Monday, June 17, 2013

Oh Deer

What a crazy week last week was!  Lots of social events going on, a huge storm that blew through with lots of damage...thankfully only big branches down at my house, lots of work stuff (yard, house, and regular 'ole work), and then Father's Day with a big meal and homemade gluten free chocolate cake...yum!

Today was spent resting and feeling a little like I'd been hit by a bus, but hey, that's how life is sometimes.  I have loads of emails to return, but my laundry is all caught up, and my yard is kind of, sort of looking pretty weed free, so life is good.

I wonder if Ms. Deer, pictured above, has weeks where she feels a little harried?  I have seen her with a set of twin fawns, so I'm betting she would say yes.  I wonder what deer say when they have been going at break neck speed for a few days...probably not "oh dear," or even "oh deer," but they might! ;-)

Enjoy your week, and I hope it's a calm one!



  1. The deer photo is lovely, Kat! I saw one in a field on the way home from the lake was so still I thought it wasn't real...until it moved. I love seeing deer! Hope you have a wonderful week, too!

  2. I can practically hear them saying "Oh deer, oh deer, oh deer". I mean who would pass up an opportunity for a pun like that - certainly not a deer.

    I'm glad you had a day to unwind. Work is busy, home is quieter although sadder as Juno isn't well.

  3. Very peaceful photo.
    I wonder if a deer says...oh man!
    Enjoy your day, Kat.

  4. I'm with Debbie ... I bet they say, "oh, man!" Here's hoping that you get some peaceful time to ourself. Knowing you, you will use that time to start yet another project.

  5. Kat-
    What a gorgeous photo of that deer-- almost like National Geographic!! So peaceful standing in the field---
    Every night when I get home from work there are 6-8 deer in our field just staring at me :)

    We love them--- but they eat our flowers :(


  6. What a beautiful shot!...


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