Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Dog's Life

I think Misty Belle missed her calling as a movie actress.  In the photo above she looks as though her whole world has fallen to pieces, but the truth is she was just zooming around underneath the Japanese maple tree and had stopped just long enough to see Mr. Tide coming outside.  

The best I can tell, the only sadness this pup knows is not having free access to her food and other treats, not being petted 24/7, and being forced to come inside when she still wants to play a little bit more!

Ahh, to live the life of a well loved dog! :)


  1. Treating your animal companion thus brings inestimable good to dog, you, the world!

    Thank You with warm Aloha

  2. Sounds like a good life to me...she is a beauty!

  3. She always was a cutie, but didn't she turn into a glorious creature! She sure looks the part of a star, and she always had the personality to go with it.

  4. What a gorgeous picture of your baby!

  5. Sadie probably has the same. Ha! What a life our dogs live.
    Misty Belle is a beauty. I bet she and Sadie would enjoy a play date.

  6. She is gorgeous. Movie star gorgeous!

  7. Such a sweet face! Precious baby.

  8. Gorgeous girl Misty Belle is . . . indeed. Love that coal black sheen with her white collar. Styllin' for sure!

  9. Such a pretty dog. she reminds me of my Springer Spaniel. Is she a border collie?

  10. What a beautiful capture Kat! She is such a beauty. Don't they make our lives richer?
    I also LOVED your last post. What power and beauty!!!
    sending hugs...

  11. Such a beautiful face! Bentley would not know anything about the life of a well loved dog now would he ;-) Have a great weekend!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  12. Kat-
    Oh to be loved as much as Misty Belle. Those of us who love our pets-- totally "get it"....
    She's a beautiful girl for sure--

  13. A dog's life!! Yes, my Nellie Belle has the exact same complaints--more food, more treats, more scratching those hard to reach spots! Misty Belle is truly a beauty! Linda

  14. I remind Miss Zoe on a daily basis just how lucky she is. I tell her that she could be living outdoors on the Amish farm where we got her instead of lounging in a sunbeam on her soft pink bed (or my lap). Isn't it amazing how much we spoil them?

  15. I had excellent advice on my last
    post about Gracie, to "Live more dog,"
    meaning, to emulate how they live
    in the moment. Good plan! This is
    such a gorgeous photo (well, all your
    pics are) and you are right, MB could
    give Lassie a run for her money in the
    expression department!

    Hope you are enjoying the start of fall
    and finding what makes your heart sing,
    sweet friend.

    xo Suzanne

  16. Oh my goodness...just look at that sweet pose! She is beautiful Kat! xo


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