Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Patience has never been my strong suit, but photography has taught me to slow down...well a little anyway.  Sometimes you can't rush a photo, you just have to wait and let it present itself.  And then if you want to turn it into something special, that requires even more patience.

I can spend hours waiting for a bird to come into position (and I have the bug bites to prove it!), and hours more fiddling with that image in post processing.  In the end I have to answer to myself, translating the finished piece I see in my head into something I like on my computer screen, and ultimately onto paper or canvas.  I am often my own worst critic, but that's ok, because it pushes me to try harder, reach farther, and most decidedly, be patient.

And if photography isn't the catalyst for my new found virtue...well my computer would be the other thing which often tests my patience.  The last few days it has been having hiccups, locking up, and just generally being a pill about things.  I've had a stern talking with it though, so I'm hoping it will sit up and fly right, much like the beautiful hummingbird above! ;-)

I hope you all are having a wonderful week and that no one is trying your patience.


  1. Catching hummingbirds does build character. Your photo looks almost like a painting it is so lovely.

  2. Not sure how you do
    it, but I'm sure happy
    that you do!

    Simply amazing.

    xo Suzanne

    PS: And I concur about
    patience and computers,
    as well as with birds!

  3. I love the light on the bird's breast. Such a gorgeous photo.

  4. Your nature photography is inspiring! A great use of light!

  5. Kat-- your patience paid off-- you've captured this busy little bird--- perfectly!!! Beyond beautiful :)



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