Monday, April 26, 2010

Birthday Wishes

Eighteen years ago today I gave birth to our second child, a son. I was not a very good pregnant woman, all of those stories about glowing women who never get sick, umm not me! Think Medivac rides in a helicopter, and seriously high blood pressure! But with my second pregnancy I did a bit better and made it a little bit closer to my due date! It was an exciting time, wondering if he would be born on my father's birthday which was yesterday, or on my mother's birthday which is today! We've always said that on the east coast he was born on Mom's birthday and on the west coast it made it in time for Dad's birthday!

Because I was considered high risk from the get go, I had lots of sonograms and other tests. I remember Mr. Tide was out of town for one of the early sonograms and the radiologist asked me if I wanted to know the sex of the baby. Now you have to understand that Mr. Tide and I didn't find out the sex with our daughter and we agreed that we'd wait to find out again with our second child. But here's a little secret about me...I'm not very good at waiting for surprises. I was the kid that tore apart the whole house before Christmas looking for my presents and that trait has never really gone away with age!

So since Mr. Tide wasn't there, what would it hurt to find out if we were having a boy or a girl right? No harm, no foul, I would find out but then swear myself to secrecy I thought! The doctor assured me that it was a boy, and even though I doubted him, since we've all heard stories about the whole nursery being decorated in blue and along comes a baby girl instead of a boy, I did sort of believe it was true. I came out from my test and promptly blabbed "it's a boy!" to my father and then phoned Mr. Tide and said I know but I'll keep it a secret if you want me to. Of course he said no way, he wanted to know too so I told him!

I actually looked at the Dr. when he said it would be a son and said "A boy?! I can't be having a boy?!!!" He looked a little shocked and said "Why can't you have a boy?" to which I explained that I already knew about girls, heck I am a girl, and that I had lots of beautiful hand-me-down clothing for a girl! The Dr. smiled and said "Don't you know that little boys love their mothers way more than little girls do?!" I told him that I must have missed that chapter in the parenting book, but that I would hold him to his statement!

Now, 18 years later, I can't say that the doc's words were 100% true as both of my kids are loving and kind. But he was right that I would be fine raising a boy.

I was never really a girlie girl, but through my son I learned to love dinosaurs, trains, trucks and anything big or loud! I learned how to eat at a lunch table full of boys who do the most disgusting things with their food! I learned that it's ok for me to say I love you on the phone, and he'll say "you too" which is the same thing only much cooler when in the company of his friends. I learned that I can play online computer games filled with tanks, guns, and lightsabers and sometimes even kick his butt and not get mine kicked instead!

But what I learned most of all was that being a mom is what I was meant to be. It wasn't something I ever knew I could be, or even thought I would be good at, but I've loved every minute of it! The good times, the bad times, the happy times, the sad times, even the mad times! I wouldn't trade it for the world!

So today I want to wish my very special "Bugs" a very Happy Birthday! I know that the sweet boy I once cuddled and sang to, is now a man I am proud to call my son! I love you and wish only the best for you as you head out into the world where I know without a doubt that you will make a difference! Just remember what I've always told you...that you will always have a soft place to land and that whoever you choose to marry has to LOVE your momma! xoxo

Be sure to turn the volume up on your speakers before you watch the video!


  1. What a great video! My son Ian (Bean) turns seventeen on Wednesday the 28th!

  2. Wonderful video! I love the pictures. I wrote those lyrics down and gave them to my daughter when she turned 25. I love that song!
    Happy birthday bugs! Give your mom a big hug, because it's a special day for her too!

  3. Your son is very lucky - tell him I said so - haha :) Although I'm sure he already realizes that! Hope he's having a wonderful birthday and will enjoy many more celebrations with you in the coming years! And I'm sure if and when he does find someone he wants to marry, they will love you just as much as he does :)

  4. WHAT a lovely and SPECIAL way to celebrate your beautiful boy! {Yes, I know, he's a man...but won't our sons always be OUR BOY?} My youngest {of two} is also a boy and has the same dark hair and eyes as Bugs. It is really so bittersweet to look back at the years....with pride....and to the future and their wings outspread, knowing that we have equipped them with what they need to reach for their dreams.
    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful day!
    xx P&H PS: Thrilled that Mr. Tide is home : )

  5. What a great birthday tribute to your son. Mine turned 31 last Saturday.

  6. What a lovely video. I actually cried. Your son is so handsome and what a lovely smile. You must be so proud. I hope he has a great 18th birthday xx

  7. I loved this...watched every minute. I think as a mom I can so relate to all the pictures. I have my own dark haired son (he's 27) so this really touched my heart.


  8. I knew our kids were close in age but I didn't realize that close - guess what you will be seeing on Wednesday - my daughter's 18th birthday blog post. Too funny.

    The video was wonderful - it was lovely to see him getting older and older and doing more active things. Happy Birthday to Bugs!

  9. Happy birthday Bugs! Great video! I chuckled when I read the last sentence because my youngest son and I had a similar conversation about that subject on Saturday - that whomever he chooses to be his wife MUST love his mama! I cannot wait to show him this post to see his reaction.

    ~ Tracy

  10. What a wonderful video. I agree with the above comment that all moms can just relate to it. I loved seeing the precious little boy grow into the handsome young man.

    And did I say handsome?
    And doesn't he want to come to Georgia for college? I have an available princess. Just sayin'...

    Happy Birthday to "Bug".

  11. I got a little teary over that one!

  12. What a fine young man you have, Kat. Happy Birthday, Bugs!

  13. Great video - two of my kids are now telling me "make one of me!" Oh, dear, we have three birthdays in the next month!

  14. This is so sweet ~ I think you don't know what being in love is until you have a baby boy. I have two teenage boys and though there's been tough and frustrating times, my heart is so full with them.
    Happy Birthday to your son!
    Sarah :)

  15. Happy happy 18th birthday to your gorgeous son Kat!! ~ Tina xx

  16. A beautiful blog and you are an eloquent writer -wow, to be a part-time freelance writer! I am an assistant principal, writing to you from Australia. I am currently writing a memoir and I have a blog. Drop in some time at or Vevetine Lily at blogspot I have enjoyed watching the renovations to your home. Seeing pics of America and hearing of your remarkable life makes me feel like getting on a plane and going for a holiday over there. Happy birthday to your son, they grow to fast, we talk and remember there birth as if it were yesterday. Thank you for your writing, your inspiration and enthusiasm about life. Kindest Regards, Tracey at Velvetine Lily blogspot

  17. Kat...such a lovely post post and just goes too fast, doesn't it? Happy birthday "Bugs"!

  18. That was a bit of a tear jerker Kat, just watching him grow up in those pictures. I love how you put that together and that's one of my favorite songs too. Happy Birthday to your handsome son Bugs. ~Lili

  19. I love that video and adore the song. What a wonderful post, Kat. And Happy Birthday to your boy- always your little boy.


  20. What a beautiful post Kat. Even though he's now an adult he'll always be your little boy. And I thoroughly agree on the wife situation!
    Happy 18th to your beautiful boy.
    K xx


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