Wednesday, April 28, 2010

6 Degrees of Separation, a Thank You Note, and A Giveaway

Bugs asked me to give everyone a big thank you from him for his wonderful birthday wishes yesterday!  He had a great day and even enjoyed a surprise party at a local restaurant with some of his closest friends! 

I was tagged by the lovely Grace from Sense and Simplicity to post the 6th photo I used on my blog.

My 6th photo, shown above, is from this post about things on my wish list.  Hmm, it seems that I haven't received any of those lovely items I wrote about way back when.  But how nice that it's so close to Mother's Day and that I can revisit this post and give my family subtle hints!

And be sure to check back later today when I will be taking you on a tour of Brambles, the wonderful store I visited last weekend!  

But until that post is up, head on over to see the great giveaway at Completely Coastal!  It's a beautiful piece of artwork, and you even get to choose which design you would like!    I love this gorgeous seahorse...which one will you pick?!


  1. great post! I like the designs and the artistry of these work.

  2. How much fun, re-visiting your sixth post! I am looking forward to building the archives so that I'll have the SAME pleasure at some point : )
    I went to Completely Coastal and I would love the PARROT, as I want to re-do my master bedroom with touches of leaf motifs and birds, with the intent that it will feel like being up in the tree-tops. {Perhaps a future post???} Thanks for sharing your sixth and so glad that your son had a WONDERFUL birthday! xx P&H

  3. Headed over to Completely Coastal right now...thanks for the heads up. Looking forward to your Brambles post! ~Lili


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