Thursday, April 22, 2010

It's Not Easy Being Green

Photo:  NOAA

First of all, I want to thank everyone for your kind and understanding words about my "How I Met My House" post.  I'm not one to dwell in the past or have huge regrets, it's just not my style.  So I hemmed and hawed a bit about hitting the send button and then thought what the heck!  I did however feel like I had just sent naked pictures of myself to CNN or worse, TMZ!  But I think we all need a little "exposure" from time to time.  Maybe not naked pic exposure, but the kind that makes us human and lets others know that life isn't perfect all the time.  I like to say that people who think their lives are perfect are either in denial or already on medication! ;-)

Ok, so now on to more pressing matters!  Today is Earth Day and for me this day is a day filled with mixed emotions.  I want to be green, I try to be green, but I'd be lying if I said I led a super green lifestyle.  I live miles away from shopping and I own an SUV.  I do try and minimize my trips and take the Jetta instead of my Durango when I can.  And I would love to bike to the store, but here in the land of big ole pick up trucks and country roads I would be green by peddling along, but also likely squashed on the side of the road!

And I eat only organic produce, throw open my windows instead of using the AC, and try and buy green or recycled products whenever possible.  My family grows all organic blueberries, and we use no real fertilizers or weed killers in our yard...and it shows...hello clover, but hey it's green!  And I love re-purposing old things and finding ways to reuse the things that I have.  But let's face it, when you own as much stuff as I do, you know that you've contributed to manufacturers in all parts of the world where being green is more about the color of money than the environment.

So although I do more than some to be green, I clearly do way less than others.  But I will strive to do better, and if we all do that, well then things will get better.  My next project for improving the planet is to farm oysters in our creek.  Oysters are nature's water filters, and there is a project that allows local homeowners to raise oysters and help clean the tributaries of the Chesapeake Bay, which sounds like something right up my alley!

I will of course still do other non environmentally friendly things though, like driving 2 hours to scout some homes for a magazine tomorrow!  So until I see you again on Sunday, I hope you find ways to be green, whatever shade of green that may be!

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  1. Sounds like our family. We have some green habits - recycling, composting, eating local/organic, homemade cleaners, reusable shopping bags, repurposing, also have a front yard full of weeds! But we do some very non-green things as well - we don't pay close enough attention to our water usage, don't use CFL bulbs, still use paper towels. Baby steps!

    Mary Ellen

  2. Love it! you are so right, every little step towards "being green" is a step forward. I will be spending the afternoon at Half Moon Bay, scooping up plastic and other assorted pieces of debris. I am always amazed at the grandeur of the Pacific Ocean, and a beach littered with garbage.... We will are also running a special Earth Day promotion through May 2, to support Ocean Conservancy.

    Have fun scouting houses!

  3. I couldn't agree more about striving to be more green. Some things are easy to be green with, like repurposing old furniture, fun! Then some things are alot more challenging. Like sorting out all the reclyclables. We do the best we can and try to stay alert to ways to improve. I really appreciate your post about the home epescially since it gave me a change to write my own. I know what you mean about feeling exposed, but, it's all good!

  4. Yes....Yes!!
    It is important to try and do what you can for the Earth!!!
    Great post:)

  5. You are so's not easy being green but I am learning to do my part. I think that thrifting and repurposing items is an excellent way to help cut waste. Even if it's as simple as using cloth tote bags instead of plastic, then that's a start.

    Great post.


  6. You had a good idea to do a green post for earth day. If everyone does their part we will make a huge difference. Here on our farm in addition to our 100 acres of grain fields we have 60 acres of forest. Several times we've had logging companies knock on our door and express a desire to log our land but we'd rather leave it for the wildlife. When we built our house here 16 years ago, we planted about 200 spruce seedlings and they are now between 10 and 15 feet tall. When you plant a tree it's a green choice. Ask your kids for a tree for Mother's Day and it will become a family tradition for your children and future grandchildren.

  7. Hi-
    Stop by my blog when you have time. I have written you a well-deserved thank you note.


  8. That is very interesting about oyster farming, I did not know that! I missed Earth Day in Maine, and I pledge to make it up when I return! Thanks for the reminder! ~Lili

  9. I agree, it's hard to be super green. I'm a shade of green.


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