veggies and fruits, and I was placing my order at the deli counter when my phone rang.

It was a friend and real estate agent who had gone out to take photos of a rental property my siblings and I own in preparation for maybe selling it.  She told me that the back door of the house was wide open!  I knew this couldn't be true, the back door would never be left open for any reason unless someone was home, which they were not!

I immediately headed over to the house, cell phone in hand ready to dial 911 and call the police.  Mentally preparing to find the broken windows, and stolen property,  I then realized that I didn't have my set of keys to the property, and I had to phone my son to meet me since I had asked the agent to lock and close the door.

I got to the house in about 10 minutes time and either stupidly or bravely walked around to the back of the house and peered into the window.  Much to my relief everything was as it should be, nothing had been disturbed, and all was right with the world.  

Except for one thing...sitting on the kitchen table was a vase, and not just any vase but a pretty cut crystal vase.  Now that may not sound that exciting to you, but this wasn't any ordinary vase.  It was an exact match of two other vases I had just recently seen at the home of my mother's dear friend who is the florist who will be doing the flowers for the wedding of my friend J's daughter in just a few weeks.  

Ok, is this story still not sounding very exciting to you?!  Well, when I had visited the florist just a few days before, we had gone through all of her containers trying to find just the right vases to use for Katy's wedding.  She has lots of containers, but none were what we were looking for to create the romantic, vintage feel that the bride was hoping for.  We did find "2" tall vases that would work, but we needed 3 tall vases and 3 shorter vases.  There were plenty of short ones, and we were so disappointed that we couldn't find just 1 more tall one to match those other 2.

Are you with me here...the vase that was on the kitchen table was an EXACT match of those vases.  And I've never seen vases like them anywhere, I had no idea that it even existed until that very moment when I saw it through the window as I peered inside to make sure that no one had broken in to the house!  My heart went from racing at the thought of a breaking and entering to the thrill of finding a matching vase!  And the other really scary or exciting part was that there were also two smaller vases on that table, and those matched the smaller vases we had planned to use!

Now, if you knew my mother, you would know that she was pretty proud of herself for leading me to that vase.  Even though she's been gone from us for years, she was making sure that Katy had the "look" she wanted for her wedding, which is so like my mother!  And when I called to tell my friend J about my find, she said, "between your mother and my father (who is also deceased)...", meaning that both of our deceased parents had a hand in this miraculous little find.

You see, J's father was a police detective, and here's another little secret about me.  I'm what you might call a woman with badge envy.  Yup, I once applied to be a police officer in my younger years but then changed my mind.  But although I don't feel the need to carry a gun and flash a badge like I did when I was younger, I do have a propensity for all things police like!  So J's father knew that a breaking and entering would get me where I needed to be, that I wouldn't wait for the real police and would head straight for that back door.  And my mother knew that by placing that vase right where I could see it, that I would find the perfect vase for Katy's wedding!  

The vase was one of the things that we had pulled down from that house's attic just a week ago, but I never remember seeing it and none of us chose to take it home with us, when we had taken so many other things.  So there it sat, waiting to be discovered.

I'm sure you're wondering where peonies fit in to this story.  Well, Katy wants peonies at her wedding and if you've checked the price of peonies, even wholesale, lately you'll find that they are very expensive!  I have lots of them waiting to bloom in my front flower bed.  So Mom, and Mr. M, if you're listening....thanks for the vase, and could you see about timing these blooms perfectly for Katy's wedding please?!  Thanks xoxo!


  1. Lovely post, glad you have the vase you needed!

  2. I have goosebumps after reading your post Kat. What a lovely surprise, and I firmly believe even though some things can't be explained, it doesn't make them any less real. What a comfort to know your Mum is still looking out for you. K xx

  3. Wow that is totally awesome:)

  4. Kat, that is one of the most awesome posts I have ever read!! So wonderful that J will have the vases and the peonies she wants for her wedding - such a beautiful ending:) Wishing you a wonderful week my friend ~ Tina xx

  5. That story was just too good! I completely believe that people we love have a way of helping us out. Even when they're no longer 'with us'they really are. Guardian angels. Bet the peonies make it as well!

  6. that's so sweet, If I'm Katy... I'm gonna jump for joy!

  7. Kat, I have no doubt that it was celestial intervention, especially if you and your mom were very close. This story is so touching and I sure do hope we get the chance to see those vases {hint, hint....} I've heard it said that those we love aren't truly gone as long as there are still people who remember them here on earth. I will be carrying this story of you and your mama with me all day. Beautiful pics, by the way! xx P&H

  8. So the badge-wielding wannabe got her vases - and just at the right time. Can you imagine how disappointed you would have been if you had found them right after the wedding. What a touching lovely story.

  9. What a wonderful post, Kat! Definitely has the mark of intervention from the heavens!

    The peonies look so promising! Ours are no where near the bud phase but I'm anxiously waiting for them - camera at the ready!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. I love stories like this! It makes the find of the vases all the more a treasured find.

  11. Yes, intervention on some level or another. Celestial or dear and departed, it does give you goosed bumps. But, I believe it does happen. The peonies will be divine for a wedding!:)

  12. lovely post - brought tears to my eyes, always amazing at how life constantly surprises us. Have a great weekend!

  13. I love peonies and this story.


  14. This gave me goosebumps Kat. Thank you for telling this story, you are very blessed to have this communication. And the peony buds are very gorgeous. I love how you blend your images with your writing. ~Lili

  15. This story is an amazing one! There is purpose in everything that happens. Your images are gorgeous!


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