Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Mother Nature's Paint Brush

Well, it appears that I can now read new emails, but some of the old ones from a few days ago are lost and gone to that great computer wasteland in the sky!  Oh well, in the grand scheme of things, it's really no big deal.

After much anticipation, the morning glories have decided to grace us with some blossoms.

The jungle that is their foliage is now dotted with beautiful blooms that vary in color from blue to pink to purple, a result of several years of reseeding themselves I imagine.

About 20+ feet of fence line is cloaked in beautiful tangled vines, and each morning it has been a treat to venture out and see the new blossoms, which are so striking against the greenery.

And some of the blossoms appear as if Mother Nature herself held a watercolor class the night before, swirling each petal with a multitude of beautiful brushstrokes.

And along with the vibrant hues, nothing makes me smile more than seeing a water droplet sunning itself against the petals of a flower.  For me, it is a gentle reminder that heaven and earth are ever in concert with one another...probably providing the background music while Mother Nature paints! ;-)

Thank you all for your sweet comments on my last post, I truly love that rose, it changes color from blush to creamy yellow, to off white...just beautiful!


  1. Beautiful! I just have to know....what type of macro lens do you use?? And your editing?? perfecto!!!

    1. jmac, sorry I couldn't reply via email, you have the no-comment reply thingy enabled, so I hope you will see this.

      I use a Canon prime lens, 100mm macro

      Thank you! Kat

    2. And as far as editing, I primarily use Lightroom and Adobe CS6, these two programs have so much to offer. But I sometimes use Nik software or Topaz Labs, and a variety of different textures...some of my own and lots of others, mostly free ones. Kim Klassen and French Kiss textures are some of my favs. Kat

  2. Beautiful colors, and your shots are just amazing!

  3. Exquisite. Stunning. Bravo, Kat!

  4. Amazing color and clarity . . . very lovely . . .

  5. Absolutely gorgeous.. Mother Nature is amazing! Fantastic photography...

  6. Absolutely stunning Kat! Nobody can do it like Mother Nature!
    hugs from here...

  7. These are the prettiest pictures! I love when the pink and blue flowers grow together. I'm looking for a new spot to grow them...they were in the back of my herb garden where they could climb up an old iron railing and then the porch trellis, They decided to also wrap themselves around my herb plants and nearly choke them to death! lol!

    I haven't been visiting too much, just SO busy. But I wanted you to know the test came back normal! I am beyond happy. Thank you so much for being there throughout it all! :)


  8. Wow, Kat. You have SUCH an eye for things. Your photos are always amazing! I love the close ups and the water drops- xo Diana

  9. Beautiful Morning Glory! Up here it grows wild and is considered a nuisance, but I love it.

  10. You make invasive weeds sound so beautiful and romantic. Some unsolicited advice ... get the Poke Weed outta there ... don't let it set seed! It's too late for me to tell you this about the morning glories. :)

  11. Kat- I adore morning glory blooms-- you've captured these so beautifully. These photos just make me smile-- what you can do with a simple bloom is amazing!

    I've been crazy busy and have missed your beautiful blog:)

  12. Your macro shots make me swoon Kat! xo


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