Sunday, August 11, 2013


Sometimes life is crazy, like this weekend.  First we had the osprey incident...see the previous post...which was exciting and had a happy ending.

Then we had a wonderful candlelight dinner on Saturday evening...just the two of us...steaks on the grill, fresh veggies, and fruit for dessert.

We were just about to cuddle up and watch a late night movie or SNL when the phone rang, it was our son saying his car had broken down about 45 mins away and he needed us to come pick him and his girlfriend up.

An expensive tow truck ride and repair bill later, and he will be back up and running by tomorrow afternoon.  Though I don't love them, I never mind costly incidents, so long as everyone is safe and sound.  Our son knows us well and began the conversation with..."I'm ok, and I wasn't in an accident, but my car broke down and I'm in a safe parking lot."

Then this morning our washing machine, that has sounded a little like a jet engine lately, decided to start leaking.  Again, it could have been worse, it didn't flood the house, so that's good news, and it's given us a good 10+ years of clothes washing, so I can't complain.

And my cell phone has decided that its touch screen, well, is a little less touchy, so I think I will be needing a new one soon.

It's times like these when you just have to take stock of what's really important, not sweat the small stuff, and hope that the money tree in the backyard will get its act together and start producing a little more moolah.

Isn't it funny how we never take snapshots of the tough stuff, though we all have those rough patches?  I guess the grit of life isn't nearly as glamorous is it?  So life around here isn't always sunshine and roses, it's just real life and I'm good with that.  


  1. If the money tree doesn't come through you might want to look out back for a buried chest. I just keep digging and taking coins out of the ones I find!

  2. Late night phones calls give me shudders . . . happy son/girlfriend are fine, car is fixable . . . and that there is a money pit in the back yard, . . . or tree . . . or chest . . . or . . . . .

  3. great outlook!! makes me smile....
    PMA....positive mental attitude. Always better in life than the negative. Makes one a happy person!

  4. Those little bumps in the road are what make us appreciate the smooth sailing!

  5. my daily life is a series of oh jeez, now what?!!! But I've learned to just carry on and try to start each day with appreciation that I EVEN HAVE a new day and each night be thankful for the safety and well being of those I love. You're so right..the rest is just stuff and although financial worries can be troublesome I remind myself that if money can fix the problem then the problem is not a life crisis. Took me 60 years to learn but I think I've got it.. <3
    Have a great week with all things mechanical behaving themselves.

  6. So glad everyone is safe and sound. Sorry about everything seeming to go at the same time, though.

  7. We really do have similar lives sometimes! Once in a while it occurs to me to write a blog post about the bad stuff, the boring stuff, the scary stuff. It often seems that all is "perfect" in the Land of Blog and I know that it certainly isn't at my house! Not often anyway. I taught my kids to start the conversation the same way, "I'm fine, but...". I'm glad your son was okay, we just replaced our washer (after 10 years) a couple months ago and the dryer guy was here Friday! Thankfully, he fixed the old girl.

  8. A positive outlook on life gets us through many tough days. :) Now about that money tree....

  9. Dear Kat-- such is life---- I feel your pain as we've certainly been there. You raised a good boy-- he has good priorities-- I'm glad of all the mishaps that none of them were really serious. When it rains it pours-- lol.

    Carry on-- it's what we have to do don't we :)

  10. I just love your attitude Kat. There is enough hard stuff that we will experience in our lives that taking the little hardships in life with a great attitude and a certain amount of grace will actually strengthen us so that when the really tough stuff hits we may be able to handle it better.
    Beautiful photos--always!!!
    sending hugs your way...

  11. Gorgeous photos as always! So much nicer viewing the "pretty" things in life! Which you always capture so beautifully!


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